A Mainstream Media Admits Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are Health Hazards

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Ever since genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were introduced into the market, the mainstream media has been heavily supporting the belief that GMOs are good for our health and environment. Due to the support of the mainstream media, advocates of GMO were winning many debates on the controversial issues of genetically modified foods. Nowadays, GMO supporters are losing the information war on genetically modified organisms, because many people are turning to the internet for alternative news. For this reason, the heavily controlled mainstream media has to change its views on GMOs or it will become irrelevant in the near future.

A lot of supporters of GMOs claimed that these types of foods are needed to support an overpopulated world, because they think genetically modified foods are easier to grow, last longer and more cost effective than natural foods; therefore, they must be more capable of feeding an overpopulated world. What GMO supporters do not understand is that the concept of overpopulation is a hoax designed to make the 1 percent rich and the 99 percent poor. For evidence showing the world is not overpopulated, read this informative article. Another thing supporters of artificial food do not understand is the effectiveness of sustainable farming.

Here is a short video that does a great job of explaining the cons of genetically modified organism and the hidden agendas behind it.

Genetic engineering: The World’s Greatest Scam?

Below is a informative short video that does an excellent job of explaining why sustainable farming is one of the answers to food shortages and environmental pollution. For more fascinating information on sustainable farming, read this empowering article.

Growing Power

Researchers and scientists who support the modifying of genes of organisms do not understand the complexity of how nature creates life. For this reason, they do not realize that the current methods of mixing genes of organisms are destructive to the natural order of nature. This is why animals fed with GMOs developed serious health problems, including but not limited to infertility, birth defects, immune disorders, growth and digestive problems, premature aging and cancer. To make matters worse, they have not done any long-term study on the health effects of GMOs.

The evidence proving genetically modified foods are health hazards is so overwhelming that it is forcing mainstream media outlets to admit they were wrong about GMOs. Here is a short video showing proof of Fox News openly admitting that these types of artificial foods are health hazards.

Fox News Shockingly Reports the Truth on GMOs

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