The Seven Chakras: Sacral Plexus Chakra

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Sacral Plexus

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Above the root chakra (first chakra) is the sacral plexus chakra (second chakra), also known as svadhisthana. The sacral plexus chakra looks like two cones that are connected at their tip. One cone extend in front of the body and the other extend in back of the body. The area where they are connected is located at the center of the body. The energies that make up the each cone spin opposite of each other.

The sacral plexus chakra is orange in color. It is located near the abdomen, just beneath the navel. Like the root chakra, the sacral plexus chakra deals with sexual activities, but also reproductive activities, emotions and creativity. Its energy governs the reproductive organs and is responsible for nourishing the fetus. The sacral plexus chakra is where the soul embraces the body. It is the chakra that represents the innocent self of a person before he/she is influenced by society. This chakra is connected to your intuition because it is governed by faith and trust. Artists, musicians and healers usually have strong sacral plexus chakras because this chakra is strongly connected to creativity.

People with weak or blocked sacral plexus chakras may appear lifeless because of their lack of emotions. They may lack sexual desire and may have a hard time getting pregnant. Physical symptoms such as, kidney problem, sexual dysfunction, constipation, and lower back pain may be the results of having a weak or blocked sacral plexus chakra.

How to clear and balance your sacral plexus chakra

  • Crystals: Orange stones are usually good for stimulating the sacral plexus chakra. Some popular stones are yellow jasper, carnelian, fire opal and orange agate. Visit this page for details on how to use crystals.
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