The Answers to Everything Lie within the “Substance” of Energy

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Plasma Ball Energy

Flickr Commons: Image provided by Luc Viatour

Energy is one of the most mysterious “substances” in the Universe. It is so mysterious that it can be used to describe everything in the Universe, even the quantum realm and beyond. Why is it that this word “energy” can be used to describe everything in the Universe? The reason is because when you break matter down to its fundamentals, it is made of only energy.

Because everything in the Universe is made of energy, the answers to all your questions lie within the “substance” of energy. This also means that understanding how energy works is essential for your health and well-being.

What is Energy?

Energy is a “substance” that cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. Energy is consciousness and consciousness is energy; therefore, energy is conscious of itself. Besides being conscious, the pure form of energy is infinitely intelligent in nature.

I know the idea that energy is intelligent and conscious may sound crazy to the average crowd, but that is because our modern education system does a poor job of educating us about how reality really works. Our current education system is designed to teach us to not question controversial subjects and accept everything that our “authorities” tell us as the truth. In other words, it is not interested in teaching us the truth. This is why it is so hard for us to understand what life and reality truly are.

How is Energy Conscious?

The “proof” that energy is conscious can be seen in the short video clip below. Please be aware that the video does not show concrete proof. However, it does raise the question that in order for the effects to occur, the particles, which are projections of energy, must be conscious and aware. If you do not have time to watch the video, the paragraph below from does a great job of summarizing the video.

“In some strange way an electron or a photon [or any other elementary particle] seems to ‘know’ about changes in the environment and appears to respond accordingly,” says physicist Danah Zohar. A group at the Weizmann Institute in Israel has done a variation of the famous “double-slit” experiment. They used electrons, instead of photons, and observed how the resultant interference pattern (which indicates wave-like properties of the particle) dissipated the longer you watched the electrons go through the slits. As a wave the electron passes through both slits simultaneously but if, according to E Buks, it “senses” that it is being watched, the electron (as a particle) goes through only one path, diminishing the interference pattern. Elementary particles (such as photons and electrons) appear to possess a certain degree of “intelligence” and awareness of the environment. Renowned plasma and particle physicist, David Bohm, says “In some sense a rudimentary mind-like quality is present even at the level of particle physics. As we go to subtler levels this mind-like quality becomes stronger and more developed.”

Dr Quantum: Wave Particle Duality and the Observer!

Quantum physicists are somewhat on the right track when it comes to defining energy and matter, but they still have a lot to learn before they can understand the true nature of energy. If mainstream physicists study energy and matter deeply enough and learn how to use the language of light, pulsation, and energy vibration to communicate with energy and matter, they will one day discover that energy is alive and intelligent. In other words, they will realize that energy is the divine energetic force that gives us awareness, intelligence, and emotions.

If energy were not intelligent in nature, we would not have the ability to think. Most of us have been conditioned at a young age to believe that thinking happens in the brain. This belief is not very accurate. If thinking were to occur in the brain, then starfishes, jellyfishes or bacteria would not be able to survive, because they do not have a brain to tell them where to go, eat, or reproduce.

True thinking occurs in the mind or the finer thought energy fields that surround each body and cell. In other words, it is thought that thinks. The brain’s roles are to act like a relay station between the mind and body and process information; therefore, if the brain is damaged, it can disrupt the thinking and communication process between the mind and body.

The Relationship Between Energy and Physical Reality

The physical reality that we see around us does not work the way we have been conditioned to believe, because it behaves like an illusion. To be more accurate, it works similar to virtual reality. The paragraph below does a great job of explaining the fundamentals of reality. It is extracted from my book Staradigm.

The physical reality that we live in is like an illusion. To be more accurate, it works similar to virtual reality. This is why physicists can describe what reality is by using only mathematical formulas. These mathematical formulas are like the digital codes behind a virtual reality. In our physical reality, the digital codes or mathematical formulas are embedded inside the “substance” of energy which is the core structure of matter. If this were not true, a central processing unit (CPU) would not be able to process electrical energy into usable data. This “illusion” can also be more understood when we study the deeper levels of atoms. Scientists used to think that atoms were made of solid matter. This idea has been proven wrong by quantum physicists. Atoms may seem solid at first, but as we dig deeper into them, they become mostly empty space. When we dig even deeper, their structures start to look and behave like energy. To be more accurate, atoms are about 99.99999 percent empty space and are made of nothing but energy.5 When we see a solid object, it is nothing more than a trick of light.

The codes that govern reality are embedded inside the “substance” of energy; therefore, if you want to find answers to your life’s questions or find answers to better health and well-being, you need to study energy mechanics. You also need to learn how to communicate with energy.

Energy is the core “substance” that everything is made of; it is eternal, conscious, and intelligent in nature, and it has infinite potential. In other words, energy is Creation (the Prime Creator). For these reasons, the answers to everything lie within the substance of energy.

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  1. Stephen L Hensel says:

    Energy is Creation (God)!

    Create – bring into existence that which was not.

    Once this energy is then, all else is formed of it, but not God. He is of something different.

    Frequency controls Energy

    Frequency is God word.

    There more much more.

  2. Avinash says:

    I agree completely with your article and must say a beautiful one. You have very beautifully revealed lot of deep insights.

    My only disagreement would be :

    The energy is not conscious but has consciousness. From the Infinite God comes Pure Energy with Pure Consciousness which we call light. And from God also comes Pure Matter which is what 95 % of the universe is dark matter.

    Combination of these two Pure Energy with Consciousness and Pure matter leads to creation. Energy may have a consciousness but to a very small degree, very small but when the same energy is laced with Pure Consciousness it becomes very powerful.

    Interesting to Note – Consciousnesses can exist without energy also. Infact its energy but a very subtle energy which cant be even known my mankind.

    These have been shared and revealed by Great Spiritual Teachers

  3. I figured this out when I was in high school, they told us energy can neither be created nor destroyed as well as matter but based on what they told me about elements in thye perodic table I concluded that should an element be striped naked it would just be pure energy. I also thought that energy created everything(OMEGA) BUT I DIDNT THINK ENERGY WAS LIVING NOR INTILLEGENT. Now learning this I am more aware that I was on the right tract and I believe that we can use proton electrons and nuetrons to construct new elements of reconstruct ones that already are around. Peace and one love.

  4. Tiphan says:

    So there must be different types/kinds of energy, then. Figuratively, am I the same energy as the electricity in the house or that the cell phone uses? Am I the same electricity as used in everyday appliances? Sounds weird, but this is how I pose questions to myself, and then search for answers or clues. Are there different types of (aware and intelligent) Energy? what do you think?

  5. sky says:

    i love the article and comments!

  6. Marcella says:

    Wonderful! Thank you for this magnificent article. I’d love to translate it into Portuguese and share this knowledge with more people. Do you give me the permission? I have a blog in which I like to explore these kinds of subjects and this is the best explanation I’ve seen on the topic ever… I am just an indigo soul who loves to study and pass on the awareness to more people. I honor this knowledge and your work in transmitting it. Thank you! Marcella, from Sao Paulo, Brasil 🙂

  7. Marcella says:

    I had the opportunity to attend to a three-day course with PhD Amit Goswami here in Brazil, to be a Quantum Activist, and he played this animation, which also is a sign that this article touched me deeply… Love.

  8. Stephen l Hensel says:

    In the beginning, GOD said — I assume sound = vibrations = energy — all matter is vibrations at pacific frequencies.

    All creation by his words.

  9. Lav says:

    This is an interesting article. Very well done writing it. For beginners like me, I find it very interesting and would like to dig deep in it especially the emotion and energy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  10. Hank George says:

    I’m 70 years old and searching for the truth.

    Your article brings me one step closer.

    Thank you