How Mainstream Media Deceives You with Its Magic Tricks

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Words of caution: The videos at the end of this page contain visual evidences that will change how you view the reality that you live in and help free your mind.

If you are happy with how the world works and like to think that everything that you have learned throughout your life is true, this article is probably not for you. It is probably best that you stop reading this article because you will most likely be offended.

However, if you want to free your mind and find answers to why the world is such a mess, it would be a good idea to continue reading. On the other hand, if you are a truth seeker, a person who seeks for the truth with little fear of the unknown, then this article should be of great interest to you.

Mainstream media in the US and most European countries usually contain roughly 25 percent truths and 75 percent distorted information and lies. The percentage of truths and lies will vary depending on the subject that is being covered. As for the media in other countries, the truths and lies will vary depending on how control their countries are.

Most people in the US do not realize that their mainstream media outlets are owned and controlled by only six corporations. Below are two paragraphs extracted from

Back in 1983, approximately 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the United States. Today, ownership of the news media has been concentrated in the hands of just six incredibly powerful media corporations. These corporate behemoths control most of what we watch, hear and read every single day. They own television networks, cable channels, movie studios, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, music labels and even many of our favorite websites.

The six corporations that collectively control US media today are Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., CBS Corporation and NBC Universal. Together, the “big six” absolutely dominate news and entertainment in the United States. But even those areas of the media that the “big six” do not completely control are becoming increasingly concentrated. For example, Clear Channel now owns over 1000 radio stations across the United States. Companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are increasingly dominating the Internet.

Why controlling the media is essential for domination

Why are these six corporations so interested in dominating the US mainstream media? The reason is because the media is one of the most effective tools to control the mass population. When they control the media, they can influence how the public thinks.

Controlling how the public thinks is one of the first steps to control its mind and influence how it thinks. In other words, this is how they enslave us without our knowledge. Influencing how we think is great for making them money because once they influence our thought patterns to a certain degree, they can motivate us to buy their unhealthy foods and drugs, and plant false knowledge into our minds.

How to protect yourself from the deceptions in mainstream media

For us, the people of the world, to regain our powers and freedom, we will need to rise above the deceptions and lies found in mainstream media, and remove the corrupt leaders who are in charge of it.

Until the corrupt leaders in mainstream media are removed, my advice is to believe 25 percent of the news in mainstream media and take the other 75 percent as potential false news until you can verify that it is true. Some great techniques to help you do this are to cross reference the information with independent sources and use your intuition to discern the information.

If we, the people of Earth, want to truly be free, we will need to become aware of how the magicians of mainstream media deceive us with their “magic tricks.” Some of their magic tricks involve subliminal messages, news actors, and frequency generators that can send energy patterns or codes that can influence our thought patterns. If these controlling techniques did not work, do you think they would spend millions of dollars per year on them?

Below are three great videos that show proof that the US mainstream media is full of lies and distorted information. Even though these videos focus on the US mainstream media, many of the tricks that the US mainstream media use to influence the mind of its population are also heavily practiced in many mainstream media outlets throughout the world. As always, use your intuition to help you discern the information in the videos.

Before watching the videos, please keep in mind that I do not agree with all the information in the last video.

Pt1 Operation Mockingbird: How the CIA Controls the Minds of the Peons

Pt2 Operation Mockingbird: How the CIA Controls the Minds of the Peons

Pt3 Operation Mockingbird: How the CIA Controls the Minds of the Peons

The Truth Exposed!


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  1. Ricky says:

    I consider myself awakened to how the world is really being run, who is actually in control, and what their agenda is. I am a firm believer in majority of the articles I come across on this website,, and Vigilant Citizen, because I have done my own in-depth research. Now I’m only 10:51 into the first video but I can 100% say that it’s completely false. The four people shown in those first ten mintues, Rachel Zoe, her assistant Brad Goreski, and the other blonde woman and brunette man are 100% different people. How do I know this? Because my good friend is the segment producer of Brad’s reality show. I think reality TV is cancer in video form, but what I do know is that the producers of the show give the stars of the show an actual situation, but what they do within that situation is completely up to them. In the editing room is where the storyline is weaved. But to say that the first “actor” is actually Rachel Zoe, and that Brad Goreski is also the man show after him is ABSURD. And this is coming from someone who 100% believes there is a hidden hand shaping the world, that the banks are really in charge of nations, and that the television is a tool to dumb down and subdue the masses.

    • PL Chang says:

      I do agree with you that some of the information in the videos is not 100 percent accurate. Overall, the producer did a great job showing proof that the US mainstream media is full of deception and should not be trusted. This is the main reason why I use the videos.

    • GeneralColin says:

      I have to agree. I only made it to 10.55 before I switched off. These are not the same people. Why would I waste hours watching 3 videos if there is plain rubbish in the first 15 mins?

      • PL Chang says:

        The videos are not all about comparing faces. Part 2 & 3 are more focused on other evidence and their hidden agendas. When you have time, it would not hurt to watch them.

  2. elizabeth wesley says:

    You name the news media but not many know this is run by zionist jews. Why is this information so hard for you people to post. These jews comprise 2.5% of the american population yet they run the federal reserve, most of the big banks, the lobby groups who influence government. They are a large part of the senate,the supreme court, the motion picture industry where they seem to change their name to gentile sounding names. They are foremost promoting abortion and the homosexual agenda, they were the ones at the forefront of the slave trade that gentiles get blamed for. You get the idea of what I’m trying to say. Is it against the law to tell the truth and let people know what we are up against? Monsanto of GMO fame was a jew and awayback, a slave trader. And racial hatred is spawned by these people too. From what I read they, with the british “royal” family, Kissinger (a jew) and others are high on eugenics for the masses. There are some who know these things but for the majority, your information is meaningless if there is not a source to associate it with.

    • PL Chang says:

      You are correct in many ways but the Zionist do not control everything. You need to understand that there are many different controlling groups and secret societies that are fighting to see who will be on top. Some of them are the Zionist, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bushes (part of the Nazi group), Vatican, Freemasons, and Illuminati. It is also important to know that not everyone involved in secret societies are “bad.”

      For the many years these controlling groups and secret societies have been working together to try to take over the world because they know that one group cannot control everything. Unfortunately for them, the people are waking up, causing them to lose control of the people. Nowadays, these controlling groups are starting to fight each other because their controlling empires are falling apart.

      My understanding is that the most powerful secret society is the Illuminati. However, all these secret societies still answers to their puppet masters which I refer to as the Fallen Races. Whether you believe that the Fallen Races exist does not really matter to these secret societies because they believe in them. The Fallen Races are what they refer to as demons, Satan, and Lucifer. If you want to understand who are calling the shots, you will need to understand who the Fallen Races are. If you want to understand the Earth drama at the deepest level, I recommend visiting the link below.

      • elizabeth wesley says:

        Thanks for your response Mr Chang, I am aware of these other groups and the part they play but was utterly astounded by the fact that 2.5% of the U S population is basically run by these zionist jews. I believe the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are part of that group. The Rockefellers were part of the 1st and 2nd WW and the civil war, lending to create war on both sides of the conflict then lending for reparations after the war. In between they watched the young gentile men being slaughtered so their plan has been in action for a long time as they are very patient. I appreciate the link you sent me and will certainly read it closely.

        • PL Chang says:

          You are welcome.

        • Shelly says:

          I totally agree with you Elizabeth, Just look up the history of the Rothchilds for example and you will understand what a Zionist truly is and how the Rockefellers fit nicely in there also. They are just very cleaver at staying under the radar.

  3. PL Chang says:

    To the people who have a hard time believing that the actors exposed in The Truth EXPOSED are not the same, watch the videos below. Please keep in mind that I’m not trying to say that everything is accurate in The Truth EXPOSED. What I want you to realize is that anything is possible with the right technologies and talent.

    Mind Blown Face Changes During Different Lighting

    Making of Mr. Nobody – Aging Transformation

  4. Doreen Agostino says:

    PRESERVE an independent, objective team of CBC reporters to report the facts without fear of consequences

    The study of Psychopathy is an important new tool not only in crime prevention, but in understanding the source behind many social ills. The more informed and aware individuals are on the subject the safer you and your family will be.