How to Cook Without Oil

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Picture of Fresh Vegetables Being CookedMost people have been conditioned to think that cooking food without oil does not taste good. In reality, food cooked without oil can taste just as good or even better. In fact, many five star or high class restaurants cook their food with little or no oil.

The food industry has convinced most people to believe that conventional vegetable oil is healthy. Their marketing strategy is so successful that it made them billions in a short amount of time. Conventional vegetable oil is one of the worst refined oils to consume, because it is nearly 100 percent fat and is depleted of essential nutrients. Plus, most vegetable oils have genetically modified substances.

Sautéing tips to reduce oil

  • Use water instead of oil to cook your food. Cook at lower temperatures to prevent the water from evaporating too quickly, this will also prevent the food from sticking to the cooking pan. Using a ceramic non-stick cooking pan will also help prevent stickiness.
  • If you do not like using water, use other substitutes such as sherry, vegetable stock, and fruit juice (apple juice is a good one). Cook at low or medium heat to prevent them from evaporating too quickly. As always, choose the organic versions.
  • For baking food, use any pureed fruit to coat the pan. Pureed bananas, pureed prunes, applesauce and baby food purees are good examples.
  • If you are planning to use oil, only use organic oil or raw oil that has not gone through a heat treating process and is free of harmful synthetic chemicals and GMO ingredients. Organic sesame oil, hempseed oil and avocado oil are some of the best oils for cooking food because of their strong resistance to heat.

By practicing the tips above daily, you will start to notice how vibrant and delicious food is. The food will taste more natural and your will have more energy. If you allow your body to adjust to this new way of cooking food, you may not want to go back to the traditional way of cooking.

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