Smart Meter Radiation Hazard: 100 Times Worse Than Cell Phone Radiation

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Smart Meters

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Smart meters are being used to replace the old analog meter because manufacturers claim they are more efficient and provide nearly real-time data. However, they are not being totally honest about the radiation emitted from smart meters. Throughout the U.S. these more high-tech meters are being installed on water, gas and electrical devices in homes without the consent of the homeowner.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the radiation emitted from smart meters is a class 2B carcinogen. This means that the radiation emitted from smart meter can cause cancer.

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Thousands of people have submitted written health complaints to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), and in May the World Health Organization made an earth shattering declaration that non-ionizing radiation from cell phones, cell towers, wifi, and “smart” meters, has been linked with a number of cancers. “Smart” meter radiation is now categorized as a class 2b carcinogen in the same cancer causing category as lead, DDT, and engine exhaust.

Below is a video of Daniel Hirsch, an expert in nuclear policy at UCSC, talking about the radiation hazard of smart meters and how it may be 100 times higher than cell phone radiation. To learn more about his studies, please visit this page.

Daniel Hirsch Smart Meters

Below is a video that discusses how smart meters can record personal information about you.

Smart Meters

If you do not know how to tell the difference between a smart meter and an analog meter, has a picture that shows how they are different.

Electromagnetic pollution has become a huge health hazard because of the invention of computers, TVs, cell phone and now smart meters. These devices can be created to emit less harmful radiation but most manufacturers of these devices are not interested in our health. They are more interested in making profits; therefore, they will usually use the cheapest material to build their devices, even if the material is a health hazard.

What should you do to protect your family from smart meters

  • Call or write to the managers of your utility company and tell them that you do not support smart meters.
  • Organize a community in your area and teach your neighbors about the health hazards of smart meters.
  • If your utility company wants to replace your analog meters with smart meters, just say no. There is no law stating that it is mandatory to have smart meters install in your home.
  • If you already have a smart meter installed in your home, hire an electrician to replace it with an analog meter and then find a way to lock the meter so that it cannot be easily replaced.
  • For more ways to protect your family from smart meters, please visit this site.
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  1. Inside9 says:

    What you have written here is extremely important. There are people who are suffer immediate intolerable symptoms daily in response to these meters. Thanks for your concern.

    • PL Chang says:

      You are welcome. Thank you for reading.

      • JC says:

        Umm, did you forget to mention that a class 2b carcinogen is one that *might* cause cancer in humans, but that there is little to no proof of this?

        This is the same damn myth that popped up when cell phone first came out. The truth is we are all exposed to tons of radio waves every day and this simply does not increase your chance to get cancer. Hell even if there were no man made sources there are enough natural sources all around coming from the planet and from space.

  2. Nerdsamwich says:

    Who paid you to stir up fear against distributed renewable power? The smart meter is necessary if you want to go green and sell clean power back to the electric company. Big Electric shills!