Consciousness: The Energy of Creation

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Consciousness is an intelligent field of infinite possibility and creativity, no beginning and no end. It is an information field of feedback and awareness which gives us a sense of self. Consciousness is one of the fundamental sources of all creation. It is the observer, the experiencer and is self-aware. Consciousness is a unified field of functions that express outward with diversity and is everywhere. It is what connect us to everything in the Universe. It is like a sea of energy that unite us together as a whole.

Below is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about consciousness.

In simple terms, consciousness is a subtle energy life force field of pure potentiality; thus, the energy field has infinite possibility and creativity. Within consciousness lies an informational field of feedback and awareness that gives us a sense of self. In other words, consciousness gives us the ability to think, observe, create, experience and be aware of our existence.

In addition to being an informational field of feedback and awareness, consciousness is a unified field of function that expresses outward with diversity. This unified field is everywhere and is found in all things, which is why it is considered the fundamental force of Creation. It is what connects us to everything in the Universe. Everything in the Universe is an attribute of consciousness. This means that atoms, fire, water, rocks, cells, bacteria, plants, animals, people, planets, stars and galaxies are nothing more than expressions of consciousness. This also means that everything in the Universe is conscious of itself but in different levels.

Our planet Earth is actually a living being because it has consciousness. This is what conventional science and religion failed to teach us. The Earth has awareness and is actually evolving like we are but at a higher level of consciousness. The Universe is very alive and filled with life. It is not dead like what conventional science taught us. Your soul is also an expression of consciousness but is unique from every other souls. This is why each person has its own personalities.

Most people think that the brain is the only organ that connect us to consciousness and makes it possible for us to experience life. This is actually not very accurate because consciousness comes from within every cells of the body and it exists everywhere. Another organ that plays a major role for connecting us to consciousness is the heart. When it comes to consciousness, the heart may be the most important organ. This is why it is the first organ to manifest after conception. The heart is one of nature’s greatest achievements. It actually works similar to the brain. According to Neurocardiologist, 60 percent of heart cells are neuron cells, not muscle cells. The heart and brain are always communicating with each other but at the subconscious level. Through the vibrational energy field of the heart, we build our experience of ourselves and help consciousness expand.

The more connected we get to consciousness, the more unify we will become. In other words, if we want to live in a world that is united, we need to be more open to consciousness. It is one of the keys that will help us transcend our third dimensional level of experience. One of the best ways to do this is to understand our spiritual selves. It is important to know that consciousness has no limits, it is infinite and is very intelligent. Consciousness is not something that we can observe directly, but we can observe its diverse expressions which are the things that we experience in our realities.

The video below does a good job explaining what consciousness and reality are. Even though it does a good job, it still does not give all the answer to what consciousness really is.

What Is Consciousness?

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  1. Evita says:

    It is very true, most people today just live on auto-pilot which includes almost no true consciousness.

    My belief is that if everyone truly lived from their conscious states, not only would the world change instantly, but people would be happy! For when we make choices from our consciousness we choose most often very differenlty than when we choose things on auto-pilot.

    Hence I am delighted that our world is changing and we are entering a period of flowering consciousness – that can only mean great things for the new world!

    • PL Chang says:

      I agree! If everyone can live closer to their conscious state, we wouldn’t have so much problems in the world. I’m seeing more and more people waking up and being more open to consciousness. This is very exciting because we may finally be able to live in a world that is united with peace and love. đŸ˜†

  2. Martin FIsher says:

    Interestingly it would seem that there are in fact 9 different kinds/vibrational frequencies of consciousness.