Secrets of the Rich: How They Relate to Behavior

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Have you ever wondered why some people can become so rich? Is it luck or do they know secrets that give them advantages over us? Beyond the conventional thinking there is no such thing as luck or true accident, because the Universe operates in very precise cycles, and is based on sacred and fractal geometry. Therefore, the very rich and powerful did not become rich by luck. They became rich because they knew secrets that we do not. To understand these secrets, we need to think outside of the box because many of them require us to look at the Universe from a higher perspective. Otherwise it will be hard for us to understand these secrets because they are somewhat esoteric.

If you are a person who think money can bring true happiness, this article should help increase your chance of achieving this. In my opinion, money does not bring true happiness because it cannot fill the void within us. In order to find true happiness we need to search for the path of love and light within each of us. This path is the path that seeks the desire to become one with Creation (God).

For the people who believe money can bring them happiness, I will tell them secrets that are only known by a very small percentage of the world’s population. These secrets are well known by certain billionaires and investors, and people who are part of secret societies and royal families. These people probably will not be too happy at me for exposing these secrets, because if too many people know about them, it will threaten their wealth and power.

One of the most well kept secrets to becoming rich is how planetary cycles affect the collective human consciousness. Consciousness is the intelligent energy field that supports all matter and non-matter. For this reason, anything that affects consciousness also affects our physical, chemical and biological processes. The phenomenon on how planetary cycles affect physical, chemical and biological process had been well studied by Russian biophysicist Dr. Simon E. Shnoll.

During his 3 decades of research, he recorded enormous amounts of data showing that planetary motions have direct affect on these processes. Even better, he found that all physical, chemical and biological process change accordingly to planetary movements at any given point in time. Because these processes are expressions of consciousness, the human consciousness is also affected by planetary cycles.

So, why is this important for becoming rich? It is important because the financial market is highly influenced by the consciousness and the behavior of people. If we can find out how to accurately measure the behavior of people, we can effectively predict future market trends. This is especially important for the stock market because with this knowledge, we will be able to know when to buy or sell our stocks!

Financial experts who have studied the stock market know that it changes accordingly to the behavior of consumers. When people are happy and confident, the stock market goes up. When people are sad and fearful, it goes down. By just studying the stock market, we can tell the behavior of consumers at any given time. For more detailed information about how the stock market relates to consumer behavior please read this article. The article does a good job of explaining how geometry and cycles can be used to accurately measure the stock market.

People who have learned to master the art of predicting consumer behavior, by using geometry and astrological cycles, are very successful with the stock market. The ones who are even more successful practice these secret methods with certain laws of the Universe, such as the Law of Attraction. Hence, they have accumulated wealth in the billions. Unfortunately for these people, they will start to see the negative effects of the stock market because it is filled with investments that have little value.

People who rely heavily on the Western stock market could soon lose more than 50 percent, maybe even as high as 90 percent of their wealth. The reason for this is because the dollar may devalue to a point that could cause hyperinflation. The Western government and wall street have been playing around with fiat money (money backed with nothing) for too long. This money game can only go for so long before it collapse.

Until a few years ago, this collapse was happening quietly behind the public. Now, the people who control the Western financial system cannot hide it anymore because the amount of fake money has passed a critical point. Within the next year or two, we should see some major changes to world financial systems, especially in the U.S. and Western countries. Because of this event, right now it will not be a good idea to invest in the stock market unless you have great insider connections.

When we look at the bigger picture, all these systems, no matter if they are man-made or nature-made, are bound to the laws of the Universe. As the Universe changes so do these systems. The changes are subtle so most of us are not aware of them. Right now we are moving through an area of our galaxy that is more energetically charged. This energetic area is causing a lot of changes to physical, chemical and biological systems, even our consciousness is affected by this event. This is why all the planets are becoming brighter, the sun’s heliosphere is shrinking and the world financial system is at the brink of collapsing.


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  1. VK says:

    Hi PL,
    you might be interested in checking my website out.

    I tried for a while now (over a year) to just let the site sit in cyberspace and see who comes in and resonates to it, but just yesterday my intuition told me to share it more actively on forums, blogs and websites, because the information and energy behind the words is very powerful and different to much out there.

    Thanks for your website.

    Keep it up and all the best.


  2. Wael says:

    bailout would be aimed at the mortgage makret, and yet JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York Mellon, will walk away with over $125 billion,The shares will not be dilutive to current shareholders, a concern to banking chief executives, because perpetual preferred stock holders are paid a dividend, not a portion of earnings. all current shareholders are protected, unlike Lehman, Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shareholders.