How to Raise Your Energy Vibration

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Light Waves

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Energy vibration is one of the core features found in all life forms, because without it life cannot exist. If you were able to measure the vibrational rate of your energies, you can easily determine the state of your well-being. You can do this by studying the frequencies at where your energies are vibrating.

The frequency rate of the human body’s energy is usually measured using the acronym MHz (megahertz). The measurement is done by using advanced frequency measuring technologies. If your energy frequency is vibrating below 60 megahertz, you are at risk of getting sick. Luckily, there are ways to increase your energy frequency. Below are some great tips to help raise your energy frequency or prevent it from decreasing to dangerous levels.

How to Raise Your Energy Frequency or Prevent It From Decreasing

  • Meditation: One of the cheapest and most effective ways to raise your energy frequency is meditation. Meditation helps calm the body by bringing its energies back into balance. It also reduces stress and can activate the body’s natural healing system. For more information about meditation, visit this page.
  • Healthy food: Plant-based food is one of the best foods to help raise your energy frequency. Try not to cook it as doing so destroys many of its nutrients. Also, buy the organically grown instead of the conventionally grown plant-based food.
  • Radiation: Being exposed to radiation can lower your energy frequency, even in small levels. Cathode Ray Tube (CTR) TVs and CTR computer monitors can lower your energy frequency because they emit radiation. Short exposure to CTR monitors should not cause significant damage, although it would be wise to replace them with LCD or plasma monitors. The refresh rate of monitors may also affect your energy frequency, especially the energy frequency of the brain. Many of them are set below the required frequency for optimal brain performance.
  • Artificial light: Light emitted from compact fluorescent light bulbs or standard light bulbs can lower your energy frequency. This is why you feel tired when you have long exposure to artificial light. Whenever you start feeling tired while being indoors, go outside and let your body absorb some sunlight. This will wake you up because sunlight rejuvenates your energies.
  • Junk food and fast food: These types of food lower your energy frequency because they contain little or no nutrient. They also contain harmful synthetic chemicals and preservatives.
  • Meat: Try to limit your meat consumption as much as possible because it lowers your energy frequency. Meat-based foods do not contain enough nutrients to keep your body running at maximum efficiency. Most conventional meat-based foods contain saturated fat that is contaminated with environmental toxins. This is because most of the animals used for meat are grown with the aid of synthetic grown hormones and fed with contaminated food. These toxins bio-accumulate in their fatty tissues; therefore, when you eat them, you are also eating these toxins. The only saturated fat you should consume is from livestock grown on pasture farms or in its natural environment free of harmful synthetic chemicals.
  • Synthetic food chemicals: There are so many synthetic chemicals used on food these days that they range in the thousands. Synthetic food chemicals can lower your energy frequency, because they disrupt cell communication and cause chemical imbalance. Some of the worst ones are artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose), MSG, hydrolyzed protein and hydrogenated vegetable oil. Please visit this page for a more detailed list.
  • Starvation: Starving yourself, whether it is on purpose or not, will lower your energy frequency because food is what gives your body fuel to do work.
  • Prescription drugs: Most of them are designed to work against the natural healing systems of the body instead of with it. They do help treat the disease to a certain point but also cause other problems, such as side effects. Prescription drugs do not cure diseases, because they do not attack the source of the diseases at the root.
  • Designer and natural drugs: Designer drugs lower your energy frequency due to being destructive to the systems of your body. Some drugs that are found in nature can also lower your energy frequency. Some drugs may raise your energy frequency, but the side effects afterward will lower your energy frequency. The more you rely on the drugs, the worst the side effects. Examples of designer and natural drugs include LSD, ecstasy, marijuana, shrooms, meth, and cocaine.
  • Alcohol and cigarette: They both lower your energy frequency, because they are harmful to the many systems of your body. Alcohol and cigarette are also full of harmful toxins. If you cannot quit drinking alcohol or smoking cigarette, try reducing your alcohol or cigarette intake as much as possible.
  • DNA activation: Scientists have found out that most of our DNA is not active. Because it is not active, they do not know its roles so they end up calling it “junk DNA.” Your junk DNA is the key to raising your energy frequency, because when activated it allows you access to high frequency energies. These energies have incredible healing capabilities and will help activate certain senses that are beyond the five senses. DNA activation is one of the best ways to increase your energy frequency.

Do You Want More Information to Help You Increase Your Frequency?

If you want to increase your frequency and prevent it from falling to low levels, you need to educate your mind with information about energy and health. My book titled 40 Enlightening Tips to Increase and Balance Your Energy is a great resource to help you get on the right path, so that you can find ways to effectively increase your frequency.

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  1. Mel says:

    I will have to say that I agree with 96% of what this article recommends…when it comes to marijuana, salvia divinorum and other natural entheogens…it is now a know fact that these plants raise our electro-magnetic vibrations significantly.

    When you inhale marijuana smoke it expands and aligns all of the bodies chakra centers, enabling us to bringing in large amounts of cosmic energy and raising our consciousness and vibration levels significantly.

    • JT says:

      Mel Thank you! Exactly ! I find it interesting that these so called spiritual teachers are brainwashed with propaganda they learned growing up without any real research or knowledge. This writer apparently doesn’t realize that canabis kills cancer cells. When cannabis is consumed it raises the vibration unlike Big Pharma medicines. On top of which many a Shaman have used it in meditations ect. I must also point out if we look at the cannabis plant its leaves look like a human hand. This miracle plant can provide us medicine food (hemp seeds) and many other products produced from hemp. Sadly the brainwashing is still there in a lot of folks even the ones that claim enlightenment.

      • PL Chang says:

        Judging me by just reading this article is a big mistake. FYI:

        I’m not against marijuana but I caution people not to do it everyday. Too much of anything isn’t good for you, even water.

        As for being brainwashed, we all have been brainwashed, especially the American (U.S.) people. And yes, I live in the U.S. so I know from direct experience. Most Americans don’t even realize that they don’t live in a free country. They don’t even know that the “United States” is a corporation under admiralty law and canon law, and therefore it is controlled by the Vatican. SMH. You want proof of these claims? Visit the link below.

        • Barb says:

          I have a question I’ve been trying to find out about the frequency of caffeine. A lot has been written about alcohol lowering your energy but I can’t find anything about caffeine or sugar doing the same. Intuitively I believe they are all drugs and cause the same lowering of frequency. I am judged for my glass of wine by my coffee drinking, sugar eating friends. Be great if you have any info. thanks

          • PL Chang says:

            When it comes to lowering your frequency, caffeine isn’t as bad as refined sugar. Refined sugar is a toxin because it destroys your body’s ability to effectively metabolize food. Plus, it drains and leaches your body of precious vitamins and minerals. As your health deteriorates, it causes your body’s frequency to drop. In general, any food or substance that causes significant harm to your health will lower your frequency.

            The link below should help answer some of your questions about sugar and energy.


    • MyFace says:

      Correct! And the ancient shamans used mushrooms. Oh, and how about DMT?

  2. sanjay sangwan says:

    Energy vibrations and energy inter-actions within human physical, emotional and psychological forms (energy forms) and with all animate and inanimate energies around us in the environment and the universe are at the root of all our physical and emotional thoughts and actions. God or supernatural is nothing but this interplay of energies and the abundant energy flowing in the universe. Harmony in energy patterns and interactions leads to peace, happiness, good health & prosperity and vice versa.

  3. charlie says:

    I agree with everything in this article except the DNA activation part, which I’m not too sure about. And that’s only because I’m not a geneticist so I don’t have enough information to really form any solid opinions on the matter. If only news sites would run an article on this instead of the normal crap they run, we might actually have a chance at surviving whatever happens in 2012. There’s actually some good articles about how the amount of fear, hate and anxiety on the planet is not only way below what it should be, but at an all time high on if anyone wants to read more about why we won’t be able to get out of the “3rd density” that we’re currently stuck in.

  4. Andy King says:

    I agree with all of the points except DNA activation.

  5. Bryce says:

    For DNA activation go to youtube and type 528. This is the love frequency. This sound is harmonized with the mantra, YAH. Very powerful for healing and restructuring DNA. As for another thing you can do to raise your vibration, think and feel loving thoughts and emotions. Also, give thanks to your food and drink.

  6. stacy says:

    The body does not vibrate in Megahertz it is hertz, schuman,sollfigeo, in one comment the person was right 528 “hertz” and it does affect the heart, and by the way that is the sound of the sun curtisy of NASA, and hu-mans vibrate at the same frequency as earth we are connected

    • PL Chang says:

      I’m aware of the Schumann resonance. Some people tell me the human body and brain are measured in MHz and some people tell me they are measured in Hz, so I’m not sure which one is right. I emailed the people at about this subject. If they reply back with an answer, I will update this article.

      My understanding is that the human brain and body operate similar to a quantum computer, so it should be operating beyond Hz.

    • PL Chang says:

      One of the representatives from Tainio Technology & Technique, Inc. reply back and told me to visit and read the comment by Teena Tainio, Bruce’s widow. Bruce Tainio was a microbiologist who built one of the first frequency monitors.

      In the comment section of that blog, Teena Tainio said:

      Hello everyone. This is interesting stuff, but I feel I should clarify a few facts. I’m Bruce Tainio’s wife, Teena. I’m sorry to tell you that Bruce passed away on December 31st, 2009.
      1. We are not a division of Eastern Washington University, nor have we ever been. That’s one of those internet rumors.
      2.Average body frequencies are measured in the MHz range, not Hertz.
      3.Some of the list of body frequencies might have been from Bruce’s findings, but most, I assume, were done by Gary Young. You can find these published in some of his older addition books.
      4. The list of food frequencies were also published by Gary Young.
      You won’t find these in his newer addition publications.

      Visit to read the full comment.

      Since Teena said that the average body frequencies are measured in MHz, then I won’t update this article until someone can prove that she is wrong.

  7. Suresh Sukumaran says:

    This article may seem different to us, since our social life is Objective life Objectivity & Subjectivity has a point of coincidence . Yes, It is here that( Natural Happening of Total Celibacy )occurs .
    Now what is the importance of this human manifestation ? Upto Animal manifestation Eating, Sleeping, Mating — Birth / Death cycle continues undeterred . In this Illusive Manifestation cycle, Man alone has any power to choose Liberation . But our accepted social mode of family life is based on Position & status oriented self identification .This leads to Ego – reinforcements ! Ego’s role is that of Brahma [Creation] and for self sustenance, Ego retains these Vasanas unextinguished ! —- is a birth / death Vicious Cycle. No other God exists to help us other than We, the Ego totally detoxifying ourselves . The Ego [Cravings / Aversions] looking into Ourself is the only Solution [Buddha]. This same Ego should finally decide to get totally sublimated in The Sea Of All Pervasive , Pure Consciousness. Thousands of rebirths may be needed for the same . How ? Finally, Ego involutes into the Purest Selfhood, [Allah,Father,Siva] by Total Detoxification,in Thoughts, Words, Deeds,such that 100% NonDual CELIBACY, [Advaita] happens.Here CELIBACY has another dimension ! It is the total inwards withdrawal of our 5 senses resulting in Total Elimination of Vital Fluid Loss for ever. [ The Immortality of Lord Jesus Christ ? ]——————————–[I] am Eternal Pure Consciousness [Siva]—————————-Siva is NonDual Truth / Sakthi is Illusion—————————- [ Creation is Illusion ( Duality ) ] —

  8. tamara says:

    One note : when you mention starvation, it would be nice if your list was expanded upon to include fasting and IF(intermittent fasting) as there are excellent benefits for many people to cease digestion for a short time.
    So just wanted to note that many experts confirm this..and I attest by fasting a few days each season to raises my frequency significantly
    cheers, tamara