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Flickr Commons: Image provided by Cornelia Kopp

Flickr Commons: Image provided by Cornelia Kopp

This article is written by Josh Schultz of TheGroundingBook.com.

There is a big spiritual myth in our culture that a being without a body, i.e., a spirit, has more information, knowledge, and wisdom, than ones with a body, i.e., people like you and me…actually this is not true and even some very high beings still don’t have your innate or unique spiritual information.

We have been very conditioned to give up our seniority and certainty to spirit “guides.” There are just as many spirit tricksters, spirit assholes, and spirit troublemakers out there as there are guides. Even guides who can help you have their own agendas. The idea that a disembodied spirit has more information than you is one of the biggest spiritual myths in our culture. Whole religions are founded on the idea that exalted and enlightened beings are senior to you and know more about you than your own spirit does.

Another misguided myth in many spiritual communities is that your ancestors should be worshiped or that they are actually interested in helping you. The latter may or may not be the case. As a clairvoyant reader I get to see first-hand how ancestral beings try to influence, control, or even destroy a client’s life. But the idea that they should be worshiped is the most ridiculous thing ever concocted.

If you love your dear old grandma, who is no longer around, be aware that communicating with her is really no problem if you know how to do it safely, but having her inside your personal space (your aura) is a way of giving up your own personal authority and decision making power.

Personally, I would never ever want any of my ancestor spirits in my energy space or aura; it is my goal to kick them out of my aura and completely eliminate their unconscious influence from my life. That’s a great thing to take a look at in your meditation space; which ancestors on your mother and father’s genetic line are aligned with what you are doing in this lifetime (and what you want to create)?

Some of them may be aligned with you and some may definitely not be in alignment with you; some of them may do everything in their power to block, stop, or punish you. Why? Maybe they had it hard and think you should too; maybe they just want you to have children and forget about all this psychic stuff and healing mumbo-jumbo. The list is endless.

Do you think a dead family member or ancestor who hasn’t had a body in 400 years is automatically enlightened and in alignment with your goals? You’d better think again. If a being hasn’t taken a body in 400 years then chances are that it doesn’t even know what a computer is, or how the modern world operates.

I have met people who are highly aware of all of their dead family members’ spirits and do in fact want them in their aura and to communicate with them frequently. Every person is different; as long as you have the awareness to know what you’re doing then you won’t have a problem.

I met one woman at a hypnotherapy workshop who had probably several hundred ancestors in her space along with all her current family and she said she felt comforted and loved by them all. She was also being completely “programmed” by those beings to heal others and do certain things, but it seemed to be what she wanted and it was in alignment with her goals as a spirit; that was her growth experience for her lifetime. At the same time she had very little autonomy over her space or decisions.

Being able to differentiate what energy is yours, in your inner space and body, and what energy isn’t, is extremely important. Otherwise what happens is that foreign energy in your own inner space starts tailoring your decisions and perceptions, unconsciously.

Ideally, you want to create conscious agreements with your guides about how you interact, what they do for you, and what the expectations of the relationship are. You do the same in person to person interactions every single day whether you are conscious of your agreements with people or not; so why would your astral guides be any different?

For example, two agreements I use include: my guides should never be in my aura or space unless I specifically ask for them and they are only allowed to work with me exclusively. Additionally they are only allowed in one particular place in my body – my hand chakras.

What kinds of things do you want your guides to do for you? You can have them help you with almost anything imaginable. I even had one woman chastise me for “outsourcing my life” to my astral helpers. Hey, they are there waiting to help you; why not utilize them?

But remember: guides have their own agendas too.

Many of them want to create things through you, or complete karma, or cause trouble, or destroy things, or just be silly and have fun. The list is as endless as the kinds of things humans desire to do in everyday life – and probably even greater. They usually can’t do any of those things without a body though.

If your guides aren’t willing to work with you exclusively then it may be that their karma with you isn’t great enough to be worth working with them anyway. But using your clairvoyance to find out what is appropriate for you is the best idea.

You are the one with the body and so you have the final say in terms of what they do in your space; they are gaining tremendous benefit from working with you. Learning how to actually work with them effectively and appropriately is another article entirely. Having them help you find parking spots requires much less knowledge and meditation skill than having them help you do healings. There are a whole set of tools you need to master before you can have them help you do healing work that is really conscious and safe.

And if a being refuses to leave your aura or personal space then you can be sure that it is bullshitting you and does not have your best interest in mind; I even had one friend tell me that a being told her “no I won’t leave your aura — I’m a goddess, you can trust me,” and the image she saw of this being was of Quan Yin. But then when my friend threatened to destroy the being with her clairvoyant tools it turned into something far nastier. So beings will sometimes masquerade themselves to try and trick you.

They can throw images on your reading screen, or at your sixth chakra, like in the aforementioned example; sometimes they will show you an image of Buddha or Christ. But if you’re a practicing clairvoyant you can tell pretty easily when this happens and which images are phony and which ones represent your own innate information. But most people aren’t that aware; so they see an image of Jesus and take it at face value. So it goes without saying that there are many people who are getting manipulated by the spirits that control their churches and religious organizations. A whole book could be written on that topic alone.

If the being says it needs to be plugged into your crown chakra, or the back of your head, or anywhere on your head or throat, then you can be sure it’s bullshitting you too; unless you are a very advanced transmedium or clairvoyant, then is not a good idea to let a being into your space in those places.

I even personally saw one popular “healer” who channeled a being that claimed to be Jesus, but it in fact corded every single person at the event and extracted a portion of their sexual energy in return for the “healing.” Something tells me it wasn’t Jesus.

Author Bio:

Josh Schultz is a professional clairvoyant reader, a certified hypnotherapist, and the author of The Grounding Book. He is part of a large community of professional psychics, teachers, and healers; he holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from SFSU. Learn more about his work at: http://thegroundingbook.com.


The content in this article is solely the expression of the author of this article. By publishing this article does not mean that EnergyFanatics.com agrees with everything in this article.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    This is by far a very thought provoking and informative read. I have to agree with you for the most part about how spirits can have their own agenda simply because we have a physical body and so on. Some I believe have the intent, others unintentional. When it comes to receiving help from guides or the universe it’s based on unconditional love with no recourse of the outcome. Sort of like if you were to ask me for advice/feedback on a situation. I will tell you some things to think about. What you chose to do from there is on you. Will I get mad/upset if you ignore or chose another option? No. It is your life, your path. I do my best to offer whatever is needed to help with this person in mind, not me. I’ve actually had people ask me, “what should I do?” I tell them, “it’s your choice on what to do.” You find it from within. I help by letting this person tap into that. Often times we look outside ourselves for the answer when it is available within us. This, to me is what a spirit guide is all about. To prompt, remind, perhaps offer comfort, that the situation/lesson, etc is ours alone. Getting guidance from a physical person to me is rare because yes, we have our own “stuff” that comes out with it. Our interactions with others be it physical or spiritual is a constant lesson. What do I take? What can I give? What to get rid of? Is it helpful or harmful? Is it true? Interesting how we are all connected, yet different and diversified. Through my years I have experienced many negative influences and yes, loving/gentle guidance along the way. I’ve learned lots of information, still a work in process. I do know this much, a higher being DOES not have to convince or use other methods to “guide” you. It’s about respect and unconditional love. Hope all this makes sense. Thanks for sharing.