Why Your Body Doesn’t Lie

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Unlike your mind your body does not judge. It only tells you how it feels at the moment. Judging is not the main role of your body because it is designed for survival. For example, when your body needs food it tells you that it is hungry by decreasing your energy and making your stomach growl. Your body is the best tool for telling you when something is wrong with it. If you learn to effectively communicate with your body, whenever something is wrong with it, you will usually know what the causes are.

When I started to listen to my body more often, I realized that many of the food I ate was not good for my body. Thinking back to my late high school and early college years, I realized that one of the main reasons why I was sick and tired more than usual was because of my unhealthy lifestyle. Back then, my body was trying really hard to tell me to stop eating unhealthy food but I did not listen. This was a bad mistake because I ended up getting sick a lot in college.

Below is a list of some of the signs that my body was using to warned me.

  • Headache: When I drink soda, beer, energy drink or eat a lot of sweets, I would get light headaches. The headaches would vary depending on the quantity.
  • Stomachache: Eating candy, fast food, very spicy food, and oily food would give me bad stomachaches.
  • Digestive problem: Every time I ate too much junk food and fast food, I would get bad digestive problem and sometimes headaches.
  • Fatigue: When I eat too much conventional meat or junk food, I would get sick and sluggish.

By listening to my body, I now know that my body is really sensitive to junk food and conventional meat-based food. I cannot go on a few days straight eating just junk food and conventional meat because I will end up getting sick. These types of food do not resonate well with my body. By realizing this, I changed my diet to about 50 percent plant-based food (mostly organic). This change of diet was one of the greatest things I had ever done because it helped increase my overall energy and health. Nowadays, I rarely get sick and I feel more alive than ever.

Everyone’s body is different and unique in its own ways so each person will have to listen to his/her body and find what types of food resonate with him/her. Listening to your body is not just limited to helping you choose foods that resonate with you, but also your environment and friends. This is where your intuition comes to play.

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