Manifesting Your Desires: Truths and Lies of the Law of Attraction

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Is manifesting your desires as easy as focusing your thoughts toward what you want? According to a lot of teachers of the Law of Attraction, it is nearly that easy. If manifesting desires were nearly as easy as changing how we think, why is it so hard for us to manifest our desires? The Law of Attraction plays a very important role in manifesting desires, but it is only one part of the thought manifestation process. I will explain some of the other essential pieces of the thought manifestation process in the last section of this article.

The Law of Attraction became well-known after Oprah helped promote the book and documentary film The Secret. I have not read the book but have seen the documentary. The film version of The Secret contains information and claims that some people may refer to as lies, because this film makes it seem very easy to manifest desires using the power of the Law of Attraction.

In simple terms, the Law of Attraction is a universal law that involves like energy attracting more like energy. If you understand that everything existing in the material or external world is made of only energy, you may realize that focusing your energy or thought toward something you desire can help manifest it into reality.

The Secret Trailer

The hidden agendas behind The Secret’s version of the Law of Attraction

The documentary film The Secret is very well produced in a drama kind of way, which is why it did such a great job of convincing people how easy it is to manifest their desires using the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, it lacks a lot of knowledge and wisdom of how reality works. By dissecting this documentary film, I can tell that it was designed to mislead people toward the path of greed and materialism. Having the desire to want material things is not bad. The problem is that we become too obsessed with them, causing us to lose touch with what is real within us, which is our personal connection to Creation.

The Secret tends to focus a lot on entitlement, which can lead to selfishness, greed and victim consciousness. When we focus too much on greed and material things, it motivates us to want more so we can fulfill what is lacking within us. If we follow this path of material and greed for too long, we will begin to believe that we are entitled to something, that we are better than others or that someone owes us. Once we fall into this mind trap, we set ourselves for endless frustration. This frustration is caused by replacing unrealistic and untrue expectations upon life, others and ourselves. We can also get angry when life does not turn out the way we want or we do not get what we want. As long as we keep thinking like this, we can never achieve true world peace and evolve into enlightened beings.

Truths and Lies of The Secret’s version of the Law of Attraction

The more I dissect The Secret, the more I realize that the core purpose of the film is to strengthen the idea that it is easy to achieve our desires. This teaching of focusing only on good things and making everything easy to do is a popular technique use by the Controllers or New World Order (NWO) to manipulate us. They especially like to use this technique to spread lies and deceive supporters of the new age movement into thinking only good thoughts. By focusing on only good thoughts, they are unaware of the Controllers’ dark agendas, making it easier for the leaders of the NWO to enslave them. If we live in a perfect world, focusing only on good things would work. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there are very malicious people who want to destroy our humanity.

The Controllers like to make us focus only on good things so that we are not aware of their dark agendas. By not being aware of them, they can infiltrate our society without our knowledge. To prevent the Controllers from destroying our freedom and liberty, we need to focus more on positive things, but also be aware of their “evil” deeds and expose their dark agendas. By doing this, we strengthen our awareness, making it a lot harder for the Controllers to enslave us. If you understand how the Controllers think and operate, you should know that they like to use celebrities to help promote their ideas and agendas. Oprah is one of their biggest puppets.

Even though The Secret is focused more on greed and materialism, and contains misleading information, there is some truthful information in it. One thing I do agree with this film is its acknowledgement of the benefits of positive thinking. Focusing your thoughts toward positive things does help change your life in a healthy way. Another thing I agree with this film is some of its definitions of energy.

To manifest your desires takes time, dedication, responsibility and work. Depending on your desires, you may have to work very hard for many years before you see your desires manifest into reality. This is what The Secret fails to teach viewers. The secret does not explain in great details on how the Law of Attraction works. To make matters worse, it manipulates us by lying to us about how easy it is to manifest our desires. Without understanding the fundamental truths of the thought manifestation process, when our desires do not manifest, we do not know what else to do. This can cause us to become frustrated, causing us to lose hope in achieving our goals.

The essential pieces of manifesting desires

At your current level of evolution, your mind has not evolved enough to take major control of the thought manifestation process. As a result, this process is managed and controlled by your consciousness and subconscious mind. However, understanding certain manifestation laws of the Universe can speed up the manifestation process and help you control more of it.

The most well-known manifestation law is the Law of Attraction. This law by itself is not very effective at manifesting desires until other universal laws are applied to it. One of them is the Law of Intention. Using this law along with the Law of Attraction and combining them with appropriate actions is essential for increasing the success rate of manifesting your desires. Just thinking positive thoughts without actions is not very effective at manifesting your desires. To manifest your desires into fruition takes a lot of work, dedication, responsibility and faith.

Another universal law you should pay very close attention to is the Law of Allowance. This universal law is one of the hardest laws to practice, but plays a very critical role in manifesting your desires. It is the law that basically allows the desired experience to manifest through thoughts, words and deeds. The Law of Allowance can be referred to as patience. The act of holding the desired experience accompanied by emotions, envisioning its outcome, allowing it to manifest with full faith, is the application of the Law of Allowance.

DNA and thought manifestation

The secret to taking control of the manifestation process is through DNA activation. This is one of the most, if not, the most important part. True DNA activation can only be done through the use of subconscious symbol codes, the power of the mind and actions of the body. Technologies can help activate certain portions of your DNA to a certain level, but without the actions of your body, mind, and the understanding of energy mechanics, true DNA activation is not possible.

The human body holds the key to activating its DNA. Once its higher strands of DNA are activated to a certain point, its ability to manifest energy into matter strengthens. Instant manifestation can occur when the higher strands of the human DNA are activated to the required level and the body lives in a reality field of higher frequency or higher dimensions. To heal and activate your DNA in your current state of existence takes a lot of time (many lifetimes), dedication, responsibility and hard work.

The idea that you create your own reality is very real, but it is only one part of the very complex creation process. The whole human experience is created through the collective human consciousness and the consciousness of Earth. This creative process is linked to the microcosm and expands all the way to the macrocosm. As a result, other people’s thoughts also affect your reality to a certain point. In addition, the consciousness of our planet, galaxy and universe also affects your reality. In other words, we are all united as one; therefore, we should pay attention to other people’s thoughts and actions too.

If you want to live in a world filled with abundance, start taking actions to promote world peace instead of focusing all your thoughts on what you want. When you focus too much on what you want and do not care about others, it can cause your ego to become overactive. This can lead to selfish behaviors and other negative behaviors. As these negative behaviors spread throughout a nation, we eventually create a society full of self-centered people. This is exactly what the Controllers want. An egocentric society will always have problems with racism and discrimination, which eventually leads to other conflicts, such as wars.

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  1. JM Setlodi says:

    We are the assigners of meaning in our lives. All situations, all circumstances and all events are a neutral set of props which contain no built-in meaning. You assign that meaning and therefore, the assigner of that meaning. The meaning that you assign determines the effect that you get out.

    Given any neutral situation that occurs in your life, if you apply and assign a negative meaning, you will receive a negative effect. If you take the same situation; same parameters in place, and assign a positive meaning – by perhaps asking how it serves you rather than why is this happening to you – you get a positive response and effect.