Why Understanding Energy is Essential for Your Well-Being

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Energy is something that we see and feel everyday, but yet most of us still have little clue as to what it truly is. In school we were taught that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed into one form or another. We were also told that there are many types of energy and that we need it to do work. These definitions of energy are quite accurate, but they do not tell us the true nature of energy. In order to understand energy’s true nature and how it is essential for our well-being, we must see energy as a living and intelligent being.

Energy is the Divine

Energy is the divine substance that exists in all things, even in the vacuum of space. Energy is conscious of its existence, which is why it can project itself into all forms. This is what most mainstream scientists fail to understand. However, quantum physicists are on the right track when it comes to defining energy and matter. All things in the Universe are nothing but holographic projections of energy, even atoms. This means that matter is also a projection of energy; therefore, its true form is not solid.

Your mind and body are made of units of energy that are intelligently structuralized in a way that allows consciousness to express itself. The human body is also nothing more than a holographic projection of energy. It is not truly made of matter, because matter is made of atoms, which are mostly empty space. Your soul, the beingness within you, is also a holographic projection of energy, but it is closer to the pure form of energy. Because the core structure of your body, mind and soul are made of energy, when your energy is imbalanced or when you surround yourself with negative energy, you are destabilizing the energy structure that makes up who you are.

Balance is the key to optimal health

Keeping your energy in balance is the key to living a healthy life. In order to keep your energy balanced, you will need to learn how to reduce distractions and negative thoughts. You can reduce them by becoming aware of them and then focusing your thoughts on positive things. Eating healthy is also important for keeping your energy in balance. When you eat unhealthy foods, they affect the natural chemicals in your body in a negative way. This can cause energy blockages, leading to health problems.

Another great method to use for bringing your energy back into balance is meditation. When you meditate, it calms your mind and body. If done correctly, you can bring your state of mind to the still point. This still point is where balance takes place. It is the same point where your mind goes to when you are asleep. This is why sleeping is important for bringing your energy back into balance, causing your body to rejuvenate itself.

The best way to bring your energy back into balance is to heal the energy distortions in your original energy template. One of the best ways to do this is to use advanced bio-spiritual energy healing techniques.

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  1. mil says:

    Why if someone die in a dream he can come back in the ” reality” just waking up but if he die in the réal life he wont wake up?