What is True Love?

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What is true love? True love is a state of joy and bliss that most of us passionately seek for. Unfortunately, most of us often fail to find it because we do not understand what love truly is. Our modern society has conditioned us to look outside of ourselves for love. As a result, we believe that we can only find love in others or in external things. Rarely do we focus our attention to what lies dormant within us.

True love is the Love of Creation

True love must come from within and can only be gained through genuine spiritual connection to Creation (God) and Its inherent connection to all things. In other words, true love can only be achieved when we understand that we are an embodiment of this Infinite Love of Creation.

The Love of Creation is beyond what we can comprehend in our current level of evolution. It is a state of joy and bliss that is beyond what words can describe. This Love of Creation is responsible for the creation of our Universe. Without this Infinite Love (God Love), our Universe could not exist because it would lack the energy needed to keep it in balance. In essence, true love is nothing more than an energetic state of perfect vibrational harmonization. As a result, words cannot describe what this Love of Creation truly is; therefore, if you want to understand it, you will need to experience it. It is only through direct experience that you can understand what this love truly is.

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The difference between love and need

When you seek love in others or external things, you are not really seeking love; instead, you are seeking need. When you seek love in others or external things to fulfill a personal loneliness within, you enter relationships as a person who preys on others to fulfill what you lack within. This implies that you are seeking a substitute to replace the Infinite Love of Creation because you lack this connection to Its infinite love. This version of love is not really love; it is need. Such lack cannot be fulfilled by external love. This is why we have such a hard time finding true love.

The lack of love within you can only be fulfilled by recognizing that you are a living embodiment of this Infinite Love because you have a spark of Creation inside you. Once this is recognized and accepted, you will have the greatest love of all, the Love of Creation. In this state of being, you can go beyond your home giving this Love of Creation rather than seeking those who you can get this Love of Creation. There is a significant difference between giving love and getting love. This Infinite Love within you is known as self-love. To achieve self-love is a sign of spiritual maturity. Most of us will live our whole lives and not find true love because we do not understand this concept.

Below is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about what true love is:

Many of us define love as a strong emotion related to friendships, relationships and sexual desires. This definition of love only defines the surface of love. At the deeper levels, love is a harmonic conscious energy that attracts everything into oneness. It is a form of energy that is always vibrating toward balance and harmony. In essence, “true love” is nothing more than a state of perfect vibrational harmonization. Experiencing this perfect state of true love is infinitely more joyful than the love that we experience in our current state of being. When you experience love at this level, it is like being in an ecstasy state of total awareness and infinite joy with all things. Some of us refer to this state as being one with Creation. In our current level of evolution, we human beings are not able to embody the full frequency of this Infinite Love of Creation. If somehow we were able to do so, our physical bodies would explode because the joy of this love would be too overwhelming for us to handle. However, we can gradually tap into this love by learning how to activate our junk DNA and expand our consciousness.

Below is another excerpt from my book Staradigm about the Love of Creation.

The love of Creation is beyond what you can comprehend in your current state of evolution. It is a state of balance, harmony, joy and ecstasy that no words can describe. People who have gone through a near death experience may have experience this love of infinite joy with all things. When you experience this love, it is very hard to come back to Earth’s reality fields. You can have all the money and high-tech gadgets in the world, be married to the love of your life, live in a multimillion dollar house, and work at the job of your dreams, and yet all of them combined will not compare to the joy that you feel when you strengthen the love between you and Creation. When you lack this connection to Creation, you feel like there is a void (emptiness) in your heart. This is the void that yearns for Creation’s love. Until you learn how to strengthen your connection to Its love, you will never know what true love and happiness are.

By learning how to give love through self-love and give it joyfully, your life will start to feel less stressful because you are not always desperately searching for love. To love others, you must first learn how to love yourself. Once you have achieved this, love will find its way back to you.

When you understand that you are a living embodiment of Infinite Love (God Love), you will become less vulnerable to being emotionally abused. In addition, your current or future relationships will last longer and contain less negative experiences. Others will start to look up to you because deep down they lack this Love of Creation. This Love of Creation is the love that we all seek for our whole lives. The yearning for this Infinite Love will intensify as we get older, causing us to seek for spiritual knowledge.

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  1. Aikyam says:

    Thank you Pao,

    Came across your articles and your work only a couple of weeks ago and all of them are utmost interesting, magical and awe-inspiring!

    Thank you ever so much and keep up the fabulous work!
    Will look into your book Staradigm!


  2. Terry says:

    Very insightful: Echoes my thoughts; masterfully articulated. Much more than I can at my present level of articulation…Thanks

    May I ask for your comment on the “prerequsites for physical manifestation on the physical plane”. As life-forms go through the process known as birth, decay, and death; what are the prerequsites for each stage?

  3. Nancy says:

    Your articles are awesome!! Thank you.

  4. Corey says:

    If love is self-love, & self is One,then love is Oneness. I agree with that. Oneness is achieved via Self-Honesty & Self-Forgiveness/correction & accepting responsibility for our deeds, forgiving ourselves for being or doing what we are not (anything outside of oneness) to “know thyself” & love thyself by the realization that we are One, & thus we become Love. This is True. However, the words “bliss” & “joy” can be dangerous/misleading – “ignorance is bliss” & many mistake the idea of new agers trying to be love by being “positive” & blissfully unaware & unconcerned with inconvenient truths & ignore the Suffering of others & continue to partake in such deeds & ideologies that allow or create such suffering – if Love is Oneness, it is Equal,& the burden of my brothers & sisters is also my burden, thus I shall not be “blissful” while they suffer – I shall remain balanced & grateful, yes, but blissfully ignorant, no, that is not Oneness or love. Positive & Negative are both evil BC they ignore or create suffering. Balance, Awareness, Real Consideration are what us needed. Be Grateful for each moment, but also be Aware & Concerned with others situation enough to not engage in Anything that creates or allows their suffering – it is our suffering as One, embrace that Truth please, ALL suffering must End before Love will ever really Exist Here.