Spleen Point Energy Technique

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The spleen neurolymphatic points are located about two inches below each nipples on the spleen meridian. Tapping these points can quickly lift your energy level and strengthen your immune system. The function of the spleen organ is to remove toxins and assists the immune system to fight diseases. It is important to keep your spleen meridian flowing strong so your body can modulate blood chemistry, fight infection, increase energy, reduce stress and dizziness, and better metabolize food.

Spleen Point Tapping Technique

  1. With both of your hands by each nipple, move your fingers about two inches straight down.
  2. Tap firmly around this area to stimulate your spleen neurolymphatic points. You can use more then one finger to tap your spleen points, this will help increase the chance of hitting the right points.
  3. While tapping, breath deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. The tapping should only last for about 20 seconds.
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