Clove: Natural Toothache Remedy

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Toothache is usually caused by a bacterial infection or tooth decay. If you are experiencing toothaches and do not have time to see a dentist right away, clove can be a temporary solution to immediately help relieve your toothache.

Clove is a herb that is well known for its antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and stimulating properties. Besides toothache, herbalist has used clove to treat infections, diarrhea, respiratory problems, wounds, scabies and acne. One of the natural chemical compound responsible for relieving toothache in clove is Eugenol. Eugenol is a natural analgesic (painkiller), it is well known for its antiseptic and anesthetic properties.

How to use grounded clove to relieve toothache (avoid using on babies and toddlers)

  1. Add several drops of water to 1/4 teaspoon of ground clove.
  2. Mix the water and clove until it becomes paste-like.
  3. Apply the clove paste to the sore tooth and gum.
  4. Leave the paste on for a few minutes, then spit it out, repeat as needed.

Keep in mind that the procedure above is only a temporary solution for relieving toothaches and is not a cure. A toothache is often a sign of tooth decay or infection, please see your dentist as soon as possible for better treatment.

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