Turning Knowledge into Wisdom and Using It for Empowerment

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In order for you to turn knowledge into wisdom in an effective way, you must understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Most people have a hard time understanding the difference between knowledge and wisdom, which is why they have a hard time finding inner-peace and understanding what life is.

Knowledge vs. wisdom: The difference between knowledge and wisdom

What is knowledge and wisdom? Knowledge is information that you acquire from studying certain subjects or from others. Wisdom is acquired knowledge that you have applied into your life to create experiences to help you understand the knowledge at a deeper level. Wisdom is gained through experience and it bonds with you at an intuitive level. It comes from deep within your soul and guides you to achieve your goals.

The paragraphs below from PhiloScifi.com do a great job explaining the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Many people mistake knowledge for wisdom because they are intimately related, and this is unfortunate because they are quite different in an important way. Knowledge is the accumulation of facts and information. Wisdom is the synthesis of knowledge and experiences into insights that deepen one’s understanding of relationships and the meaning of life. In other words, knowledge is a tool, and wisdom is the craft in which the tool is used.

If one understands this difference, he or she will also appreciate why it is vital to properly distinguish between the two. With the Internet, it is now relatively easy for a reasonably diligent person to quickly become knowledgeable in virtually any field of his or her choosing. We are literally awash in a sea of information! But having a hammer and knowing how to use it are two entirely different propositions. A hammer is amoral; whether it is used for good or ill depends entirely on the wielder. Sadly, history is a lengthy record of the harms wrought by knowledgeable, well-meaning people who lacked wisdom.

Knowledge vs. wisdom: How to turn knowledge into wisdom and use it to empower you

Whenever you learn knowledge that is important to you, try to find a way to incorporate the knowledge into your life. The trick is to bring that knowledge out of static mode and absorb it in a way that allows you to experience it. For example, a person can be taught how to be kind to others but until s/he actually experience how it feels to be kind to others, s/he will not truly understand the deeper meaning of what it means to be kind to others.

Another great technique that will help you understand knowledge at a deeper level is to contemplate your thoughts. The best time to contemplate your thoughts is when your mind is at peace. To put your mind in a state of peace, you will need to learn how to meditate. Once your mind is at peace, try to dissect the knowledge and look at it from an observer’s point of view. This will help prevent your ego from distorting your thoughts.

Being in the observer mode is very helpful when you are dissecting information that contains a lot of fear. Once you dissect the knowledge and understand it at a deeper level. The fear associated with the information will usually be dramatically reduced. A lot of the time, the fearful information will turn into knowledge of empowerment because you are no longer fearful of the knowledge.

Knowledge plus wisdom equals empowerment

Knowledge can be used to empower you or disempower you. However, if you learn how to turn knowledge into wisdom, you can protect yourself from knowledge of disempowerment. This process is very important for helping you evolve as a spiritual being. It will also help you to understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge is one of the most powerful things in the Universe. Knowledge can stimulate an idea into fruition. Once the idea matures and spreads, it can become more powerful than an army of a million men. This is why the first amendment of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States is the freedom of speech.


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