What Is Morgellons Syndrome? What You Can Do About It

Authored or posted by | Updated on | Published on December 3, 2012
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(PotentNews.com) As many of us now know, a vast amount of airplanes are currently spraying most of the Earth’s population with aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. Less discussed components of the spray programs include lab-created synthetic life-forms and other biological materials such as red blood cells, fungus, and self-replicating nano-fibers. Massive and diverse geo-engineering operations are indeed occurring. Moreover, a peculiar syndrome called Morgellons has emerged and has now been linked to these eugenics/transhumanist operations.

While this is alarming, humanity should at some point face the ugly details of this dilemma. This is an agenda partly involving a nano-technology infestation in our bodies. Potent News Blast #10 seeks to shed some light on this often neglected issue:

Morgellons Presentation (Potent News Blast #10)

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  1. Shirley De says:

    The government bills going thru Congress since 1952 saying Chemtrails should be stopped due to the damage being done to the populations health. Currently in H.R. Bill 510, it states the Chemtrails should be stopped due to the damaage to the populations health. The Senate Bill S. 510 states this is the “MOST DANGEROUS BILL TO COME ACROSS THE SENATE FLOOR DUE TO THE DANGER TO THE HEALTH OF THE POPULATION…

    The information is in BLACK AND WHITE SINCE 1992. That falls right in line with 20 years.

    There was a Bill passed back while Bill Clinton was President I believe. It stated it was legal for the government to do Chemical and Biological Testing on the Population. Now our Bill of Rights would normally protect us. The loophole is the Bill is a matter of Public Information. If you did not object you accepted the testing.

    If you would like the exact bill, it is saved on my computer and I will be happy to send it to you.

    God Bless you.

    Shirley De

    • Shirley De says:

      Correction on comment I made above. First line the date should be 1992 the Bills in Congress started regarding CHEMTRAILS.

    • PL Chang says:

      If you can send me the bill, that would be great. Please send it to admin[at]energyfanatics.com. Replace “[at]” with this symbol “@” when sending the email.