Are GMOs Being Used as Bio-Weapons to Cause Infertility, Cancer, Obesity and Chronic Diseases?

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Most anti-GMO supporters are aware of the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). However, they are unaware that one of the top goals of GMOs is to use them as bio-weapons to achieve the objectives of certain biotech companies. With the right technologies and techniques, biotech companies can create GMOs that can be used to affect certain genes to the point where they can cause certain health conditions to manifest, such as cancer, obesity, diabetes or infertility. Certain controlling globalists, who are in control of the largest biotech companies (Monsanto, DuPont), believe that the world is too overpopulated; therefore, they need to create GMOs that can cause infertility.

The idea that the world is overpopulated is nothing more than a hoax designed to further the agendas of globalists. Here is evidence showing that overpopulation is a hoax. This video shows that we can squeeze 7 billion people inside the city of Los Angeles.

7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine

If you do not have time to watch the short video, here is the screenshot.

Population 7 Billion

Mother Earth can easily support 7 billion people as long as we learn how to manage her resources wisely and not pollute her lands and oceans.

Scientists who study epigenetics are well aware that certain GMOs or chemicals can turn certain genes on and off. With the right knowledge, technologies and techniques, scientists can create GMOs that can cause infertility, obesity, cancer, diabetes and chronic diseases. However, if used in a positive way, epigenetics can help heal a lot of health conditions.

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) used to create food and crop seeds are true biological weapons to create infertility worldwide. There are several companies working in the field of biotechnology and nanotechnology, which exist for the sole purpose of studying, experimenting and creating genetically modified organisms that cause infertility in animals, plants and humans. The most famous of all the companies that produces GMO seed is Monsanto, whose executives have publicly said that they want Monsanto to become the only producer of seeds in the world and that no food should be grown that does not come from seeds manufactured by their company.

Monsanto is joined by other giants of biotechnology and chemistry such as Cargill, DuPont and ConAgra. But the creation and application of transgenic organisms is not limited to these multinational corporations. There are smaller contractors who do the same work, perhaps with more impressive results due to the expertise of its work. This is the case of Epicyte, a company in California, whose president has shown his satisfaction to be in possession of massive quantities of agricultural products infested with GMO ingredients, that after being consumed would cause the sterilization of those who ingest and absorb his company’s GMO ingredients.

How to protect yourself and your family from GMOs in the US

  • Most vegetable oils in the US are either genetically modified or contain genetically modified ingredients, unless they are organic or labeled non-GMO. Olive and coconut oil are great alternatives, because there are currently no genetically modified olive and coconut oil. However, this may change in the near future. The coconut oil that I recommend using is called Artisana Raw Organic Coconut Oil.
  • Avoid junk foods as much as possible, because many of them contain some form of genetically modified ingredient. When buying junk food, make sure you read the ingredients list. For more specific information on how to look for invisible GM ingredients, please visit this site.
  • Many of the foods found in fast food restaurants are genetically modified or contain GM ingredients, because they are cooked with GM vegetable oil or contain soybean ingredients.
  • Avoid processed foods that contain soy and corn by-products, including soy protein, soy flour, soy lecithin, corn meal, corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, maltodextrin, citric acid, and lactic acid.
  • Avoid dairy products that are treated with genetically modified rbGH.
  • Avoid corn that is not organically grown, because it is usually genetically modified.

A great site to visit for more tips on how to avoid genetically modified food is


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