How to Get Over Emotional Pain

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Having a wide range of emotions is a blessing, but it can also be a burden. This burden usually occurs when we experience painful emotions that are hard to get over. These types of negative emotional pain are common when we experience the loss of a loved one or a break up of a long-term relationship.

There are many ways to get over emotional pains. A great way is to observe our emotional pains and allow them to flow through us without letting them consume us. By doing this, it can help us understand why we are experiencing these negative emotions in the first place. The more we understand our negative emotions, the easier it is for us to release them. By releasing our negative emotions, we can free ourselves from pain and suffering.

What are emotions?

Emotions are expressions of energy that are encoded into emotional energy codes. These energy codes are synthesized by our intuitions, allowing our bodies to understand them in a linear fashion. This process of synthesizing emotional energy codes in a linear fashion is what gives us the perception of feeling.

Knowing how our feelings are generated is important for getting over painful emotions, because when we know the root causes of our painful emotions, we can find a cure for them. Negative emotions can disrupt or block the flow of energy that expresses our emotions. Because of this, when we have too many negative emotions, we tend to suppress them, which can lead to depression. To reduce the negative effects of painful emotions, we need to discipline our minds, strengthen our intuitions, and face our fears.

Learning how to face our fears is essential for overcoming our emotional pains, because our fears are the main sources of our emotional problems. For an empowering article to help you face your fears and overcome them, read this article titled Five Ways to Overcome the Energy of Fear.

The causes of negative emotions and how to clear them

Many of us tend to think that the main cause of our negative emotions is external; therefore, we end up blaming someone or something for causing us pain. Blaming others for causing us pain is not going to free us from painful emotions; rather, it only generates more painful emotions. What we need to do is to search within ourselves to find what is causing us to feel that way towards that person or thing. Once we find the internal cause of our emotional pains, the next time we experience these emotions again, we will not feel hurt as much. Overcoming the underlying causes of our emotional pains is important for freeing us from negative emotions.

To effectively clear our bodies of emotional pains, we need to learn how to direct our emotional energies. This can help us understand our emotions, making it easier for us to clear painful feelings. This can be done by strengthening our intuitions and increasing the connection to our souls. Another effective way is to allow the emotional pains to flow through our bodies instead of suppressing them, so that we can observe and feel how they are affecting us. This will help us to comprehend our negative emotions, allowing us to release them more effectively.

If we do not learn how to direct our emotional energies, our bodies will have a harder time synthesizing the electrical impulses that contain our emotional energy codes. This will usually cause an overload in our bio-circuitry, causing distortions to occur when our bodies try to synthesize the electrical impulses.

Clearing our bodies of negative emotions is not an easy process, because most of us do not understand the science of energy mechanics. Plus, our intuitions are not developed to the point where they can effectively direct emotional energies. Because of these things, when we explore our emotions, they often feel chaotic or do not make sense. As a result, we tend to repress or fear our emotions. By doing this, we only accumulate more emotional pains.

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