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What is a guru? The word “guru” means teacher in Sanskrit, however a guru is much different from most people’s concept of a traditional teacher. In fact, a guru and a “normal” teacher operate very differently.

A guru energetically plugs into your seventh chakra, white washes, and wipes out, your perception of your own spiritual information, and then spoon feeds it back to you at his/her leisure. It is an agreement that comes with all kinds of control games.

Very few spiritual people actually know this. It is, of course, an agreement you must make on some level in order for it to happen. No one can remove it for you; you have to do it yourself. Gurus do not necessarily have to have bodies either – they may simply be in a person’s space as a result of past lives, bound by rigid contracts. But you can end the karma with them and release the cord. I knew one woman, an advanced clairvoyant, and colleague, who had to work the energy around her past-life guru for an entire month, more or less continually every day, before it finally left.

On another level, anytime you give up seniority over your certainty, to someone else, you, in a sense, make that person your guru. It may not have the seventh chakra cord necessarily, but it is the same underlying concept. This is what happens when a person makes someone else’s movement practice, food choices, sexual choices, sports team, etc, into their own personal religion. When people become fanatical they end up giving away their seniority.

Another example we have all seen is when a student becomes so enamoured by their professor that they essentially take on their worldview, ideas, and philosophies, and stop thinking for themselves. And after a while, they lose their own voice. So it is important to sit down in meditation and energetically separate from your old teachers.

A client, and friend of mine, recently asked me to clairvoyantly look at woman who does what is known as “Shaktipat.” There are lots of teachers that do this. In this particular process the Kundalini energy is shocked awake to provide an intense experience. He was interested in taking a big step up in his Kundalini popping ability and was curious whether this woman would be a good person to work with. I sat down and looked at the spiritual mechanics of how she worked with her clients. It was quite a treat and I thought I would write about it.

The first image I saw was a seduction picture, followed by the image of her connecting the crown chakras of her followers to a large white pyramid; an energetic “bank” if you will. This bank of energy was managed by a council of spirits. This lady had a lot of very beautiful Indonesian shadow-play like energy about her.

I saw that the first thing this woman did was to open the student’s throat chakra so that she could communicate with them. Then she did her best to try and get that student to match her heart chakra – to varying degrees of success or failure. Then she opened the person’s Kundalini by running these curvy whitish purple lines of energy into it. Then she showed me how she would cord the student in the sixth chakra to show them “how to operate the vehicle” of their Kundalini and body together.

The seventh chakra cord to the network of white energy also came with an agreement: “the student works perpetually for us” (in what looked like an endless mining excavation project or work camp). When I asked how willing she was to let students break that agreement I saw her draw a line in the sand and turn her back and clench her fists.

My client wanted to know whether working with this lady would mean entering into a guru agreement. He got his answer. This woman seemed mildly amused on an energetic level that I was looking at how she worked and not so amused when I sat down to write this article.

Later, my client had me clairvoyantly look at another lady who advertised a similar service; I noticed that she worked in a somewhat cruder fashion, compared to the first woman, but that she would get the job done for my client and that he would have a good experience with his Kundalini, overall. I saw that she operated off a lot of Wiccan information, and sure enough after looking up her website that’s what it said. Most importantly, the service did not come with a 7th chakra agreement.

There are many ways to stimulate an intense Kundalini experience; a few examples include: skydiving, swimming with dolphins, fire-walking, sex, sitting in the king’s chamber in the famous pyramid of Giza, and even simple exercise. When you know how to turn on, and turn off, your Kundalini then you can stimulate it with different experiences in different ways.

You have your own spiritual answers. The question is: do you have the meditation tools to see, know, and understand those answers, and are you able to differentiate them from other people’s pictures? You do not need a guru to plug into your energetic system to throw their pictures and information in your space. Of course it could be a fun learning experience too, but eventually you have to end up separating from those pictures anyway.

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