Sexual Energy Healing: Why It Is Important for Balancing and Refreshing Your Energy

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Have you ever wondered why sex is so addictive? Once you experience sex, you always want more, because it satisfies an urge within you. There are many forms of sexual energy. Some forms can lead to a relationship filled with unconditional love and other forms can lead to a relationship filled with hatred and violence.

Because not all forms of sexual energy are positive, it is important that you do not get yourself caught up with the negative forms of sexual energy, unless it is something that you want to experience. The negative forms of sexual energy will usually lead to an abusive relationship. The person who is the abuser will usually use sex to control the victim, resulting in a relationship that depends heavily on each other’s separate needs. As a result, it is very hard to find peace and love in this type of relationship.

The cause of sexual addiction

The energy associated with sex can be addictive, if you do not know how to keep it in balance. Sexual addiction occurs when your energy is either blocked or out of balance. When your energy is out of balance, it makes it harder for the healing effects of sexual energy to heal you. There are many things that can cause distortions in your energy. In the case of addiction, it usually has to do with something that you do not understand or are fearful of.

Addiction is a misunderstanding of the desires that make you temporarily happy. When you do not understand your desires, you tend to become addicted to them because they give you a false sense of comfort. This kind of comfort is temporary, which is why you always want more. The desire to always want more is caused by not understanding why you are addicted to the desires in the first place. Once you understand your desires, your addictions will decrease or stop, because you have gained enough knowledge of those desires.

Sexual energy healing

Sexual energy is the energy shared by two polarized entities. When sexual energy is transferred between two polarized entities, each entity will transfer its own unique energy attributes to fulfill its partner’s needs, causing a sense of fulfillment and healing. The sexual energy of each entity fulfills the energy attributes that are lacking within each of the two polarized entities. This is why when two people who are in love have sex, they may experience a type of pleasure that is nourishing, refreshing, fulfilling and healing.

Masculine energy is usually associated with physical energy and feminine energy is usually related to mental and emotional energy. When we look at these ideas from our perspective, they will translate into males being the carriers of physical energy and females the carriers of mental and emotional energy. This explains why males are more physical and females more emotional.

The interactions between masculine and feminine energy are essential for your health and survival, because without their interactions your energy can become imbalanced. This imbalance can lead to energy blockages, which in turn can manifest into addictions and diseases. It is important to understand that masculine energy does not necessary represent the male body and feminine energy does not necessary represent the female body.

Exchanging sexual energies between male and female

When sexual energies are exchanged between the male and female during sex, the male feels less emotional and mental stress because he is being charged with emotional and mental energy; therefore, stimulating and healing his energy back into balance. On the other hand, the female is charged with physical energy, causing her to feel more refreshed and energized. This process of exchanging sexual energies increases the bond between the male and female. However, in an abusive relationship, it can cause the opposite effect.

Sex is like a need, which is why we cannot get enough of it. When a person does not get enough sex, that person can become crabby and cranky. However, a person who is more energetically balanced or knows how to control his/her sexual addictions will usually have less emotional problems related to sex.

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  1. D says:

    ‘Sex is a need’. Not sure. There are many individuals on the planet who do not ‘need’ sex and who actually are much happier without it.

    • PL Chang says:

      Sexual energy exchange is not limited to only the physical realm. People who do not rely on physical sex for sexual energy exchange will usually exchange sexual energy in other realms (e.g. astral realm). In lower dimensions, sexual energy exchange is needed to exchange certain forms of energy to keep certain energetic structures of the body in balance.

    • john smith says:

      I have only had sex 5 times with a woman when I was age 30. Now I’m 46 and almost 100% “out of balance” sexually so much so that I have become significantly depressed. Psychiatrist have prescribed me Lexepro, zoloft,
      Seroquel, and several other anti-depression/anti-psychotic medicines. Now
      I am taking a mood stabilizer called Depakote to help stabilize my mood due to me being sexually frustrated like an elephant in musth. Sometimes I hate everybody and everything including myself.

  2. Master of synergy says:

    Does that means the more masculine energy i have,the more females are attracted to me?

    • PL Chang says:

      It’s more complicated than that. If you understand that your personalities are expressions of energies, then you should have a general idea of how complex energy attraction can be. Attraction involves more than just masculine and feminine energy.

  3. Master of synergy says:

    I also noticed that with celibacy,i am more respected and people are attracted to me like as if im a mysterious man…does it has anything to do with energy?

    • john smith says:

      People look at me like I’m a freak for not being sexually active. You must live in a commune or monastary?
      I went to a doctors office and they didn’t even want to believe that I wasn’t married. I live in a small town in Indiana and most everyone is married or at least having sex with a partner. I’m an outcast, freak, invalid, sub-human, dead-man-walking; by noting having sex with another human.

      • Master of synergy says:

        First they laugh at you
        Then they fight you
        And then you win…
        Only lower animals have sex,if you want to give in to lust and become an animal instead of a higher being,then its your choice…