Balance Your Energy with Sound Therapy

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Sound therapy is an energy healing technique that uses spoken words or music to help bring the body’s energies back into balance. Sound therapy can also be used to activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. One of the secrets behind sound therapy is vibration.

Vibration is one of the fundamental forces of the Universe. Without vibration there will be no sound and light. Your brain also relies on vibration to operate which is why it can be measured in frequency. Besides your brain, every organ and cell in your body also have vibration. When your cells don’t vibrate in harmony with each other health problems can occur. Two of the most popular sound therapy techniques for balancing energy are mantra and music (e.g., meditation or ambient music).

Mantra is an ancient healing art that uses specific syllable, word or group of words to create harmonic vibrations. Mantra is a sound healing technique that has great potential but most medical fields don’t pay enough attention to it. One of the main reasons for this is because it is a threat to the way they do business. If people start using mantra and music to help treat their health problems, drug companies would lose billions of dollars.

Researchers in the field of sound therapy found out that when people chanted mantras they can create vibratory frequencies with healing potential. These vibratory frequencies don’t just create sound but can affect matter by changing it into specific sacred geometry. Even better, researchers found that by chanting mantra, people can raise or lower their blood pressure, increase brain function and immunity, and bring their energies back into balance.

Like mantra, music can also be used to balance your energy and improve your health. Some of the most effective musics are nature sound, meditation and ambient. These types of music are designed to stimulate your body’s energies and bring them back into balance with each other. Researchers found out that when people listen to nature sound and meditation music; their blood pressure, pulse rates and brain activities changes in a positive way, and they become less stressed. On the other hand, hard loud music (e.g., heavy metal, rock and roll) can cause negative effects on their bodies, such as increased blood pressure and stress.

For more information about the science of sound, I recommend reading this article.

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  1. max jackson says:

    I play didgeridoo and playing it passionately has become a search for meaningful sound. Its much better for staying consistent with the neccesary sound at the moment.
    Easier to do than to create satisfying ambient techno music that accomplishes the same effect (: drums are dangerous, when you are in a room where footsteps should not be taken. Didgeridoo is not ok for meditation, but it is also good for ceremonies. 💡 ❗ $$ 😯 😆 😈

  2. Juçara says:

    I usually listen to some relax, meditation, nature sound and mantra in order to keep calm. I do this every night and I assure that it works and make me sleep well.
    I feel so good!