Garlic Benefits: Pathogen Killer, Cancer Fighter, Immune Booster

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Before pharmaceutical drugs became popular, garlic was widely used to treat many diseases, such as foot fungus, bacterial and yeast infections, and high blood pressure. Garlic has incredible health benefits and healing capabilities, some of them have been deliberately hidden from the public because they are too effective. Thousands of scientific studies have shown that garlic has strong antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Garlic is comprised of over 200 synergistic compounds. Three of its strongest compounds are allicin, selenium and sulfur.

Allicin is one of nature’s strongest compounds for killing harmful microorganism. According to independent researchers, stabilized allicin can kill all known pathogens, and is very effective at killing bacteria and virus, even drug resistant bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and flesh eating bacteria. For fighting harmful microorganism, allicin in supplement form is usually best. Make sure the supplement is made of “stabilized” allicin.

Selenium is a trace mineral that has tremendous antioxidant properties which is why some researchers like to call it the cancer killer mineral. Researchers suggested that if Americans increased their selenium intakes to about 200 microgram (mcg) per day, they would reduce their cancer cases by nearly 50 percent or more.

Sulfur is also a very strong antioxidant which is why it is recommended by researchers for protecting the body from free radicals. Sulfur is great for boosting the immune system because it enhances the function of natural killer cells (NK cells).

Garlic has a nasty smell to it but don’t let that stop you from eating it. Its smell is nothing compared to its health benefits. For best results, eat fresh garlic and buy the organic ones. I recommend seasoning food with garlic instead of eating it by itself. When seasoning food with garlic, season it after you cook the food to prevent destroying the garlic’s nutrients. This cooking method will help you get the most benefit out of garlic.

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  1. Claza says:

    Hi PL Chang, I have been researching garlic lately and have read of all the health benefits. I am currently using it to help me. 1 piece of information I have seen around is that because garlic acts like an antibiotic in the body it will kill of the good bacteria as well as the bad so I have been using it in moderation. I guess if you get enough pre-biotic food in the diet this will help counter the antibiotic effect. Just wondered what your thoughts are on this?

    • PL Chang says:

      Hello Claza,

      Some researchers claimed that garlic is harmful for the good bacteria and some claimed that it is not. From my knowledge and understanding, garlic does more good for the body than bad. The trick is to take it in levels that doesn’t disturb the chemical balance in your body. Taking too much of anything is bad for your body, even pure water. Because each person’s body have its own strength and weakness, I encourage you to listen to your body and watch for signs. Use your feelings and intuition to help you discern from what is true or not.