Strengthen Your Intuition to Heal Emotional Problems

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Your intuition is a part of your higher senses that allows your body to synthesize emotional energy codes in a linear pattern. This allows your conscious mind to process the emotional energy codes, giving you the perception of feelings.

Your intuition is a knowingness that comes without explanation or proof and takes place at the cellular level and beyond. It is the knowing feeling that you sense near the pit of your stomach, but it is not limited to that area. A lot of us like to refer to intuition as the “gut feeling.”

How negative emotions weaken your intuition

One of the ways negative emotions are manifested is through the lack of intuition. When your intuition is weak, your body has a harder time synthesizing the electrical impulses that contain your emotional codes. This causes an overload in your bio-circuity, causing distortions to occur, because your body cannot effectively synthesize the electrical impulses. At this state, exploring your emotions can be difficult, confusing and illogical.

Having a weak intuition makes you more vulnerable to negative emotions, causing you to have self-destructive behaviors. If you do not get yourself out of this state, your life can feel very chaotic.

Techniques to heal your negative emotions and strengthen your intuition

In order for you to heal your negative emotions, you will need to increase the strength of your intuition and teach your mind to direct emotional energies. Repressing your emotions or using drugs to treat them is not going to solve the problem. In fact, it will make it worse.

There are many techniques you can do to help strengthen your emotions and train your mind to direct emotional energies. However, the most effective ways is to use an energy healing technique that can stimulate the energy codes of your body and cells back into balance.

Another effective way is to allow the negative emotions to flow through you while at the same time observing their effects on your body, so that you can comprehend why you are experiencing these negative emotions. After that release your negative emotions through the top of your head.

Learning how to stimulate your energy codes to fix the energy distortions in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body is one of the most effective ways to heal your emotional problems, because it heals them at their very core. Balancing your energy is also important for healing your emotional issues. For more information on this, read this empowering article titled Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy.

Meditation and emotional problems

Meditation can also help you deal with emotional problems, because it helps clear your mind and strengthens the connection to your soul. The problem with meditation is that it is not effective for fixing the distortions in your energy codes. However, if meditation is used along with an energy healing technique that can heal the distortions in your energy codes, healing at this level can occur.

Using energy healing techniques to heal your body may sound strange to you, but when you understand the science behind matter, it makes perfect sense. Matter is nothing more than a byproduct of energy. In essence, nothing is truly solid because it is made of only energy. The reason why you see matter as solid instead of energy is because your consciousness processes the energy codes that represent matter as solid. It is at this point that you are tricked into believing that matter is solid.

Why you should strengthen your intuition

Strengthening your intuition is very critical today because of the mass media. Information are exchanged so rapidly and in such high volumes that it is hard to tell which information is true or not. When your intuition is strong, you are able to discern information better. This can protect you from being manipulated by your authorities.

The more you strengthen your intuition, the more you will also expand your awareness. This will allow you to become aware of certain events that are unfolding during this time of rapid change. As a result, you will feel less lost and confuse about why the world is changing so rapidly. For a simple technique to strengthen your intuition, read this enlightening article titled Intuition Definition and a Simple Technique to Sense Your Intuition.

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  1. Paul Sanyasi says:

    Interesting article on intuition. The last sentence of this post would read better with the word ‘much’ destruction instead of the word ‘many’. Otherwise, well written and clear except for some unfamiliar healing approaches such as ‘Keylonta codes’.
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  2. Julie says:


    The link to the site ) about Keylonta is not working/available, could you fix it? Would like to learn more about it.

    Thanks for all your enlightening articles!