Healing Your Body Using Digital Medicine and Quantum Healing Technology

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Physicists who aren’t afraid to study quantum mechanics and multidimensional physics have found strong evidence that the Universe we live in is electrical and holographic in nature. In other words, physical reality is like a giant hologram that seems to stretch for eternity.

Once you understand the relationship between matter and energy and that material things are nothing more than projections of energy or holographic projections, then you should start to see how quantum healing technology and digital medicine can heal your body.

Understanding How Energy Healing Works

When you break matter down to the atomic level and beyond, it is made of only energy. Everything you see in the material realm is actually energy that has transformed or projected itself into a material object. Each object has its own unique frequency signatures that work similar to a fingerprint. This allows your subconscious to differentiate an object from another object.

In the case of herbs, by studying and utilizing their healing frequency signatures, scientists can use advanced healing devices to transmit these healing frequencies into the body. The body will then act like it is actually receiving the healing chemicals of herbs.

The core structures that matter is built upon has an original blueprint that tells matter how to act at its fundamental levels. However, this original blueprint can become imbalanced due to certain things that can cause its structures to become distorted.

In the case of the human body, negative thoughts and actions, and living an unhealthy lifestyle can cause the original blueprint of the human body to be distorted, causing health, emotional and mental problems.

To truly heal your body, you need to heal yourself not just at the physical level, but also at the energy level. The energy structures that make up your body contain energy codes that operate similar to the codes embedded in DNA. When these codes aren’t working properly, you become susceptible to diseases and health conditions.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine doesn’t have the ability to fix the distortions in the energy codes of your energy or light bodies. However, new discoveries in digital medicine and quantum healing technology may be able to fix some of these distortions.

The Healing Potential of Digital Medicine and Quantum Healing Technology

If created correctly, the codes of digital medicine combined with quantum programming can be downloaded into a special card or a regular cellphone and be used to send healing energy codes into the body to stimulant its healing mechanism. This is just one of the many applications that digital medicine can be used to heal diseases. Quantum technology may seem like science fiction to most of us, but the NSA and CIA have been tinkering with it for decades. If you want evidence of this, read this informative article.

Curing Disease Beyond Conventional Medicine

Some of the things that govern the process of manifesting energy into matter are the energy codes embedded in energy or consciousness. If physicists can find a way to directly affect these energy codes, they can alter the perception of reality to a certain point and cure diseases at their core. This is what some scientists in the field of digital medicine are trying to achieve.

If scientists could perfect the art of quantum digital medicine and use it in harmony with nature, healing cancer, AIDs and other “incurable diseases” would become a reality. This advanced energy-based technology can also be used to reduce air pollution, clean toxic waste, increase longevity, stimulate the growth of lost limbs and so much more.

The problem with digital medicine is that it does not harmonize well with the organic codes of the human body due to the fact that it uses digital codes instead of natural codes. Because of this, digital medicine should not be used to holistically heal the body.

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