Why the World Debt Financial Crisis is a Fraud

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The world debt crisis is nothing more than a fraud because it was engineered by banksters (high level bankers who pull the strings of politicians and authorities). If you want more information or evidence of why the world financial crisis is a fraud, read this informative article.

Why the Banksters love debt and financial crisis

The Banksters engineered the world debt crisis so that they can buy off companies and banks at cheap prices and consolidate them. This way they can create a fascist society or a one-world government. Unfortunately for the Banksters, their secret dark agendas are being exposed throughout the world. Soon the world will know who are causing the world financial crisis.

The Banksters want us to believe that there are not enough wealth for everyone and resources to feed the hungry and poor. They want us to believe that there is not enough economic growth to create jobs, pay off global debts and deal with climate change. Instead, they brainwashed us into believing that there is only enough money to keep paying interest on debts that they created through fraud.

The truth is that there are more than enough wealth and resources for everyone. The Banksters are well aware of this. To trick us into believing that there are not enough wealth and resources for everyone, they created many false belief systems based on scarcity to condition us into accepting their ominous ideologies. The purpose of this is to prevent us from reaching their levels of status. In other words, they only want themselves to be on top of the social and financial pyramid.

The world is finally waking up to the dark agendas of the banksters

Unfortunately for the Banksters, their cover has been blown. The truth is coming out and it cannot be stopped. They know that the secret wealth of humanity that they stole, which is in the value of trillions of dollars, is about to be exposed to the people of the world. The Banksters know about this and they are living in fear due to the fact that their plans are being exposed. Once enough people wake up and become aware of the Banksters’ dark agendas, they know that their empire will eventually collapse.

Once the Banksters are removed from power, humanity will move to a new age of prosperity. Cheap alternative energies, such as “free energy” devices will soon be available to the public, reducing the cost of living by more than 80 percent. We will soon be able to live without the fear of not having enough money to buy food and pay our bills. The vision of true freedom and world peace will soon become a reality. It all sounds far too good to be true, but it is very achievable. This reality can only occur if we the people support the light forces and stand up for our freedom and rights.

I know there are a lot of people out there who have lost their houses and wealth from this world financial crisis. I feel your pains more than you may realize. This why I am sharing highly sensitive information to the world to expose who are causing the world debt crisis, so that we can understand the situation of the world financial crisis and free ourselves from debt slavery.

How we can stop the world financial crisis from getting out of control

To free ourselves from debt slavery, we the people need to support the brave people who are risking their lives to expose the banksters’ dark agendas and how they are engineering the world financial crisis. We also need to start talking to our friends, families and neighbors about these subject so that we can wake them up. As long as we work together, there is no reason why we cannot achieve world peace and prevent the world financial crisis from getting worse. May this new year be the year that humanity finally free itself from the control of the banksters.

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