Future Global Economic Trends to Help You Succeed in Life

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I recommend that you read this article with an open mind and take it very seriously, because it contains highly sensitive information that can dramatically change your life for the better.

I consider this article as one of my most important financial articles that I have written since I started this blog in September 2007. Why do I feel this article is of great importance? The reason is because it will help you prepare for major global economic trends that should be coming in the next few years. Plus, this article contains information that can help restore our freedom.

Most of the information in this article is rarely discussed in the blogosphere, especially blogs that are owned by the mainstream media. For this reason, if you are not awake and aware, the information in this article may cause you to go on an emotional roller coaster ride. Rest assured that my intention is not to scare you but to teach you knowledge of empowerment, so you can start preparing for the great global economic changes to come.

Learning to see global economic trends before they happen is important for your success, because when you are able to accurately predict global market trends, you can position yourself ten steps ahead of the average crowd. As a result, you will have a great advantage over the average crowd, and therefore, increase your chances of succeeding in whatever you do.

To predict future global economic trends you need to think like a futurologist

A futurologist studies and analyzes data of a certain field or many different fields, such as science, technology and human behavior to help him or her predict future global market trends. To be a great futurologist, you will need to have a wide range of knowledge in many different fields. You also need to study history, because many of the things that happened in the past are related to the present and future. History tends to repeat itself so if you know how an event unfolds in the past, you can predict with a high accuracy of how it will unfold in the near future.

The most important skill you will need in order to become a great futurologist is your intuitive skill. If you learn how to use your intuition to guide you when predicting global market trends, you will have a greater chance of being right. To learn how to strengthen your intuition, read this empowering article titled How to Listen to Your Intuition.

Why there could be major changes in global market trends in the next few years

The global market trends near the bottom of this page could become a reality in the very near future as long as we, the people of the world, support the good people (the Resistance) in our government and help them win the current financial war. Most of us do not understand the deeper reasons why the world economy, especially the Western economy, is at the verge of collapsing. The world economy is a mess because there are many different secret groups that are fighting behind the scene to take control of the global financial system.

The global financial system was created nearly a century ago with the backing of real assets from many countries of the world, especially the gold-rich Asian countries, to end world poverty. Unfortunately, for the past 60 plus years, the global financial system has been hijacked by the Controllers (wealthy Western globalists who control societies from behind the scene and pull the strings of politicians) and they have been illegally using it to control the world.

To control a society that relies heavily on money, all you need to do is take control of its monetary system and you have the magic formula to enslave it and become its ruler. With unlimited fiat money, you can buy off its leaders and use them as puppets to help you achieve whatever you want. This is what the Controllers have been doing to many countries of the world for more than 50 years.

The global financial system and “free energy”

With control over the global financial system, the Controllers were able to suppress certain advanced technologies that could end world poverty, such as “free energy” devices. The Controllers did this by manipulating inventors into selling the rights of their free energy inventions to them. If they refused, the Controllers would threaten those inventors or even kill them to prevent their free energy inventions from reaching the production stage. If you are not a believer of free energy, read this article or visit this site and it should change your mind.

Why do the Controllers want to suppress free energy devices? Because free energy devices hold the key to ending world poverty and freeing us from the Controllers’ oil monopoly empire. The Controllers are made of groups of very wealthy people who are obsessed with control; therefore, they hate freedom and liberty. Their number one tool for controlling us is their fiat debt-based monetary system.

Why the current debt-based monetary system needs to be replaced

The debt-based monetary system is not a bad system, but it does put a limitation on how far a civilization can evolve. This is because the debt-based monetary system creates the illusion of scarcity; therefore, it can be used to control a civilization by making it think that there are not enough resources for everyone. Because of this, people who live in a society that rely heavily on this type of monetary system will usually believe that living in a world free of debt and poverty is impossible.

A debt-based monetary system can only survive by stealing real wealth from the people to finance its debt. Eventually the debt will grow out of control and cause the economy to collapse. One of the ways the debt-based monetary system steals real wealth from the us is through inflation, which is nothing more than a hidden tax on the public. This is exactly what our current fiat monetary system is doing to our wealth.

Some of you may be wondering why I’m telling you about the history of the Controllers and the global financial system. The reason is because if you do not understand who is controlling the world and artificially steering the future of humanity, you will have a hard time believing that we are at the verge of a huge positive paradigm shift. This paradigm shift has been prophesied by many spiritual teachers for millennia. For this shift to happen smoothly, we the people of the world must support the Resistance. Without our support, there is a good chance that the Resistance may not succeed.

The lien against the central banking system

Update (November 18, 2014): Some people are claiming that Neil Keenan may not be the person that he claims to be. I don’t have proof that they are right, but I do sense that some of their claims about him are accurate. Because of these things, I advise that you use your intuition to help you discern the information published by Niel Keenan.

A person who goes by the name of Neil Keenan has been working very hard for nearly a year to collect the necessary evidences to file a lien against the Bank for International Settlement (BIS), the Federal Reserve (Fed), the International Money Fund (IMF) and many other central banks to stop laundering money and abusing the global financial system for their own selfish gains. For evidence of the lien against the BIS, visit this page. For evidence of the lien against the Fed, visit this page.

I recommend that you read these liens because they expose the corruption behind the BIS, the Fed and many other central banks. Most people do not realize that the Fed and most central banks are private entities and are owned and controlled by the Controllers (wealthy Western globalists who control societies from behind the scene and pull the strings of politicians). The Controllers use their central banking system to steal wealth from us through inflation and enslave us through debt.

If the Resistance are able to accomplish their goals, many of these central banks will be replaced or be abolished, and the stolen funds will be returned to their rightful owners. Nearly at the same time, a new financial system will be set up to stop environmental destruction and rebuild the world economy. Once this happens, we will experience a worldwide economic boom like we have never seen before. This paradigm shift is so big that it has the potential to end world poverty and bring peace to the world.

Future global economic trends

If the Resistance wins the financial war, the probability that the global economic trends below will become a reality is very high. If we the people of the world support the Resistance with all our hearts, the probability that these global economic trends will become a reality is imminent.

  • “Free energy” technology:  This technology has been available since the early 1900s but the Controllers have suppressed it. If the Controllers lose the financial war, they will have little power to stop free energy technology from reaching the market. Once this happens, there will be great demands for free energy devices; therefore, they will help create a lot of jobs. In addition, free energy devices will dramatically reduce the cost of living.
  • Antigravity technology: Like free energy technology, antigravity technology has been available since the early 1900s. This technology has also been suppressed by the Controllers. Imagine driving a car that you do not need to worry about the tires getting flat because it can hover in mid-air. Would not that be cool? Antigravity technology will make space travel a piece of cake so be prepared for space travel in the near future. This will create a lot of interesting jobs.
  • Energy healing devices: These devices were tested with great results in the early 1900s but the Controllers stole most of these devices and classified them in the top secret category. They do not want these devices out on the market because they have great healing potential. Energy healing devices can heal “incurable diseases” and regenerate lost body parts. Be prepared to live longer and healthier!
  • The end of the pharmaceutical industry: Most of the drugs that are created by the pharmaceutical industry do not cure diseases. Instead, they manage diseases in a way that make the patient dependent on the drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is not interested in finding cures for diseases, because it makes money off of sick people; therefore, it wants us to be sick as long as possible. People who work for the pharmaceutical industry should start preparing for major changes that may lead to the destruction of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Say goodbye to genetically modified organisms (GMOs): Independent studies have shown that animals fed with genetically modified foods (GM foods) developed serious health problems, including infertility, birth defects, immune disorders, growth and digestive problems, and premature aging. These health problems are the results of scientists lacking the knowledge and technology to effectively create GM food that flows well with the laws of nature. The Controllers support GMOs because it is very effective at destroying our health and genes. If the Resistance wins the financial war, companies like Monsanto and DuPont will be abolished or be renovated into something useful for healing the planet. The GMOs created by these two companies have the potential to destroy a large number of species on Earth, including the human species, which is why they need to be abolished as soon as possible.
  • The oil industry will become irrelevant: Using oil for energy is not really efficient because it wastes energy, pollutes the environment and destroys our planet. Most of us do not realize that we currently have technologies that can replace gasoline powered engines. Two of them are magnetic motors and water powered engines. For proof that magnetic motors exist, please read this article and watch the videos. For proof that water powered engines work, please visit this site. Magnetic motors and water powered engines have existed since the mid-1900s, but they have been suppressed by the Controllers. If free energy devices become available, magnetic motors and water powered engines may also become irrelevant. Free energy devices, magnetic motor and water powered engines are a lot better than oil-based technology, because they do not pollute the environment and are very efficient. People who work with gasoline powered machines or are in the automotive industry, should start preparing for changes in the energy industry that may lead to the end of the oil industry and gasoline powered machines.
  • In the US, no more IRS and federal income tax: The IRS is nothing more than an organized crime. However, most of the people who work for the IRS are good people. It is just that they do not know that they are helping the Controllers to achieve their dark agendas because they are compartmentalized. This method of compartmentalization prevents the employees of the IRS from seeing the real truth about the IRS. As for federal income tax, it is against the US Constitution. The Constitution of the US is nearly destroyed because of the Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). If the Resistance wins the financial war, the US Constitution will be restored. People who work for the IRS or deal with federal income tax may want to prepare for a career change in the next few years.

The positive global economic trends are coming but the negative global economic trends will unfold first

The future global economic trends that I mentioned above are only a few examples of what is coming and can only occur if the Resistance wins the financial war. With our support, there is no reason why success cannot be reached. If the Resistance wins the financial war, be prepared for a lot of great changes, an abundance of high paying jobs and world peace.

In the beginning of the paradigm shift, some chaotic events will unfold, causing a lot of hardship to people who are not prepared. One of the chaotic events is the collapse of major banks. We have already seen the collapse of a major bank in Europe called MF Global. The major cause of that collapse was the gambling of derivatives. Insurance companies that heavily invest in derivatives will most likely collapse too. Remember what happened to American International Group (AIG)?

In the US, the major banks that are in trouble are Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan and Citibank. These banks are in trouble because they control and hold most of the US derivatives. Wells Fargo may also be in trouble but its situation is not as bad as the four banks I just mentioned. Any bank that invested a lot of its money in derivatives will most likely not survive when the derivatives bubble pops. When these banks fail, we must not allow our government to bail them out because we, the taxpayers, cannot afford to pay for these banks’ greedy mistakes.

The derivatives market has grown into the sum of quadrillions of dollars; therefore, it is impossible to pay back these derivatives or bail the banks that hold these derivatives. In simple terms, derivatives are like insurance policies with little value. They are nothing more than toxic investments designed to make the rich richer and destroy the middle class. To read more about the failure of the US major banks, visit this page.

If you want to learn how to save your assets during this economic crisis, I recommend downloading the free preview version of my ebook Money Does Grow on Trees. The preview version is not the full version but it contains enough information to help you save your assets.

Keep your hopes high, educate others about the subjects in this article and support the Resistance, and we should be able to defeat the Controllers and free humanity! If you care about your future, please spread the word so that more people are not afraid to embrace the positive global market trends that are coming.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Thank you for this article. Very informative. I have no doubts and I have been suspecting of this for quite some time. I have even thought of people striking out a “Revolution”.