How to Overcome the Ego

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In order to overcome the ego we need to understand what it is and how it works. According to Sigmund Freud, the ego is the system within our brains that gives us intellectual-cognitive, perceptual, defensive and executive functions. These functions help us organize and understand our thoughts, which gives us reason and common sense so we do not hurt ourselves. Freud did a good job explaining the functions of the ego but missed some very important facts.

The ego is a process in our minds that record our thoughts, needs and desires in a linear fashion. This is one of the reasons why we experience time as linear instead of simultaneous. This recording process gives us awareness of what we are experiencing. In other words, the recording function of the ego gives us the ability to perceive and analyze what we are experiencing. If there is no ego, our thoughts would have a hard time manifesting things into the material world.

For thought to manifest into matter, it needs to be held long enough for energies to coagulate. The ego help us hold our thoughts by incorporating the process in which we called linear time. The process of linear time allows our thoughts to be held long enough for manifestation.

Many of us like to define the ego as an evil entity within the human mind but this definition is not very accurate. Below is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about what the ego is.

The ego is a section of our minds that has become isolated. This happened during events in our history that caused our DNA to mutate. These events also turned off most of our DNA (or what we now refer to as “junk DNA”). The junk DNA is essential for the ego to communicate to other sections of the human mind because it allows access to higher levels of consciousness.

The ego is not an evil entity but a part of our personalities that has lost a great portion of its connection with Creation. This sense of separation gives the ego a false sense of finite life; therefore, it creates a false sense of fear and loneliness and the need to consume whatever it can to survive. Our egos seem evil to us because most of our egos are out of balance or overactive. The human ego is so out of balance that it has empowered itself to do certain tasks that it should not be doing. Hence, the false self is created. This false self then tries to take over the true self, which is the soul. Once the false self is created, the ego reprograms the conscious mind to accept denial, which promotes victimhood and weakens the connection to the soul.

How to reduce the power of the ego

The ego loves putting us in victimhood because it decreases self-empowerment which increases the ego’s power. Another thing that empowers the ego is the lack of personal responsibility. For these reasons, if we want to reduce its power, we need to lift ourselves from victimhood by increasing self-empowerment and personal responsibility. To learn how to increase self-empowerment please read this article.

Because the ego is a process that records our thoughts and desires, if we want to overcome or take control of it, we need to learn how to control our thoughts and desires. Meditation can also help us take control of the ego because it brings the ego back into balance. When we meditate it calms our minds and shift our awareness to the moment of now. The moment of now is where balance can take place.

Tips on how to tell if someone has an overactive ego

  • Addicted to power and control
  • Likes to be in denial
  • Loves excuses
  • Closed minded
  • Loves competition
  • Obsessed with his/her body
  • Always in a state of fear
  • Obsessed with materials
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  1. jennifer says:

    wow. so i defanitely have an overactive ego. the linear thing, i need to research more. good article.

  2. jennifer says:

    I have a question I’m not sure you can answer.

    I am highly intelligent, and process at an accelerated rate.

    It bears mention that I have experienced (recently) severe trauma. sustained.

    I have almost no executive function, and I feel i am experiencing time simultaneously.

    I am almost incapable of formulating a plan, much less executing it.

    My time/space continuum is so far off from societys time, its become a major problem.

    I can definitely identify with overactive ego symptoms.

    Are these learned, or developed? Do you see any correlation between the inconsistencies?

    • PL Chang says:

      Not enough information for me to give you an informative answer. In general, some egoistic personalities are manifested in our mind through the experiences we go through in life or past lives, and some are manifested through energy distortions in the collective human consciousness, which is the thought field that creates our reality here on Earth.

      Try meditating on a regular basis to see if you can control your thoughts better and calm your mind to a peaceful state. This should prevent your mind from generating too many random thoughts.