Hidden Secrets of Doomsday 2012

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Solar Flares

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Doomsday 2012 is a touchy subject to discuss about because most of us do not like to face the idea that the world may end. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is very out of balance and destructive. Sooner or later we will have to face the fact that the end of civilization is near, unless we learn how to live in harmony with each other and nature. If we do not learn how to do this soon, our planet Earth will not be able to sustain life for that much longer. Her oxygen and nutrient levels are falling near a critical level. If this continues, within a few decades she may not be able to support life.

It is important to know that the doom and gloom events associated with 2012 are not going to happen exactly on December 21, 2012. Many of these doom and gloom changes suggested by mainstream media are already happening but not at the level that was described by mainstream media. One of the main roles of mainstream media is to provoke fear into us. Its methods of brainwashing us with fear are going to cause tragic events to occur, unless we take proper actions and become more responsible citizens.

Secrets of doomsday 2012

The secrets I’m going to share with you about 2012 is well known in NASA and certain secret government agencies. They have kept these secrets from the public because they do not think the public can handle them. In my opinion, I believe we deserve to know these secrets so we can prepare ourselves. Plus, telling the truth to educate us would empower us. It would also help reduce fear once we calm down, and understand and accept the truth.

I encourage you to really do your homework on 2012 because the mainstream media is going to try spreading fear about the end of the world. In order for you to see the bigger picture of 2012, you need to understand 2012 from a scientific, religion and spiritual perspective. This include understanding certain topics, such as sun activity, planet alignment, the dark rift (center of the galaxy), the zodiac, ascension, ancient knowledge, past and present prophecies, consciousness and the pole shift theory. Once you understand 2012 from these perspectives, you may realize that it is not the end of the world but the end of a cycle.

Scientific perspective of doomsday 2012

There are many evidences showing that the Earth is going through major changes. These evidences can be found on Earth, in our solar system and our galaxy. Within the past few decades all the planets in our solar system have been heating up. Our medias and politicians have been telling us that global warming is caused by man-made carbon dioxide (C02). This is mostly a lie designed to steal our taxes. If man-made CO2 is the main cause of global warming, then why are the other planets in our solar system heating up too? This is a question that our medias and politicians failed to answer us, because they do not know the truth, are afraid of telling the truth or are controlled. For more detail information about the truth of global warming please read Global Warming Causes and Effects.

One of the most important aspect of 2012 is the fact that our solar system has been, and is still going through a special event. Some people refer to this special event as the galactic alignment. This galactic alignment is believed to allow high frequency energies to flow to Earth, which can cause unpleasant events to occur, such as global warming and weakening of the planet’s and sun’s magnetic field.

The galactic alignment may also trigger more solar flares from the sun. According to researchers, the next coronal mass ejection should start very soon because of the lack of sunspot activities. They predicted that this could cause some problems to the world power grid, and increase volcanic and earthquake activities, and in extreme cases, trigger pole shifts. The pole shift theory does have some scientific evidences supporting it. Albert Einstein was even a believer of this theory. It is important to know that we can survive these catastrophic events as long as we prepare ourselves and take actions to heal the planet before it is too late.

Religion and spiritual perspective of doomsday 2012

The 2012 prophecy is found in nearly every religion in the world. The strange thing about this prophecy is that certain ancient civilizations recorded this end date to be at the end of 2012. The fact that some of these civilizations lived on the other side of the planet, had no communication with each other, and still came up with the same date, showed that there must be some truth to 2012. Many religion mentioned that there would be a lot of destruction during this time but also mentioned that there would be prosperity afterward. From a spiritual perspective, 2012 is about transcending our current third dimension of consciousness to a higher level of consciousness. It is about spiritual evolution.

How to survive doomsday 2012

Catastrophic events may or may not happen exactly on 2012, but it will happen really soon after 2012 unless we change our destructive behaviors and claim our rights as guardians of Earth. Five of the most dangerous events that we need to prepare for in the near future are coronal mass ejections, pole shifts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami. Radiation from coronal mass ejections is going to be one of the greatest threats because it will affect everything.

The Earth’s magnetic field may not be able to protect us during this time because these massive solar storms may be too strong. If you live near nuclear power plants during these solar storms, you should move as far away from them as possible because they could meltdown. The reason for the meltdown is because coronal mass ejections could destroy the world power grid. Nuclear power plants need the power grid to supply them with energy to cool them. Without it they will overheat and meltdown.

Researchers believe coronal mass ejections may last up to a year and the severe weakening of Earth’s magnetic field may last a few months. If these events become very serious, you may want to stay in the basement and find things that can help shield you from radiation. You may also want to stay indoor as much as possible, especially during the day time. Also, store food and water that will last you and your family for at least six months. During this time the Earth may become hotter so you may want to stay away from areas that can easily flame up.

During a time of great change, earthquake is also going to be a problem so it would be wise to stay away from areas that are prone to earthquake, such as the coast of California and the New Madrid Fault. Another place to stay away from is Mexico City because it is unstable. You should also stay away from coastline because of tsunami. Last but not least, learn to become energy independent. If these future catastrophic events are as bad as the past ones, our planet could go into a short ice age that could last nearly a decade. I do not believe this will happen but if it does happen, this ice age will be caused by worldwide volcanic activities which will fill the sky with ashes. As a result, the Earth will become very cold because sunlight will have a hard time penetrating through them.

Catastrophic events made by nature are natural phenomena and happen in cycles. The severity of these events depend on our thoughts and actions. If we learn to help and support each other, and stop destroying the Earth, these 2012 events may be just like any other minor natural disasters. The people who survived these events in the past are usually the ones who are prepared. If we prepared ourselves for these events, we should have very good chances of surviving them. Unfortunately, most of us are not prepared for these events because we do not think they will occur in our life time. Because of this, when these events occur in the near future many of us could perish.

Catastrophic events made by nature will also haste the collapse of the world economic system. I recommend reading this article because it shows you how to prepare for the collapse of the world economy.

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