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Breast Cancer Cells

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In 2009, the American Cancer Society estimated that cancer killed more than 562,300 Americans. This makes cancer the second leading cause of death in America. Since Americans started to rely less on home grown food and more on conventionally grown food, cancer cases in the US has been increasing every decade. This is also true in many other countries that rely on foods that are grown with the aid of harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides.

Back in the early 1900s, cancer was a rare disease among Americans. One of the main reasons for this was because most Americans grew their own food on soil that was not depleted of minerals. The food they ate was fresh, free of synthetic chemicals, and contained high levels of essential nutrients.

The American Cancer Association and other similar organizations claim that there is no cure for cancer. Their claims are misleading. Cancer is a disease that is curable, but many of the alternative cancer treatments successfully being used are not well known. The main reason why they are not well known is because of the pharmaceutical industry controlling business practices. The pharmaceutical industry does not want people to know that there are cures or better ways for treating cancer. If people knew about these alternative cancer treatments, it will cause the pharmaceutical industry to lose a lot of money and sponsorships.

To understand how cancer can be cured, you will need to understand what cancer is. Cancer is basically a group of cells that have abnormalities in their genes. These abnormalities can be caused by unhealthy diets, acidic blood, chemical imbalance, radiation, toxins, viruses, bacteria, stress, negative emotions, and errors in DNA replication. Cancer cells have uncontrolled growth which is why they do not know when to stop dividing.

Most of us do not realize that cancer occurs in ourr bodies almost on a daily basis. The reason for this is because the human body has thousands of cellular mutations each day. Multiply the number of mutations by the trillions of cells in the human body and you got yourself a math problem that even supercomputers will have a hard time keeping up with. Fortunately, the human body has a repairing system that operates near quantum speed to fix these problems. This incredible natural healing system works with the immune system to find cancer cells and destroys them before they grow out of control. As we become older, our natural healing systems become weak which increase our chances of getting cancer.

Treating cancer with supplements

Supplements are great for increasing immune functions and cell health. Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equally. For best results, you need to consume the high quality vitamins and minerals. For vitamins, buy the ones that are extracted from natural sources or created with care. For more information about the quality of vitamins please read this article. For minerals, buy the ones that are made with chelated minerals.

One of the best minerals for fighting cancer is selenium. Researchers suggest that if Americans increase our selenium intake to about 200 micrograms (mcg) per day, we would reduce our cancer cases by nearly 50 percent or more. One problem with vitamin supplements is that most of them are dried with high heat before being packaged. This process destroys the heat sensitive vitamins, such as vitamin C. This is why it is important to buy supplements from manufacturers that treat their supplements with care. Herbal supplements are also great for strengthening the natural healing systems of the body. One of the best places to purchase natural and high quality supplements is at this website.

Other nutrients that are popular for treating cancer are iodine, hypochlorous acid, and thyroid hormone (natural complex version). According to Dr. Deagle, atomic iodine is necessary for activating mitochondria to divide and purging toxic halides. For best results, buy the iodine solutions that are in the nascent iodine state. The iodine product I recommend buying is NutrioDine. Hypochlorous acid is very important for immunity. It is naturally made in the body and is one of the chemicals that the body uses to kill cancer cells. A hypochlorous acid supplement worth checking out is MMS2. I do not recommend taking hypochlorous acid supplements for long periods of time. Thyroid hormone is beneficial for treating cancer because it helps reduce inflammation and brings cells back into their normal energy state. For best results, use only the natural complex version.

Treating cancer with raw food

Raw organic plant-based foods, such as organic fruits and vegetables, are the best foods for fighting cancer. For best results, whenever possible do not cook them because it will destroy a good portion of their nutrients. Also, eat the ones that are grown on soil laced with rock dust. Fruits and vegetables that are grown on today’s soil do not contain high levels of essential nutrients because the soil is depleted of essential nutrients due to bad farming practices. Treating cancer with raw organic plant-based foods are effective because the essential nutrients found in them help support the body’s natural healing systems, such as the immune system. Keeping your body’s natural healing system healthy is the best way for preventing cancer.

Cancer and consciousness

One of the most important things you need to know about cancer cells is that their energy frequency is at a lower rate than normal cells. If you somehow raise their frequency back to the normal rate, they would not be cancerous anymore. The study of how energy vibration affects biological and non-biological system has been well studied by Russian scientists. They found out that by putting rodents infected with the virus S.typhimurium inside the huge pyramids that they built, they were able to cure most of them. Below is a quote from

In some day, mice were infected in four 10-multiply increasing doses of S.tiphimurium, starting from 10 up to 104 microbial cells. The control was served with mice from the same crew, which was contaminated with the same doses of culture, but not held in the pyramid. It is authentically established that the survival rate of mice, after their exposure in the pyramid, considerably exceeds those in the control group of animal. At contamination by smaller doses, 60 % of mice held in the pyramid have survived, in control only 7 %. At contamination by large doses accordingly 30 % of mice held in the pyramid have survived and 3 % in control.

Russian scientists were even able to purify water using the power of their pyramids. Even better, they found out that their pyramids can cure cancer by harnessing the energy of consciousness within the Earth. They called this energy of consciousness as torsion fields. For more information about the Russian’s pyramid research, please visit this site. Ancient civilizations also used pyramids to raise their consciousness, increase their energy frequency, and cure diseases.

Cancer and heat

Using heat therapy to target and destroy cancer cells is a great alternative to the harmful effects of chemotherapy. This heat therapy is known as Hyperthermia therapy. Hyperthermia therapy uses heat to kill cancer cells in the main body. For patients with prostate cancer, heat and specific radio waves are used to target and kill cancer cells. Using electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves to kill cancer is a technique that I support. If done correctly, it can kill all known cancers, bacteria, and viruses. For more information about Hyperthermia therapy, please read this article.

Cancer and emotions

Emotions are important for preventing cancer because different emotions affect your body’s energy in positive or negative ways. Positive emotions, such as love and joy, have healing capabilities because they raise your energy frequency. Anger and fear have the opposite effects because they lower your energy frequency. Cancer is a disease of your body that occurs when its energy is imbalanced or vibrating at a low level.

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  1. MaryLou says:

    Hi Pao,
    What do recommend holistically for a bunion or sugar toe?
    I just received a bottle of zheng gu shui in the mail today for topical treatment. I also understand this is spleen related. Are there spleen merdian areas I could also work on? Thank you.

    • PL Chang says:

      Yes, I have heard that sugar toe is a spleen meridian related issue. Massaging the spleen meridian points may help ease the pain. Meridian is not something I’m an expert in but I found a chart that should help you. Below is the link to the chart.

      All health conditions are linked to some kind of energy blockages in the body. There are many energy healing techniques that can unblock these energy blockages. One of them is acupuncture. Finding a certified acupuncturist to stimulate your spleen meridian points would be better than massaging it yourself.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Let us not forget that people that have cancer that “runs” in the family. The DNA. My theory is that this is unresolved emotional issues passed down through the blood line. It can be removed through energy work, such as Reiki for one.

    • PL Chang says:

      Yes, I do agree with you that energy healing can help heal cancer. To truly be healed, we need to fix the distortion in our original energy template upon which the human body is manifested. Some energy healing techniques can help achieve this.

  3. John says:

    New here, wonderful info!
    I recently began large Ascorbic acid (vit C) regime.
    Cured Pyrones in 2 weeks.
    Applied to basal cell skin cancer on my nose, it was cured in similar time frame.
    I also take many supps and herbs daily to maintain health and youth at 70.
    To Health,

    • Alena says:

      Hello, I’m new here. I would like to ask John, what did he put on his nose?
      Please let me know.
      Thank you,

      • John says:

        Hi Alena,
        I buy powder ascorbic acid by the pound from . I have a small glass container to mix a paste with it and a bit of water. I spread the paste on the area and add some moisture thru the day as it dries. Can also cover with a bandaid to keep it wet and active. This has worked on a couple of spots and the cancer cells come out as black residue in a few days. My DR. still won’t believe I have avoided scarring surgery, looks perfectly normal now.. Good luck,,, John