Subliminal Messages in Advertising: The Hidden Truth of Subliminal Messages

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Subliminal Ad

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What are subliminal messages? Do subliminal messages work? To answer these two questions, we need to explore the world of subliminal ads. The specific definition of subliminal messages is information designed to stimulate and reprogram the subconscious mind. Because subliminal messages are created to target the subconscious mind, we are usually not aware of them. Depending on how they are used, they can disrupt the integrity of our minds or help us overcome our fears.

Do subliminal messages work?

Corporations and governments are obsessed with subliminal messages, because they are effective at controlling our thought patterns without our knowledge. Some of the most popular subliminal messages in advertising used by corporations and governments involve sex, drug, food, fear, and violence. These five types of subliminal messages can easily be found in commercials and magazine ads. Next time you watch TV, pay very close attention to the commercials, and see if you can detect one of the five types of subliminal messages that I just mentioned.

Once you understand how subliminal messages work, you should understand why our society is so addicted to sex, drug, food, fear, and violence. The main reason why corporations and governments used these five types of subliminal messages in advertising the most is because they are very effective at selling their ideas or products. Besides being used in TV ads, subliminal messages are used in a lot of Disney movies, cartoon shows (e.g., SpongeBob) and video games.

Once they used subliminal messages to influence our minds to a certain point, they can motivate us to do certain things without our knowledge. For example, they can use subliminal ads to stimulate our subconscious mind to accept compulsive behaviors, and then use specific images or words to trigger those behaviors. This type of subliminal message is very popular among the fast food industry.

Subliminal messages in advertising and Disney movies

Below is a quick video that does a great job of exposing the negative effects of subliminal messages in Disney movies, advertising and magazine ads. The host in this video is Alex Jones. Overall, Mr. Jones usually does a good job of exposing things that the government does not want us to know. However, his information is not always accurate and he tends to concentrate too much on fear. Even though sometime his information is misleading, he did a great job of exposing the negative effects of subliminal messages in advertising.

Subliminal Messages Exposed

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  1. lisette says:

    hi there,
    i was just thinking this type of imaging, by definition would not work on blind people. to my knowledge, they are the same as everyone else (variable).
    having said that, i had noticed from a small child the pairing with sex and marketing, because it always made me feel a repugnance. i viewed it as a means to subjugate women, and noted the voice of authority was always male. even if the main speaker was female, the final endorsement had to come from a white older male. i can also see how pairing sex, alcohol and base indulgences would help keep people’s awareness at their base chakra. i am not saying sex or even alcohol are negative, but when approached in a putrified, lower consciousness, they bring negative karma, and prevent advancement.
    we all know right from wrong, but most people are indulging in grasping, self serving of base pleasures, and are not progressing, probably going backward fast.