How to Clear Negative Energy

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Negative Energy

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Many people around the world believe that the collective consciousness of Earth is about to shift from the age of darkness to the age of light. In order for this to happen, the old system has to breakdown, which will allow room for the age of light to manifest. Some people believe that this is the reason why there are so many death and destruction throughout the world. They believe these events are the result of too much negative energy on Earth.

Your aura (energy field) can easily be affected by these negative energies. Having too much negative energy in your aura will turn its beautiful colors into dirty colors. When your aura becomes too dirty, you may feel sick, fatigue and attract more negative things into your life. Below is a hygiene ritual that can help you clear your aura of negative energy. You can also use sage mist to clear negative energy, but it is usually used for clearing areas of the house. Sage mist is usually not available in conventional stores, but it is widely available online.

How to clear negative energy

  1. Find a comfortable area in your house or outside and stand straight up with your feet shoulders width apart. Don’t lock your knees to allow more blood flow.
  2. Take a few deep breaths, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Relax your mind by concentrating on your breathing.
  3. While standing, visualize a beam of white light coming from the sky down toward your head. Visualize the white light going through the top of your head and down to your feet. Then visualize the white light flowing from your feet into the ground toward the center of the Earth.
  4. Visualize the Earth’s energy traveling back up the beam of white light to support and nurture you.
  5. Visualize white light flowing down your arms and out your hands. Then visualize the white light turning in a clockwise motion around your whole body. This will help cleanse your aura of negative energy.
  6. Demand peacefully that all negative energy leave your aura.
  7. Finish the visualization with swirls of blue and green light filling your aura in a clockwise motion. Energy healers believed that blue light is useful for getting rid of demonic energies.
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  1. HealthNut says:

    I often meditate, mostly Vipassana, but I’m quite familiar, too, with this “earth energy” practice.

    I have noticed that proper nutrition also supports my mental health and energy. If I eat junk food at night, I feel like crap the next morning. I I read somewhere, too, that supplements like Vitalab’s Gingko Biloba help — because it improves circulation and supports concentration and mental function.

    There’s a good article I just read, too, on re-charging your mental energy if you’re burned out by overwork, or you’re depressed. It includes some great advice. I highly recommend that your readers check it out at .

  2. Hi,
    This is very interesting! We are hosting a conference in Montreal entitled: “After the darkness dawns a new light”!!! I thought you might be interested. There will be International speakers such as Mitchell Gibson who will lecture on removing negative energies!
    If you would like to know more, please check our website: and click on “2009 Int’l Conference”.

  3. Kevin Gladish says:

    “Visualize the white light turning in a clockwise motion around your whole body.” Clockwise… this direction is often recommended (in other meditation directions as well) , but it’s always unclear whether it’s clockwise from my subjective viewing angle, i.e, going to my right and then down, turning left and up, etc.. Or whether it’s clockwise as if you were looking at me head on, in which case, it would be the opposite. It seems like this would make a big difference. Any thoughts?

    • PL Chang says:

      From standing straight and looking forward, if the white light starts in front of you, it would go to your right side, back, left side, then to the front again. This is my understanding of how this negative energy clearing procedure works.

  4. Debbie Lattuga says:

    I just shared a video of this guided meditation at

    Wonderful meditation. I love it.

  5. Emil says:

    i visualised everything in this guide as it said, while my eyes were closed…. afterwards i felt kind of relieved so thanks for that… but when i opened my eyes everything was looking more light, which I thought was wierd, any explanation for that? 🙂