Fast Food: Why It Is Bad for Health

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The 21st century is going to be a century to remember when it comes to fast food and health problems. Fast food is a multi-billion dollar business and is growing incredibly fast. McDonald’s alone has more than 31,000 restaurants worldwide. Because of the fast changing society, people around the world are relying more on fast food, especially people in the United States.

Did You Know Fast Food Contains GMO?

Fast food is cheap and convenient, but it is also bad for you for the reason that most of it is processed, fattening, full of synthetic chemicals and contains little nutrient. To make matters worse, most of the foods in fast food restaurants are genetically modified or contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Independent studies have shown that genetically modified food can increase the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes, birth defects, infertility and organ failures.

Most fast food restaurants use hydrogenated fats to deep-fried their food because it is cheap, plentiful and has a long shelf life. The unhealthy thing about hydrogenated fat is that when heated to high temperatures for a certain amount of time, it undergoes a chemical transformation and becomes carcinogenic. By eating deep-fried food, you are consuming carcinogens plus empty calories; therefore, doubling your risk of health problems.

Did You Know Many Foods in Fast Food Restaurants are Irradiated?

Many of the foods found in fast food restaurants are not natural, because they have been modified to cut down on cost. Some of them are genetically altered, sterilized using radiation or chemical preservatives, and treated with growth hormones. Many of these methods are not safe and are the top reasons why there are health epidemics in countries where fast food is popular. Be aware that the fast food industry does not care about your health. It values money more than your life and will do whatever it takes to increase its profits.

The calories you get from fast food are mostly empty calories, meaning the calories have little or no nutritional value. Empty calories give you quick energy but also stimulates your pancreas to produce more insulin. Insulin has many roles in your body, one of them is storing unused calories as fat. By eating fast food, you are increasing your risk of obesity, heart disease and other chronic diseases. The key to better health is to eat more organic and unprocessed food and avoid fast food as much as possible.

A Great Book that Exposes the Dirty Secrets of the Fast Food Industry

If you want to learn the dirty secrets of the fast food industry, I recommend reading Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. Be warned! The information you learn from this book might disgust you, causing you to stop eating fast food. But look at the bright side, you will not have to worry about getting sick all the time and your risk of dying from fast food related diseases will decrease.

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  1. SAIBY says:

    well this article helped me a lot….though i m nt fat at all but still it will always alert my mind b4 consuming much fast food….the only thing i wanted to know tht is it also a silent killer n if it is then how?