What is Consciousness? How It Relates to Your Well-being

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Planet Consciousness

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What is consciousness? To be honest, this question is one of the most complex questions to answer because of its infinite complexity. To make it easier for you to understand what consciousness is, I will briefly explain the fundamental aspects of consciousness and then go into more details on how it relates to your well-being.

The essence of consciousness

In essence, consciousness is an information field of awareness and feedback that gives you a sense of self. This information field is conscious of itself and is made of subtle energy. It is a field of pure potentiality; thus it has infinite possibility and creativity. Through the power of consciousness vibration and frequency are achieved.

Consciousness uses vibration and frequency to create light which is why light has vibration and frequency. Vibration and frequency give characteristics to what is being expressed through consciousness. Vibration and frequency are very important for your well-being because your body and soul depend on them to function. Two of the most important things to know about consciousness is that it has infinite potential and it is found in everything, even in the four elements (fire, earth, air and water).

The infinite power of consciousness

To have a better understanding of how powerful consciousness is you need to go beyond the atomic level and measure the subtle energy within the vacuum of space. According to physicists, within the vacuum of a single hydrogen atom there is more energy there than the energy emitted from all the stars in the Milky Way galaxy combined. Keep in mind that the Milky Way galaxy contains more than 250 billion stars. This is just a glimpse of how powerful subtle energy is and consciousness is the energy force that keeps it in check.

If consciousness is so powerful, can you use it to cure diseases? The answer is yes! Even better, if you learn how to tap into higher levels of consciousness, you will be able to transcend any limits, no matter how crazy or hard they are.

The healing power of consciousness has been well studied by Russian scientist. One of their experiments that helped them discovered the healing power of consciousness was through experimenting with giant pyramids. Their experiment concluded that by injecting mice with the virus S.typhimurium, they were able to cured most of them by just placing them inside the pyramids. They were even able to purified water using only the healing power of the pyramids.

Russian scientists concluded that pyramids have incredible healing capabilities because they can harness the energy of consciousness which they called torsion fields. No wonder ancient civilizations were so obsessed with pyramids. If interested in this subject, visit this site for more information about the healing power of pyramids.

Harnessing the infinite power of consciousness

Like pyramids, your body also have the ability to harness the power of consciousness. If you can open yourself to higher levels of consciousness, you will be able to heal your body faster and be more immune to diseases. Your emotional, mental and spiritual health will also increase to a level you never knew existed. To open yourself to higher levels of consciousness, you will need to raise your energy frequency and activate your so called “junk DNA,” which is not junk at all. Some of the most effective methods for raising your energy frequency are meditation, and healing the light and physical body using bio-spiritual healing techniques.

Meditation reduces distraction and calms your mind which increases your connection to the Source that focused you into existence. The more you are connected to Source, the more you increase your energy frequency.

Bio-spiritual healing is an advanced energy healing technique that helps harmonize energy at the Kathara Grid. The Kathara Grid is a holographic energy grid that serves as a blueprint upon which the human body is formed. In other words, it is where the matter that makes up the human body manifest into physicality; therefore, all diseases of the body start at this fundamental level. For more information on bio-spiritual healing, visit this site.

The more you increase your energy frequency, the easier it is for you to tap into higher levels of consciousness. For more methods on how to raise your energy frequency, read this article titled How to Raise Your Energy Vibration.

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