Natural Ways to Improve Conception

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This is a guest post by Tania Tod.

If you are struggling conceiving, fertility treatments are not the only option. First, you should look into natural ways that can help you improve conception, such as nutrition. Eating right when trying to conceive may sound like a cliché, but eating right plays a major role in increasing fertility when a couple is trying to conceive. A balanced daily nutrition can help you boost your fertility, and help you maintain a healthy weight which also influences your reproductive system. A balanced diet should include proteins. Proteins are packed with nutrients that women need during pregnancy and they can be found in dairy products, meat, fish and grains. Some studies suggested that food rich in zinc increases the chances of healthy conceptions, while other claimed that zinc deficiencies are linked to reduced semen and testosterone levels. Zinc is one of the essential minerals that can keep your immune system healthy and help you conceive a baby. Zinc can be found in foods such as oysters, wheat germs, cocoa powder and chocolate and many others. Make sure to eat plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants since they are beneficial for both male and female fertility. In men, antioxidants help boost sperm motility and healthy swimmers, and can help prevent sperm abnormalities. In women, antioxidants reduce stress on reproductive organs and eggs. Don’t forget to include vitamin D and calcium into your diet: both have been shown to help increase male fertility.

After consultation with a fertility specialist and naturopath you could consider using herbs that promote conception, such as Chasteberry and Dong Quai, black cohosh, red clover blossoms, false unicorn root and wild yam. Chasteberry for example helps reduce hormonal imbalances, while Dong Quai helps regulate estrogen and balance menstrual cycles. Women with autoimmune diseases have found Dong Quai beneficial since the plant increases their chances of egg implantation. Moderate exercise is one of the most often recommended natural ways to improve conception. On the other hand strenuous exercise is known to have stressful impact on the human body and may lower women’s chances of getting pregnant. Specialists usually suggest low impact exercise, such as walking, cycling and swimming.

What will decrease your chances of a healthy conception?

Coffee reduces both male and female fertility. As little as one cup of coffee in the morning can reduce your chances of conception for more than 50%. The same story is with alcohol: it can cut women’s chances of getting pregnant in half. Alcohol is also known to lower sperm count and cause sperm defects. Xenoestrogens are estrogens found in environmental chemicals and pesticides. If a woman’s body contains high levels of xenoestrogens, balance of hormones is disturbed, which consequently causes hormone problems with fertility.

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. If you follow the recommended guidelines above along with your doctor’s suggestion, you will soon be the one entering that happy and joyful journey.

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