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Plant-based foods such as fruit and vegetables are great sources of energy because they absorbed sunlight directly and stored the energy as starches. Starch is one of the body’s primary source of complex carbohydrates. In order to obtain the most amount of energy from plant-based food, you need to eat the ones that are organically grown. Also, eat them fresh and choose the ones that are bright in color.

Fruit and vegetables are full of minerals, proteins, fiber, complex carbs and many other important nutrients for increasing your energy and health. When shopping for fruits and vegetables, buy the ones that are organic because they are not treated with pesticides. Otherwise, make sure you wash the fruits before eating them.

Fruits and vegetables health benefits

  • Most are rich in polyunsaturates and essential amino acids, low in cholesterol and contain no harmful processed fats
  • High in fiber which may lower cholesterol, prevent colon cancer and increase absorption of nutrients
  • May help protect the body against certain cancers
  • Full of health-enhancing phytochemicals, which play an important role for boosting the immune system and metabolism
  • Full of enzymes which help the stomach to digest food
  • Low in calories, great for weight management

You should try to eat at least 2 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables per day, more is even better. Doing this will increase your energy and health because your body will be nourished with the necessary nutrients. At least 50 percent or more of your calories should come from plant-based food. Whenever possible, eat them raw because cooking them will destroy a good portion of their nutrients.

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