How to Become Wealthy During an Economic Crisis

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This article contains information that can be shocking for readers who are not awake and aware. Please read with an open mind and take it seriously because it may save your financial life. This article is not meant to spread fear; rather, it is meant to help you become aware of what is truly happening to the economy so you will know how to save your assets and become wealthy like the rich.

The economic crisis that is occurring throughout the world did not come as a surprise to me, because I have been tracking it for more than five years. Also, I know how the world financial system works behind the scene. I can assure you that the world financial system does not work the way most of us think it does. One main reason why we do not understand how the economy truly works is because our education system does a poor job of teaching us about it.

Unlike our education system, this article is written for the purpose of teaching you secret information about the economy to help you prepare for economic disasters. It will also teach you simple ways to save your assets.

The true state of the world economy

The 2008 economic collapse was one of the worst economic disasters in the US since the Great Depression. It caused the Lehman Brothers to file for bankruptcy and brought Bank of America and other “too big to fail” banks to the brink of collapsing. These banks were only temporary saved, because they were bailed out by taxpayers’ money. This bailout did not solve the problem but only compounded it. What most financial experts do not realize is that these “too big to fail” banks are “too big to bailout,” because they have accumulated so much toxic investments that it would take centuries to pay them off.

The European nations and many countries outside of the US are experiencing a lot of economic problems because the dollar is losing its value, causing uncontrolled inflation throughout the world. This is causing the European nations and many other nations of the world to wake up to the corruption in their government. They are starting to wake up faster than Americans. As Americans, we think we are invincible and that the laws of economics do not affect us. As a result, we do not think that our economy could collapse. To think like this is pure ignorance. Because we think that we are immune to the laws of economics, we believe the collapse of our economy can never happen. Hence, we are totally unprepared for what is coming.

Below is an excerpt from my ebook Money Does Grow On Trees about the state of the economy.

The USA’s economy is actually far worse than Greece. It is actually in worse shape than any other country. Mainstream media tells us that our national debt is a little more than $14 trillion. This number is not accurate because it does not include unfunded liabilities and certain state, municipal, corporate and private debts. Add these debts to our national debt and it would be more than $60 trillion (about 400% of GDP). Our national debt is as much as the world’s GDP! Is that crazy or what?

Now, this is not even the worst part. When we add the toxic derivatives to the $60 trillion of debt, our debt becomes almost unimaginable, more than $100 trillion. Now, it does not end there either. Combine it with other countries’ toxic investments and debts, and we, the human race, have more than 1.5 quadrillion of debt worldwide (source: Keep in mind that one quadrillion is 1,000 times a trillion. Do you understand now why the collapse of the world’s economy is imminent unless these toxic debts are forgiven? If you are an investor who has invested real money into these toxic investments, would you be willing to give it up so that these debts could be forgiven?

All these bad debts started to really pile up when our government decided to transfer all of Wall Street’s debt into the USA’s treasury during the 2008 economic collapse. This did not solve our debt problem but only compound it by creating another debt bubble in the treasury sector. To cover the enormous debt, the Federal Reserve (Fed) decided to print more money. When printing more money started to fail, the Fed decided to go with quantitative easing (QE) (quantitative easing is the Fed’s hidden term for printing more money). This was another big mistake because it only created more debt. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that creating more debt to finance the old debt will destroy the economy. Even a fifth grader can figure this out.

Printing more money does not truly strengthen the economy. Instead, it devalues its currency, which can lead to hyperinflation. However, it does give the illusion that the economy is recovering, but this illusion will become worse each time the printing press is turned on. If printing more money was the answer to our economic problems, we would not be facing this economic crisis because we could just print more money to cover all of our debts. The value of a country’s currency depends heavily on its goods and services, not by the amount of money in circulation. Paper money by itself actually has very little value.

The action of the Fed printing more money backed by unrealistic things and the action of our government transferring trillions of bad debt into US treasury are causing the prices of food and commodities to dramatically increase throughout the world. Even though food and commodities are becoming more expensive, the Fed still does not want to admit that we have an inflation problem. This inflation is going to get a lot worse in the US and other Western countries when the dollar loses its status as the world’s reserve currency. If this were to happen, gas prices in the US could reach $10 per gallon and a loaf of bread could cost just as much. Inflation is already a major problem throughout the world. Since 2010, the prices of wheat, oats, cotton, and coffee have increased more than 70 percent and they are going to get a lot worse.

How to protect your assets like the rich and become wealthier during an economic crisis

One of the first things you need to do to protect yourself from the collapse of the dollar is to get some of your money and savings out of the dollar. One of the ways to do this is to purchase gold and silver. A website I recommend for purchasing precious metals is I have purchased silver coins from this company and usually receive the physical silver coins in about four to five weeks. An even better way to purchase precious metals is from a local coin shop.

As paper currencies start to devalue, gold and silver prices will increase. Since 2000, silver prices are up more than 800 percent and gold prices are up more than 400 percent. If you invest in precious metals early, it will help protect your assets and may even make you wealthier. When the economy starts to stabilize, you can sell your precious metals and make some profits. If you do not take actions to save your assets, a great portion of them will lose a lot of their value after the collapse of the dollar.

Spread the word to increase awareness

If you are worried about the future of your friends and family members, use the “share/save” button below and send this article to everyone you know. By spreading the word and educating others about what is happening behind the scenes of our economy, we can cause an awakening that will act as a catalyst to promote action stopping these criminal banksters from destroying our planet Earth and her inhabitants.

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  1. Mil says:

    I’d like to invest in the stock market but I don’t have any idea how to start, is there any place to learn, I know that it’s difficult.

    • PL Chang says:

      A good place to learn how to invest is I do not agree with everything they teach, but they do a good job teaching investors about the certain secrets of wall street.

      Unless you have strong insider connections in the stock market, it would be wise to be very cautious of the stock market. The stock market is very unstable right now and they (high level bankers) are heavily manipulating it. I believe they are planning to crash it in the near future. Whether they will succeed or not is up to our thoughts and actions.

  2. Great article! Maybe you like the info on mmy blog too? You can read it here:

  3. Sören says:

    Is there anything else, other than gold and silver that i could invest my money in before the economic collapse? Any specific currencies, businesses, services, companies, specific stocks?