Ten Health Tips to Increase Energy

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Remember back in your teenage years when you can play for hours without getting tired? Playing was so much fun back then because you barely had time to worry about your energy level. Now days, running a block without stopping for a drink of water may even be a challenge. What happened to all that energy? Well, all that energy never left. It is just that your body have gone through so much physical, emotional and mental abuse that it can’t perform as well as it used too. If you feel like your energy level has dropped tremendously since your teenage years, don’t feel bad because I have some health tips that should help increase it back to its normal level.

Ten health tips to increase your energy

  1. Reduce stress: Being stressed all the time can tremendously lower your energy. One of the things that makes stress so harmful to your energy is that it can cause hormonal imbalance. This imbalance will disrupt all the systems of your body, such as the metabolism and immune system. For ten easy methods about how to reduce stress, read this article titled Reduce Stress: Ten Stress Relief Tips.
  2. Positive attitude: When you have a positive attitude, your body is less stressed out. Having a positive attitude can cause your body to release certain healing chemicals. These healing chemicals are great for increasing your energy.
  3. Avoid junk food: Eating too much junk food will rob your body of energy because junk food contains toxins and very little nutrients. Most junk food are full of refined sugar (table sugar). Studies have shown that refined sugar is a carcinogen because when consumed it breaks down into toxic metabolite. Toxic metabolite can interfere with cell respiration; therefore, it lowers your energy damages your health.
  4. Consume more organic plant-based food: Unlike junk food, organic plant-based food usually doesn’t contain harmful synthetic chemicals and preservatives. Instead, it is full of essential vitamins and minerals which are needed for metabolism, growth and development. For best results, eat the one that is grown on soil laced with rock dust.
  5. Dietary supplement: Dietary supplement is more important than ever because of the lack of nutrient in today’s food. One of the main reasons why today’s food lacks nutrient is because it is grown on soil that contains little nutrient. The lack of nutrient in soil is mainly because of bad farming practices. This is why it is a good idea to take dietary supplement. Some supplements that are good for increasing energy are: B-vitamin complex, magnesium citrate or taurate, thyroid hormone (natural complex version) and iodine solution that is in the nascent iodine state. Avoid the supplements that are low in quality. For tips on how to buy high quality supplements, visit this page.
  6. Exercise regularly: When you exercise it increases your energy by stimulating all the systems of your body. This keeps them running in high gear and helps your body detox certain toxins. Be careful not to over exercise because it can increase production of cortisol and pro-inflammatory chemicals. These chemicals can harm cells and reduce their function.
  7. Detox your body of toxins: The amount of toxins in the food you eat, water you drink and air you breathe have increased tremendously within the last few decades. Because of this, your body is saturated with toxins. Heavy metal is one of the most common toxins found in your body. To cleanse your body of heavy metals, take oral chelation supplements or check with your doctor to see if you need chelation therapy. To cleanse your body of other toxins go on a detox diet.
  8. Drink filtered fresh water: According to researchers, the human body is made up of about 70 percent water. This makes water the most prominent nutrient in the human body. Water is important for energy, transporting nutrients and normal cell function. Unfortunately, most tap water nowadays is contaminated with chlorine, heavy metals and industrial chemicals. Bottled water is no better either. One of the best way to reduce or filter out these chemicals is to install an advanced home water purification system.
  9. Control negative emotion: Negative emotion may not seem like a big factor when it comes to energy but it does affect your energy more than you may think. Negative emotion causes a lot of stress on the systems of your body by causing chemical imbalance. It also provokes fear which drains the light within you.
  10. Increase the power of your mind: Your mind is one of the most powerful systems in the Universe. It is more powerful than your physical body because it is the system that governs it. If you increase the power of your mind, it will affect the state of your energy by causing it to vibrate at a higher frequency. Meditation is one of the best methods for increasing the power of your mind. If you are interested at learning how to meditate, visit this page.
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