How to Discern Truth from False Information

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The art of discerning information is a technique that is not practiced with great care by most people. This is why most people are easy to control and brainwash by their medias, politicians and religious leaders. If people were able to perfect the art of discerning information, many of the political and religious problems they are facing would not be happening because their leaders would have a very hard time lying to them.

Learning how to discern truth from false information is very important for your well-being because the truth will set you free. Truth is perceived within the understanding of the moment of experience. As people attract new experience and knowledge, their truth will change accordingly to their belief and behavior. In other words, what is true for people today may not be true tomorrow.

An example of how truth can change is the belief that atoms are the smallest particle of matter. At the time of its discovery this belief was true. As new information emerged this belief is no longer true because scientists have found smaller particles beyond atoms. Because truth is constantly changing, it is important to have an open mind so you can let go of old knowledge that is no longer valid.

How to discern truth from false information

  • Learn how to communicate with your intuition because it will not lie to you. Your intuition is the light within you that gives you an awareness that is beyond what words can describe. It is a knowingness that comes without explanation or proof, and takes place at the cellular level and beyond. When it comes to interpreting your intuition, you should be careful because even though your intuition will not lie to you, your interpretation of it may not be right.
  • If information does not resonate with you, make sure you ponder about it and not just accept that all of it is false. Information that does not resonate with you can sometime mean that you are not yet ready for it. You should also ponder about information that does resonate with you. Doing this will help you understand why it does not resonate with you.
  • Learn to communicate with your higher-self. Direct communication with your higher-self is rare because it takes tremendous discipline of the mind and body. Your higher-self will usually communicate with you through symbols to prevent infringing upon your free will. Once you learn how to communicate with your higher-self, finding the path of truth will become easier.
  • When information is true to you, it will sometime cause a tingling or shivering feeling through out your body. Sometime you may feel a strong emotional feeling in your heart. The tingling feeling you experience when you hear something that contains truth is all the cells in your body simultaneously agreeing on a new concept of truth.
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