Fruit PLU Label: How to Tell if a Fruit is Organic or Genetically Engineered

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Fruit Sticker

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Have you ever wondered why there are brand stickers on fruits? The stickers are not just for branding but can actually tell you how the fruits were grown or created. By reading the PLU code on a fruit label, you can tell if the fruit was organically grown, conventionally grown or genetically engineered. Scientists have not perfected the art of creating genetically modified food; therefore, consuming it may cause unknown allergens and harmful side effects.

Many of the techniques used for creating genetically modified food have not been thoroughly tested and are rushed into the market for quick profits. When your body detects food that is not natural, it usually treats the food like a foreign agent. This can cause certain allergic reactions and may lead to autoimmune disorders, birth defects and other chronic health problems. As of the published date of this article, the FDA does not require genetically modified food to be labeled. Because of this, most companies that produce genetically modified food do not put GMO labels on their food products.

Fruit Label PLU Code (U.S.)

  • Conventionally grown fruit: PLU code consists of 4 numbers (e.g. 4012).
  • Organically grown fruit: PLU code consists of 5 numbers and begins with 9 (e.g. 94012)
  • Genetically engineered fruit: PLU code consists of 5 numbers and begins with 8 (e.g. 84012). In the USA, genetically modified food usually does not have this PLU code, because most consumers have a negative view about genetically modified food and there is no law that requires food manufacturers to label their GMO food. To learn ways on how to avoid genetically modified food, read this article titled Health Risks of Genetically Modified Food.
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  1. Kyle says:

    With increasing initiatives for food safety and responsibility, some farmers are looking for new methods to promote their products. One such effort is the inclusion of a bar code along with the PLU that holds information on where the product was grown and packaged before being shipped to the store. This method would provide tracking abilities and help reduce outbreaks in the case of contaminated produce.

  2. jozie says:

    If you really want to know what is going on with the American food supply, watch these films

    (you can find them on you tube, Netflix or

    Food INC.
    Food Matters
    Forks Over Knives

    You won’t beleive it until you hear and see it-
    and no one in our media outlet will ever admit it!!