Emotion Definition: What Are Emotions and Their Hidden Powers?

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To understand how powerful human emotions are, we need to understand what they are made of. Dictionary.com defines emotions as, “an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.”

What are emotions?

The definition of emotions from Dictionary.com is accurate. However, it is a general definition and doesn’t tell us what human emotions actually are. So, what are emotions then? Emotions are expressions of energy that contain specific energy codes. These energy codes are synthesized by our intuitions and emotional bodies, which allow us to understand them in a linear fashion. This process of synthesizing emotion energy codes in a linear fashion is what gives us the perception of feeling.

Like the mind, emotion has its own logic and ways of understanding information. The mind gives us the perception to understand the world through logic. Emotion gives us the ability to sense the world through cognition, which is a state of knowing that comes deep within our souls. For these reasons, if we want to find truth, we must learn to unify our minds and emotions in a harmonious way. By allowing our minds and emotions to communicate freely, we strengthen our intuition, allowing us to sense our environment at a whole new level. This higher sense will help us find truth beyond what our minds can comprehend by themselves.

Why we experience conflict emotions and have a hard time understanding them

The reason why we experience conflict emotions and have such a hard time understanding our emotions is due to energy distortions in our bodies that are preventing our mental and emotional bodies from communicating properly. This disconnection between our mental and emotional bodies is what makes us feel like our thoughts and emotions are fighting with each other, causing emotional pain and negative emotions to manifest.

The conflict between our mental and emotional bodies also weakens our cognition, preventing us from understanding ourselves and how reality works. Without the support of cognition, our logical conclusions would make little sense to our conscious awareness, causing conflict emotions and emotional pain to appear. Human emotions are what help us to discern information; therefore, when our bodies have a hard time synthesizing emotion energy codes, we have a hard time understanding our emotions and feelings, which in turn effects our emotional development and makes us want to turn off emotions. This can lead to a lack of emotions.

Emotions can help us manifest our desires and connect us to higher levels of consciousness

Emotions have the potential to assist energy and direct them in a way that can help manifest our desires into reality. Physical manifestation is the end result of focused thought. However, thought alone cannot effectively transform energy into matter. Thought needs certain energy forces to help strengthen the expressions of thought. One of them is human emotion. With emotion assisting the thought manifestation process, physical manifestation occurs in a more controlled and organized way that gives it strength through desires. For more information on how to manifest your desires, read this enlightening article.

Emotions help us to understand the world by assisting our minds in comprehending things beyond logic. When our emotions and minds work properly, they strengthen our cognition; therefore, they allow us to connect to higher levels of consciousness. This is very important for increasing emotional intelligence. Below is an excerpt from page 18 of the book titled The Path of Emotions by Dr. Synthia Andrews, which describes human emotions and their relationship to higher consciousness. This book was sent to me as a gift from one of the representatives of New Page Books.

The opposition between mind and emotions is an illusion; the two are meant to work together, each augmenting the other’s unique contribution. Accessing emotions is the key that opens the door to higher consciousness, helping us to understand our selves and the world better. Emotions do this by being a direct link to subtle energy, the vital force that flows within and around us, creating the ambiance of life and carrying the information that directs our inner convictions. Emotions are the language of subtle energy–the body’s translation of frequency. Through emotions, energy interactions are brought into direct awareness.

The hidden powers of emotion go beyond the human experience. Human emotions can also communicate with elements, such as water. Here is another excerpt from page 29 of The Path of Emotions.

The influence of emotions is beautifully visualized by the work of Japanese author Masaru Emoto. His unorthodox experiment purports to shows that different thoughts and emotions create different crystallization patterns in frozen water. In his work, people projected specific emotions and thoughts toward water as it froze, and Emoto then examined the crystals under a microscope. He found that water subjected to thoughts of love while freezing produced crystalline structures that were more elaborate and symmetrical than those that formed when focused on by people holding negative thoughts.

Here is a video of the experiment done by Masaru Emoto.

Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto


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