Staradigm: A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being

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Staradigm Book CoverDo you feel there is more to life than what you are being told? Do you sense you are here for a higher purpose? Do you feel there is something wrong with the world but have a hard time finding the answers? Do you want to know some of the answers to world peace, life, happiness and freedom? Do you ask yourself these questions? Who am I? Why am I here? What is true love? Is there a prime creator?

Those questions are some of the most common questions that we think about as we get older. Unfortunately, many of us will fail to find the answers to those questions, because our current society has conditioned us to think within the matrix of conventional thinking. As a result, we tend to have a hard time finding the answers to our life’s questions, which in turn causes us to become lost, confused and depressed.

In Staradigm: A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being, the author explains in great detail on how to find certain answers to life’s most common and fundamental questions. The material in Staradigm is not your average material, because it contains essential information that will cause a paradigm shift in how you view the reality you live in.

Many of the material in this book is considered sacred knowledge, because it will awaken the spiritual power within you. This sacred knowledge is the kind of knowledge that the Controllers of this world do not want you to know. If you know this sacred knowledge, you will become empowered and know how to free your mind and manifest your desires. As a result, they will not be able to manipulate or control you anymore.

The material in this book will teach you how to:

  • Attract happiness, success and wealth
  • Use the Laws of Nature to achieve spiritual freedom
  • Find inner peace, true love and spiritual enlightenment
  • Manifest your desires using the fundamental Laws of the Universe
  • Save your assets during times of economic hardship
  • Be awake and aware so you can protect yourself from the Controllers
  • Find spiritual truth to help you evolve and understand Creation
  • Overcome victim consciousness and free your mind from nature’s art of illusion
  • Use your intuition to discern information and help you find your path in life
  • Prepare for Earth changes and financial problems
  • Discipline your mind and expand your awareness
  • Forgive others and free yourself from stress
  • Tap into your consciousness to increase self-empowerment
  • Raise your energy frequency and prepare your body for changes
  • Increase your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health

Where to purchase Staradigm

Second edition: The second edition of Staradigm is now available, but it is only available through this website. This edition has a very empowering new chapter 8 titled The Spiritual Powers of Natural Law and the Secrets of the Legal System. This chapter is very important for achieving spiritual freedom, because it teaches you how to use the Laws of Nature to strengthen your spiritual powers. To purchase the second edition of Staradigm, visit this page.

Paperback version (first edition):

Ebook version (first edition):

For other Amazon sites, visit this page.

The paragraphs in block quotation below are excerpts from Staradigm (first edition)

Below are some questions that can be answered using the information in Staradigm. Please keep in mind that some of the answers are more like blueprints; therefore, they cannot show you exactly what to do or what your path in life is. Finding your true path in life is similar to falling in love. No one can force you to fall in love. When someone forces you to fall in love, it is not really love anymore. Like falling in love, no one can tell you exactly where to look to find your true path in life.

What is life? (Pg. 3 of Staradigm)

Most of us have been conditioned to judge life as something that breathes, eats, excretes, bleeds, grows, moves and reproduces. As a result, the thought of planets, galaxies or the Universe being intelligent life forms is unimaginable and sounds crazy to us. This kind of judgment makes it really hard for us to understand what life is. Something that is alive does not necessarily need to be able to breathe, grow, reproduce, and have a body made of flesh and blood. Physicality is nothing more than a byproduct of energy. Nothing is truly solid, because when we break matter down to its fundamentals, it is made of only energy. This energy is consciousness and consciousness is energy; therefore, energy is conscious of itself.

When we break life down to the basics, life is about having consciousness and being conscious of our own existence. If we did not have consciousness, we would not be alive because we would not be conscious beings. The essence of who we are is our souls, which are made of intelligent energy that thinks; therefore, our souls are conscious and self-aware. Consciousness is an intelligent energy field that governs everything in the Universe and exists everywhere. Because of this, everything in the Universe is alive but in different levels of liveness.

What is true love? (Pg. 67 of Staradigm)

Many of us define love as a strong emotion related to friendships, relationships and sexual desires. This definition of love only defines the surface of love. At the deeper levels, love is a harmonic conscious energy that attracts everything into oneness. It is a form of energy that is always vibrating toward balance and harmony. In essence, “true love” is nothing more than a state of perfect vibrational harmonization. Experiencing this perfect state of true love is infinitely more joyful than the love that we experience in our current state of being.

When you experience love at this level, it is like being in a blissful state of total awareness and infinite joy with all things. Some of us refer to this state as being one with Creation. At our current level of evolution, we human beings are not able to embodied the full frequency of this infinite love of Creation. If somehow we were able to do so, our physical bodies would explode because the joy of this love would be too overwhelming for us to handle. However, we can gradually tap into this love by learning how to activate our junk DNA and expand our consciousness. The more we expand our consciousness, the more our bodies will be able to handle more of the frequency associated with the infinite love of Creation. This infinite love of Creation is what we all seek for our whole lives. Unfortunately, most of us will fail to find it because we are searching for it in the wrong places. To find this kind of love, we need to search within us.

What is the human race? (Pg. 11 of Staradigm)

We human beings are an incredible race with amazing potential. Our potential is so astonishing that if we learn how to use it wisely, we can achieve anything and transcend any limits. Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten who we truly are; therefore, we have lost the knowledge of how to use this potential. There are certain rich and influential people in the world who know about our potential, but they do not want us to know the truth. To allow us to know about our true potential would mean that these greedy people would have to give up their controlling empire and set us free.

One of the finest examples of our potentiality is the power of our consciousness. What is consciousness? In simple terms, consciousness is a subtle energy life force field of pure potentiality; thus, this energy field has infinite possibility and creativity. Within consciousness lies an informational field of feedback and awareness that gives us a sense of self. In other words, consciousness gives us the ability to think, observe, create, experience and be aware of our existence.

Why is there so much destruction in the world? (Pg. 9-10 of Staradigm)

The laws of the Universe utilize our thoughts and actions to create our reality. Because of this, most of the negative events that are occurring in our society today are a manifestation of our thoughts and actions. Our society has been conditioned to live in a state of fear; therefore, we have attracted a lot of negative energies, creating a society that is destructive in nature. Once enough of us realize that we have the power of Creation within us, we can change our thought patterns and take actions to create positive changes. This will cause a shift in humanity’s collective consciousness and result in worldwide social structure changes. This shift in consciousness is already happening. Most of us are not aware of it, because we do not know how to look for the signs. In addition, most of us have too many distractions in our lives.

The paradigm shift that is occurring involves a lot of negative events, because our collective consciousness is trying to expel all the irrelevant systems so that new systems can emerge. Our current monetary system, which is a monetary system backed with little value or backed with illegal value (also known as the fractional reserve monetary system), is one of the systems that will collapse. This collapse is already happening worldwide.

What is reality? (Pg. 21 of Staradigm)

The physical reality that we live in is like an illusion. To be more accurate, it works similar to virtual reality. This is why physicists can describe what reality is by using only mathematical formulas. These mathematical formulas are like the digital codes behind a virtual reality. In our physical reality, the digital codes or mathematical formulas are embedded inside the “substance” of energy which is the core structure of matter. If this were not true, a central processing unit (CPU) would not be able to process electrical energy into usable data. This “illusion” can also be more understood when we study the deeper levels of atoms.

Scientists used to think that atoms were made of solid matter. This idea has been proven wrong by quantum physicists. Atoms may seem solid at first, but as we dig deeper into them, they become mostly empty space. When we dig even deeper, their structures start to look and behave like energy. To be more accurate, atoms are about 99.99999 percent empty space and are made of nothing but energy.5 When we see a solid object, it is nothing more than a trick of light. This nature’s art of illusion will be explained in more detail in Chapter 4. Until then, seriously think about what you have just read, because it may help you understand how reality works when you read Chapter 4.

Quantum physicists have also found that a healthy human brain can process more than 400 billion bits of information per second, and out of these 400 billion bits of information, we are only aware of about 2,000 of them. This means that most of the information about our reality is processed at the subconscious level. To put this concept in mathematical terms, our conscious awareness of our total reality is less than one percent. If we rely on only our five senses to understand reality, we will never understand it because most of it is happening beyond what we can perceive using our five senses.

How do I find happiness and success? (Pg. 51 of Staradigm)

The path to finding happiness and success is different for everyone because each person is unique in his or her own way. Because of this, each of us must find our own path or we will have a hard time succeeding. Unfortunately, our society does a poor job teaching us how to find this path. As a result, many of us will search our whole lives for it and not find it. Even if we do find our path, we will usually find only portions of it. If only we knew about one of the most influential laws in the Universe, our success rate would be much higher. This law is known as the Law of Attraction.

Before the invention of mass media, mostly the super rich and great spiritual teachers knew about this law. The Law of Attraction is a universal law based on the power of our thoughts and intentions and how they attract positive or negative experiences into our lives. Our emotions can magnify those thoughts, speeding up the process in which nature manifests energy into matter. The idea that thoughts can manifest desires into reality may sound strange to you, but if you understand the science behind matter, it makes perfect sense.

How do I overcome victim consciousness? (Pg. 137 of Staradigm)

For eons, we human beings have been searching for a way to lift ourselves from victimhood so we can experience true freedom. After thousands of years of suffering, we still have not found a good solution. One of the major reasons why we have not found a good solution is because we have not freed ourselves from being victims. Through the power of the Law of Attraction, victim consciousness draws in negative experiences that exploit the victims’ consciousness until they learn their lessons. This means that as long as we are stuck in a state of victim consciousness, we will keep on attracting situations that promote victimhood.

Victim consciousness draws in not only negative experiences but also the right people to help support these negative experiences. For example, people who have victim attitudes will draw fellow victims as well as abusers to exploit their consciousness. They will often wonder why they keep attracting abusive partners or friends. They do not realize that they attract abusive partners or friends because of the way they think and act. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that utilizes thoughts to attract similar people who want similar experiences. In other words, if we keep thinking that we are victims, the Law of Attraction will keep bringing abusive people or situations into our lives to provide more victim experiences until we learn our lessons or change our thought patterns. Abusers cannot play their roles without the participation of victims unless they force victims to participate. Once victims understand this, they can remove themselves from the situation by changing their attitudes and actions.

Who are the Controllers? (Pg. 85 of Staradigm)

The rulers of the world are known by many names. A lot of conspiracy truth seekers like to call them the Elites, the Globalists or the Occult. I like to refer to them as the Controllers or the Dark Magicians. Many people who are part of the Controllers are involved in secret societies (e.g., the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Zionists). Together, these secret societies are known as the New World Order (NWO). The NWO is not entirely comprised of wealthy people who have dark agendas. There are some good people in this group who are afraid to step forward for of being killed. Many of these good people got involved through manipulation or by force. For example, people who were born into a family that is a part of the Controllers do not really have a choice but to become one of them. Since the day they were born, they have been brainwashed into thinking like the Controllers. This is how the Controllers are able to keep their ideology alive for millennia. Fortunately, their brainwashing techniques are not 100 percent effective; therefore, some of their children and apprentices are able to break free as they get older.

The Controllers have managed to control most of the world, but they have not reached their main goal, which is total control of all countries. They have not yet succeeded because there is a small group of very wealthy people who are working behind the scenes to free humanity. I like to refer to these people as the Resistance. The Controllers and the Resistance have been fighting behind the scenes for eons. One group wants to control humanity and the other group wants to free humanity. If you are reading this book and it resonates well with you, you are probably on the side of the Resistance. Will you wake up in time to remember your duty to help free humanity? Or will you keep on sleeping and allow the Controllers to enslave humanity? The choice is yours and only yours to make. Please choose wisely.

The excerpts above are just a few examples of the sacred and very hard to find knowledge that are in Staradigm. Purchase this book now and learn about your true potential and history, and how to free your mind so you can achieve success, enlightenment and freedom.

Customer Reviews

Here is a screenshot of the first 10 reviews of Staradigm (first edition). If you are having trouble viewing the 10 reviews, click here to view them.

Where to purchase Staradigm

Second edition: The second edition of Staradigm is now available, but it is only available through this website. This edition has a very empowering new chapter 8 titled The Spiritual Powers of Natural Law and the Secrets of the Legal System. This chapter is very important for achieving spiritual freedom, because it teaches you how to use the Laws of Nature to strengthen your spiritual powers. To purchase the second edition of Staradigm, visit this page.

Paperback version (first edition):

Ebook version (first edition):

For other Amazon sites, visit this page. You can also check your local bookstores to see if it is available.

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  1. Nora R says:

    Can’t wait! Been waiting for your book for months.

  2. cora himungala says:

    Thank you Mr. Chang, this is an awesome idea!

  3. Paul Kemp says:

    Staradigm is truly an important book for those seeking to understand the changes our world is going through. There is so much practical information on a wide variety of subjects: maintaining and improving health, raising our consciousness, avoiding controlling influences that try to keep us unaware.

    I reviewed this book in more depth on, for those who are still deciding whether to buy it.

    My advice? Buy it and keep it for reference as the future unfolds!

  4. Fernando says:


    Me parece muy interesante este libro, tengo mucho deseo de comprarlo, mi consulta es……¿hay alguna edición en español?

    Muchas gracias

  5. elena nolan says:

    I can translate this book for your Mr. Chang.

  6. Hernando says:

    Me interesa el libro es posible conseguirlo es el idioma español

  7. Peter says:


    I’m sorry, but the first thing that took my interest away was the first so-called teachings.
    Attract happiness, success and wealth. I am well conversed with spiritual side, what really raises my blood is when people mention wealth/finances or its your right.
    I agree the vast majority of people need to be awaken spiritually, leaving the religious teaching behind.
    We have the law of Karma, we are have many lives, but each life has lessons we have to learn for our spiritual growth. Nobody can change that, why we asked for this life the lesson we have to understand and learn for us to move on, next live circumstances will be different, we all have to go through every stage of life. from Plants to animals to humans.
    Yes, we are in a controllers materialistic world, our spirituality has long since gone.
    Peace Love Tranquillity

  8. Paul says:


    I was looking forward to reading Staradigm however was disappointed on reading the book. It covers much information already well covered in other books, sites and articles on the subject.
    Staradigm stresses the importance of the 15 chakras and having them all working correctly. No tools given to cover this statement.
    Staradigm also mentions the importance of Healing the Light body and activating ones DNA. Again no information or tools given in the book.

    I can only presume the author does not know.

    Would I buy another book from this Author. Not likely.

    I believe we all have within us the nature of the Divine. In living and expressing this nature we can all live in the way that works and supports us in keeping with the Laws of creation.

    Love, Kindness and Peace to all.



    • PL Chang says:

      Staradigm does not go into details about energy healing because it is not a book about energy healing. This book goes into details about certain problems of humanity and how we can achieve spiritual freedom. It is a “blueprint”, not a step by step instruction book. Hence, the title “A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being”.

      This is why in the introduction it says:

      The information in this book is not meant to tell you how to live your life; rather, it is meant to give you knowledge of empowerment so you can explore different ideas that can change your life for the better.

      … Consider this book as a blueprint to help point you towards the right path, so you can find the answers to certain questions that you have been searching for your whole life.

      • Paul says:


        As you rightfully say Staradigm is a blueprint. It indicates and stresses the importance of your beliefs of the importance activating ones DNA etc yet not why you believe these are important.
        A good blueprint not only covers a plan, but within the plan can be seen the application (the how to’s) that will or will not make it successful.
        In order to understand Staradigm as a blueprint the reader should also see and understand the wisdom of the plan.
        These missing tools would come under your statement as ways for Humanity to achieve spiritual freedom.

        I am like many readers and yourself who contemplate knowledge received with discernment. If a person gives forth to others a belief without knowledge it becomes to the receiver an empty belief with no foundation.

        I am inspired to find the knowledge that inspires your beliefs stated in Staradigm and acknowledge I will have to search for this elsewhere.

        Wishing you a great day



        • PL Chang says:

          In the book, I explained many times why healing your DNA is important for achieving spiritual freedom. I did not recommend any DNA healing techniques, because I have not found one that resonates well with me. I have studied a few energy healing techniques and even got certified for Reiki from a Reiki master. So far none of these energy healing techniques resonate well with me.

          As for spiritual freedom, in my opinion based on what I have learned from many different subjects, studying natural law, knowing your natural rights and how to defend them, and comprehending how the legal system works are the most important things. I do not know if you read the first or second edition of Staradigm, but the first edition lacks information about the legal system and natural law. The second edition was created to teach readers about natural law, natural rights, and the legal system. Furthermore, all the chapters were added with additional information.

          In order to free yourself from the matrix of the Dark Forces, you need to know how the legal system enslaves you on the day you were born. In the physical world, it starts with your birth certificate, which is a bond and contract created with sigils to seal your body and soul and turn you into a “product” of the state. The second edition of Staradigm explains how they did this. To achieve spiritual freedom requires responsibility and it starts with knowing who you truly are and learning how to defend your natural rights.

          The right knowledge is one of the keys to spiritual freedom. The human body is a biological quantum computer and knowledge is the “software”. As you acquire knowledge of empowerment, it upgrades your software, allowing you to access higher levels of consciousness. However, there is a limit to how far you can go due to the current state of the human body. The right knowledge also helps you to find ways to achieve your goals.

          Thanks for your critique. It helps me see what I can do to improve my book.