The Sacred Art of Creation: Discovering What Life is Beyond the Atomic Structure

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If you want to understand what life is, you will need to study how the material world was created at the fundamental levels. Thus, you will need to study not only the physical realm but also the realm of energy mechanics. The realm of energy mechanics is where the sacred art of creation begins. Beyond atoms and sub-atomic particles, there exists only energy.

The building blocks of matter

The smallest building blocks of matter are partiki units. They exist as omni-polar points of fixed vibration; thus, they contain the potential for all polarities or none. Partiki units are made of conscious energy that moves back and forth between a state of bi-polar light radiation and omni-polar sound vibration.

In the omni-polar state, partiki units exist as ante-matter. In the bi-polar state, partiki units separate into two sub-units, known as particum (matter) and partika (anti-matter). Particum units are considered magnetic, because they represent the contraction phase of ante-matter. Partika units are considered electrical since they represent the expansion phase of ante-matter. The fusion (“flash off”) and fission (“flash on”) of these units of energy are what create electromagnetic energy. This “flash on “and “flash off” state of energy is what creates time, space and matter at the fundamental levels.

The sacred art of Creation is similar to how a computer works

To explain the process above in a way that is easier for you to understand, let us turn our attention to how a computer works. A computer works similar to partiki units, because it uses binary code or ones and zeros (on and off) to send instructions to its processor. This process is very simple, but yet a person can use a computer to create very complex things, such as a color picture or 3D object with realistic textures. In a sense, partiki units are like binary code. A computer does a good job mimicking the sacred art of creation, except that it lacks consciousness.

If you understand that the Universe is an intelligent Creator and that the material world in which you live in works similar to a virtual reality, you should start to understand how partiki units play an important role in creating your physical reality.

Below is a quote from my book Staradigm that explains why our physical reality is more like a virtual reality.

The physical reality that we live in is like an illusion. To be more accurate, it works similar to virtual reality. This is why physicists can describe what reality is by using only mathematical formulas. These mathematical formulas are like the digital codes behind a virtual reality. In our physical reality, the digital codes or mathematical formulas are embedded inside the “substance” of energy which is the core structure of matter. If this were not true, a central processing unit (CPU) would not be able to process electrical energy into usable data. This “illusion” can also be more understood when we study the deeper levels of atoms. Scientists used to think that atoms were made of solid matter. This idea has been proven wrong by quantum physicists. Atoms may seem solid at first, but as we dig deeper into them, they become mostly empty space. When we dig even deeper, their structures start to look and behave like energy. To be more accurate, atoms are about 99.99999 percent empty space and are made of nothing but energy.5 When we see a solid object, it is nothing more than a trick of light. This nature’s art of illusion will be explained in more detail in Chapter 4. Until then, seriously think about what you have just read, because it may help you understand how reality works when you read Chapter 4.

The structuralization of partiki units is what creates frequency bands that make up dimensional fields and morphogenetic fields. Morphogenetic fields are living thought form fields that act like a template upon which matter is manifested. Partiki units act like codes that give instructions to energy, giving energy the ability to structuralize itself. This process allows for the manifestation of matter.

By studying how the sacred art of creation works at the fundamental levels, we should realize that we all are one and that physicality is more like an illusion. We should also realize that all things are conscious of themselves, because they are made of only conscious energy. However, the levels of consciousness will vary from the microcosm to the macrocosm.


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