Rife Frequency Healing Machine: Scam or Real?

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Rife Plasma Tube

Screenshot from YouTube / Primitive Wisdom

The Rife machine is a frequency healing device created by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. Dr. Rife was a great scientist who had the vision of inventing a frequency generator with the potential to heal all kinds of diseases.

As an inventor and scientist, he dedicated his life to study the relationship between frequency and disease. His research helped him to discover that all microorganisms, including cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria, have their own unique resonance frequency.

Once Dr. Royal Rife was able to determine a microorganism’s unique frequency signatures, he exposed it to certain frequencies and high intensity light pulses until he found the right frequencies that could destroy the microorganism. The frequency healing machines he used were called Beam Ray machine and Rife Ray Tube.

His experiments showed that the combination of certain frequencies and light pulses could destroy microorganisms without harming healthy cells and tissues. With this knowledge, he realized that a well built frequency healing machine could heal many illnesses, including cancer.

Why Many Rife Machines Nowadays are Scams

Many of the components used in Dr. Rife’s original frequency healing device have become obsolete or very hard to find. Because of this, many of the newer Rife machines are actually cheap or fake imitations of Dr. Rife’s original Beam Ray. Many of these cheap imitations don’t work as well as they claim and thus they are basically scams.

Many of the cheap imitations of the Rife machine have digital instead of analog technology. In many applications, digital technology is often more accurate. However, in a frequency healing device, simulating the minor variations of electromagnetic signals isn’t possible, unless the digital device uses very complex hardware and computer programs.

In addition, it is nearly impossible to digitally create the perfectly smooth gradients of tuning that are inherent in an analog device. Plus, it takes a lot of computer power and memory to digitally create the organic electromagnetic waves that are generated from an analog device.

Analog technology is more convenient to use in a frequency healing device, because it is cost efficient and requires less advanced hardware and software. As described at JWLabs.com.

If an analog device can split a single hertz into billionths, simply by turning a dial, a single hertz simulated at that level digitally would require at least a gigabit of information. Multiply that by the ten thousand hertz that are traditionally used in the therapy, would require ten terrabytes or about six modern PCs computers, loaded to the gills, to equal it digitally. Not impossible, but still a lot more than is feasible or affordable with the present state of digital programming technology.

Could the Rife Machine Cure Cancer?

Many followers and researchers of Dr. Rife claimed that in 1934 an experiment was done using the Rife machine to cure cancer. In this experiment, 16 cancer patients were treated with the Rife machine. After roughly four months into the treatment, all of them were cured of cancer. It is commonly reported that a committee of professional doctors and pathologists recorded and observed this experiment and found that it wasn’t a hoax.

When Dr. Royal Rife used his original frequency healing machine to cure cancer or kill harmful microorganism, he used many different frequencies. For example, if his frequency device generates a main frequency, it also generates many other sub-frequencies that work together to destroy the microorganisms. Most so called modern Rife machines nowadays lack this feature. Even if they do have this feature, it is often a toned down version.

Are There Any Real Rife Machines Available?

The original Rife machine isn’t available anymore because certain parts of the machine are obsolete and very hard to find. However, some private companies have been able to create a smaller and more convenient version of it. One of these companies is JWLabs. Unfortunately, their Rife machines don’t have plasma ray tube technology. Another company known for creating some of the best modern Rife machines is Whitman Technology. Their Rife machine is called BCX Ultra, an advanced frequency healing device that has plasma ray tube technology.

As for Dr. Rife’s Beam Ray machine, some scientists have been able to recreate it too. A well designed Rife machine will generate a main frequency along with many other sub-frequencies to heal the body. It also utilizes the power of harmonics, resonance, and square waves.

Why Dr. Rife’s Original Frequency Healing Device was Never Mass Produced

Dr. Rife never really got a chance to mass produce his original Rife machine, because certain powerful groups of businessmen and banksters took actions to destroy his credibility. Some of them even threatened him and tried to destroy him financially. Eventually, he died before he could share his frequency healing technology to the world.

Why would they do these things to him you may ask? A frequency healing device that has the potential to heal dozens if not hundreds of diseases and health conditions (i.e., cancer, AIDS, Lyme disease, muscle and joint pain, arthritis, skin conditions, Morgellons disease) is a threat to the conventional medical industry, which was why they had to prevent him from sharing his Rife machine with the people of the world.

Do You Need More Information on the Rife Machine?

If you want to learn how to use the Rife Machine to heal health conditions and diseases, you need to educate yourself about frequency healing. An excellent book that teaches you about frequency healing is titled The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health. Below is a summary of the book.

The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy with a Holistic Health Primer. Published 2011: hardcover, 768 pages, This 2011 version closely details how Royal Rife’s resonance therapy worked, additional treatments for cancer, Rife’s original frequencies (verified by his lab notes), and two new appendices–selected published clinical trials on frequency therapies over the past 40 years, and contemporary Rife research in the United States (with newly released photos). The science is explained to the satisfaction of practitioners and researchers, yet is understandable to the layperson. Chapter 4, “FAQs About Rife Sessions and Equipment,” explains how to select a unit; who can safely use this therapy; how to give a Rife session to yourself, family, friends or pets; and tips for optimal sessions. The 204-page Chapter 5 cross-referenced Frequency Directory lists frequencies for cancer, Crohn’s and other digestive disorders, Lyme, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders, Mycoplasma, parasites, respiratory infections, retroviruses, healing/regeneration, Candida, much more. Details how synthesized drugs suppress the body’s natural function, how the FDA and drug industry conceal negative drug test results, how double-blind studies are unscientific and unethical, drug-related causes of teen violence, dangers of vaccines, the life cycles of a microbe (pleomorphism), why germs alone do not cause disease, and how emotional and mental states change DNA.

To learn more about the book titled The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health, visit this online store.

Frequency Generators vs True Rife Machines

Rife-Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Microorganisms

Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDx Skidmore College

Dr. Royal R. Rife – Waves That Cure


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  1. Sorgfelt says:

    I recently read a book on the Flower of Life that made the statement that the frequencies published by Rife were deliberately made wrong by him for some reason. Has anyone else encountered such a statement?

    • Robert Shrewsbury says:

      In my detection business I have found that the resonant frequencies of the elements change according to temperature of the elements endothermic and exothermic effects! I also noticed that the Moon cycles of full moon to dark moon, perigee and apogee cause an atomic space drift due to the gravity exerted on the earth and therefore a change in the resonant frequencies. I always adjust for this this frequency change in the field every day so I can of course be as accurate as possible.

      I suspect that this is why the present day Royal Rife frequencies only work a little at best.

      Sincerely, Robert

      • Lois says:

        I was wondering about the rife meditations available on the internet using biaureal beats listened to with headphones? Looking for relief from shingles and herpes. I listened to 1 1/2 hours on the internet and felt something not sure if it is real or imagined. Wondered if listening to the digital over the web can work.

      • stuart parry says:

        Would you ever consider publishing this data on line for people ,
        kind regards stuart

        • Steven Evans says:

          As Senior Research Scientist for the non-profit Therapeutics Research Institute [TRI], we are continuing our formal study of addressing autism with both a Rife application and an over-the-counter food supplement. Nothing is being sold, there are no fees, and everything is provided without charge. We published initial outcomes [see my remarks above] and now have obtained extended longitudinal data.

          After 6 months, on average 75% of all the clients’ attributes operative at a severe or moderately serious level [among a national listing of 58 possible choices] were reversed to either “no problem” or a “slight problem” when both the Rife and the supplement were used. With just the supplement, about 42% were reversed. At 12 months, about 88% were reversed with the combination therapy while about 59% were with the supplement alone. We are now submitting the second report of our research for publication.

          Our number of participants are currently very few, and we are looking to advance to 300 participants in the next round [once we secure funding for that effort]. Still, even with our currently small sample, we are collecting data which demonstrate that the supplement is having a huge impact and the Rife added is increasing that impact by another 50% [roughly speaking]. This is an intervention Study, not another clinical trial, so there is no placebo. Thus we are convinced from the data that the supplement is of enormous benefit and the Rife is adding significantly to it. No side effects have been reported. We will next month update our reporting site at ControlAutismNow.org with the new data.

          We believe this Study adds somewhat rigorous data of the usefulness of a Rife application in concert with its safety. Such data is hard to come by of course. We have collected data in other settings [e.g., Lyme disease], but only our Autism Study is being pursued in this more rigorous manner. Feel free to email me at steven.evans@ControlAutismNow.org if you wish more information about this autism research. We still are enrolling clients and are providing the supplement without any charge, but must await funding sources to also provide a Rife [i.e., we previously provided without charge a Rife to all the clients using it, but now must await new funding to continue that policy].

  2. Tony says:

    don’t know much about the machine though I think there is evidence that when we expose ourselves or organisms to stressors or unusual events that the body will adjust and possibly heal itself. Same with other systems in life that are exposed to stressors. Some of them will kill the system yet other times a random or unexpected event will cause the system to heal or strengthen itself. While the statement that “all were cured of cancer” seems unrealistic the underlying rational makes sense.

  3. patrick Simoniello says:

    I don’t know much about this subject because we have all been programed to run to a doctor and follow his advice. However since I am so distrustful of the designed for profit medical industry and the FDA that suppresses many natural cures wont even run trials on proven cures because they are natural and cant be patented and thus not profitable. The rife theory makes so much sense, That I bought one from JWLabs, and have been using the General alignment Disks for 3 weeks now. Hard to evaluate at this point since I am healthy at 77 years of age with the exception of type 2 diabetes which I’ve had for 20 years’ I just purchased the diabetes disks and will start using them after I complete the G.A. disks and the two additional pro active cancer disks that came with the JWLABS model A machine. I’ll know better by then and will post results.

    • PL Chang says:

      Glad to know that you are testing out this frequency healing device. Keep us updated with your results.

    • Fred Pyro says:

      Patrick, any update on how your machine is working, I have Type 2 diabetes as well and was wondering if you had any success with that.

    • Jz says:

      The FDA does not run trials. The FDA does not suppress natural cures. It requires that manufacturers run the testing and apply for approval to sell. If a “natural” cure were profitable, then a manufacturer would apply for approval. The testing must show both safety and effectiveness. The Rife Theory does make sense except there are many difficulties in the design and manufacture of such a device which will be both effective and safe. It is well known that high frequencies are potentially damaging to biological structures and that pure frequencies cannot be produced in current electronics. Stray radiation could do damage to essential tissues or cause cancer where there is none. Be careful when using this device. Remember that, if there have been no controlled studies, there is no assurance of either safety or effectiveness. By the way I am a BSEE who has worked in electronic medical products for 24 years.

      • Karen DeBerry says:

        I am an RN and have done alternative therapies for over 30 years. The FDA and allowed many substances to be approved which are incredibly harmful. It is a government agency which is bloated and has lost its way. We aren’t allowed many really good therapies which are used in other countries with excellent results. I haven’t used this technology long enough to know its effectiveness, however I am feeling better. As I continue to read and study I am more and more impressed with this technology. The original premise is sound.

  4. Tara says:

    I am living proof this technology works. Was diagnosed with Lyme’s in 2010. After 3 years of drugs and hopelessness a cousin of mine, a retired radiologist, treated me with his scalar machine. I had amazing results with 3 months of total remission. We bought our own little electronic resonance device and I treat every other week and I have no Lyme’s symptoms anymore whatsoever. We treat flu, colds, back pain, diabetes, stomach issues and more with this little machine. You could not pry this machine from my clutches now.

    • Sonja says:

      Dear Tara,

      My husband was diagnosed with Lyme this past December. My grandfather is willing to generously buy us a Rife machine. We don’t feel comfortable with the one he has received a lot of mail from. Please, would you share what machine has helped you? We would be so grateful.

      Sonja Brady

    • sid says:

      Dear Tara
      I would love to know where you bought that machine. i have a lot people to help for there differents virus .

      Thanks in advance of your help

    • Kat says:

      could pls tell what type of rife did youbuse pls. the exact name & type. thank you

    • Dell Roberson says:

      Hey Tara Could you tell me where to get this machine? I am in dire need

      Thank you for your time and best regards,

      Dell Roberson

    • walley says:

      hi Tara. It pleases me to hear of your success!!!! I wish you all the best in health. Like all your other responses,I too would like some info on the make and model of the machine you purchased. Look forward to your response.Best of health to you and yours!!!!!


    saludos a todos .
    llevo algunos años trabajando con RADIOFREQUENCIAS — pero el PROGRAMA DEL Dr. RIFE para mi es lo mejor -se a tratado muchas enfermedades con resultados muy satisfactorios -en mi caso encontre ASCARIS LUMBRICOIDES en mi cerebro Y LAS ESTOY TRATANDO ACTUALMENTE — pronto escribire los resultados

    Translated into English using Google Translate:

    greetings to all.
    took some years working with RADIOFREQUENCIAS – but the PROGRAM Dr. RIFE for me is the best He has tried many diseases with very satisfactory results in my case I found Ascaris lumbricoides in my brain AND I’M CURRENTLY TRYING – soon will write the results

  6. Richard says:

    I see there are several companies that sell the Rife machine, is there a company that sales the original unit that has been up graded. Do not want to buy a scammer unit. Your feed back. please.


  7. Bob Musgrave says:

    You referenced two Rife units, (JWLabs & BCX ? not sure if the letter are right?) One costs about $1000.+ the other about $2500+. There was no mention of the GB-4000, which costs about $4600+. How do the three compare, with such a huge price difference. Do you get what you pay for or are the less expensive units worth investing in? Thanks

  8. jim says:

    Just purchased a Rife box from a man who has been making them for nearly 30 years. He built one for his wife originally to cure her, and since that time he has been making them and selling them for the cost of the parts to bless other, and to show his thankfulness to God for healing his wife.

    It cost me $580 including the shipping. 🙂

    I have three boys with Heb-B who we will be treating with it.

    • erl says:


      do you have an email or contact information for that man who sold you the machine? or can you post your email?


    • John Babet says:

      Hello Jim,

      do you have an email or contact information for that man who sold you the $580 machine?

      all best

    • Joseph says:

      Can you email me the mans info im interested in one for my wife please.

    • Dell Roberson says:

      Hey Jim could you tell me where to get this machine? I am in dire need

      Thank you for your time and best regards,

      Dell Roberson

      • Steven Evans says:

        If it is any help, we here at the Therapeutics Research Institute (TRI) have been researching Rife machines for over a decade. I have looked at the ones made by individuals, and in our opinion, they lack several crucial features. So we buy them from a company [no “hidden connections”] and program them for clients [no charges] and send them to the person. Our goal is to get feedback for our research efforts. It costs us about $945 to buy the “Rife Professional” [that includes the crucial add-on mat, the new wrist bands, mailing from them and then mailing to you, etc.].

        If anyone wishes, they can contact me and we will get one for you, do the initial programming for your problem [e.g., Lyme has a number of useful sequences such as Lyme, reduce inflammation, deer tick, etc.] and then mail it to you. On your side, you need to “contribute” the $945 to TRI which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) — see us at our site at http://www.wikicuria.com for more information. I wish we could just give the Rife machines away but we have no external funding. The one we have been researching provides therapy for about 3500 disease states and has the crucial “pulse sweep” option to increase the frequency’s effectiveness. We have no financial connection to the provider of the Rife other than they work with us in these research studies [and we get consultations for our clients from them when needed]. We just published the results of our study using a Rife plus a single over-the-counter supplement in a medical journal which can be found here:
        http://oatext.com/Initial-outcomes-from-an-autism-treatment-demonstration.php — with the Rife plus supplement, there was a 39% reduction in attributes versus 34% when the same study was done by Harvard and Hopkins without the Rife but just the supplement [also published]. We are now enlarging our Study but we attribute the improved difference to the addition of the Rife. In any case, I am just offering this option to aid you in getting a suitable Rife in case it is of any help.

        Steven Evans
        Senior Research Scientist
        Therapeutics Research Institute

        • Leoni says:

          Hi Steven
          thank you for supplying so much information. I am interested in finding out more about a rife machine for my husband who has just had a radical neck dissection for melanoma. 10 out of 21 lymph nodes we cancerous. No organs were involved. we are waiting to see which type and see what treatments the doctors have to offer. I did see a small section on Rife machines but no link to buying machines.
          thank you

          • Tammy says:

            Hi I was wondering if you ever had any luck getting in touch with the gentlemen that made the homemade Rife machine if so could I please get his contact information. My husband has matasized cancer and we need help. Please let me know. Thanks Tammy

          • Steven Evans says:


            By chance, I happened to see your message from last year — my apologies for not responding sooner. I had been a senior research scientist [contributed services] for some decades at the Hereditary Cancer Institute at the Creighton Medical School and so our Institute has an intense focus on cancer to this day.

            I have developed and provide a Cancer Immune Protocol [that includes a Rife component] as part of our Protocol along with some additional specifics for melanoma in particular. You are welcome to our entire consultation in this regard [as a non-profit, we charge no fees, sell nothing, etc. ]. Although our site is http://www.wikicuria.com for TRI, I haven’t updated it in a very long time. Still, feel free to go to our site, review our history, and use the CONTACT tab to get in touch to obtain information your husband might greatly benefit from. I will identify the Rife we buy for our research and in your case, the added [and needed] Protocol for his melanoma cancer.

            Please note that by now, all my other pro bono oncology colleagues have died and so there is now just two of us left…. so it can take a bit to get back with you. Still, I do my best and will indeed respond — be patient.

            Best wishes,
            Steven Evans
            Senior Research Scientist

      • Tammy says:

        Hi I don’t like to bug anyone but I’m in MAJOR need of help. I was wondering if you every got the contact information about who and how to contact Jim for a Rife Machine. My husband is stage 4 matatisized colon cancer. I happen to come across this website I really don’t know which is the best Machine and I’m scared if I don’t do something asap I’m gonna be a widow with two children still in school. Thanks I am hoping I here back from you. Thanks Tammy

    • rich says:

      dear sir
      could you please give me the name and phone number of the person who sold you a machine similiar to the prowave 101 natureswave rife

      thank you
      rich c.

  9. Steve Robinson says:

    Please provide the contact information for the gentleman that builds a rife machine for $580.00
    Do you know if that machine generates analog frequency ? Thank you.

  10. Ann says:

    Please everyone, if you have a machine that is working well for you, please let us know the type and brand of machine. Many of us on here are looking for a machine but don’t know where to look. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    • Bob Musgrave says:


      I have had great experience with both the GB4000 and the Perl m+. They’re expensive ($4000+ dollars) but you get what you pay for. The GB4000 brought a friend of my back from the brink of death due to leukemia. After two months of running the entire 2 hour program three times a week, his white and red blood cell count are near normal. Another lady twisted her foot while running and two sessions of about 30 minutes took the pain and swelling out. My wife’s partially plugged arteries (cholesterol) have began to open. They’re a lot of money, but what’s your health worth? Bob

      • Mary L. says:

        Hello Bob,

        I just came across your posting regarding your recent experience with the PERL M+ machine.

        I would very much like to learn more about your experience using this machine if you are able to contact me.

        I have a dear friend who is trying to decide on whether to purchase the PERL M+ and ProGen II, or go with a machine by TrueRife.

        It’s a bit challenging to find someone who can offer “real time” feedback and are using this particular machine currently, so I would love to hear from you!

        Thank you in advance.

        Warm regards,

  11. Bob Musgrave says:

    I’ve been working with a company who sells the PERL-M+, they say it has pulse/light technology, they charge $5000.00 for this unit. I noticed that it’s not listed on this site. Does anyone know whether it’s worth the money? They state they have a 60 day buy-back program. I have a friend who was healed of leukemia in three months (doctor evaluated and confirmed) using the GB-4000. He was more dead than alive when he started the treatments, now he’s robust and looking like he did three years ago.

  12. Jeb says:

    The Rife Generator frequencies can break up tumors causing them to grow and spread throughout the body so they are impossible to cure. Any frequency that oscillates or uses RF either ablates or dessicates tissue ergo it will harm good cells first. It is impossible to have a smart bomb to target bad cells and this has been proven for years and many people have died after having used the machine. Unless you have a board certified MD who specializes in RF AND Oncology, you are fooling yourself. It will kill you.

  13. Tina says:

    Could this machine help cure muscular dystrophies?

    • Mark says:

      The BCX Ultra does have frequencies for muscular dystrophy. I own one and it is the best machine on the market. Not cheap, but good health is worth any price to me. Be well and God Bless.

  14. Alex says:

    My naturopathic doctor in Pittsburgh offers a Rife machine to patients to use free of charge

  15. Cherry Maly says:

    Here is an excerpt from the same page cited in the article above. John Wright clears up some misunderstandings about Rife technology, an industry which has often been misrepresented, and perhaps deliberately, confused. (To read the entire article, see http://jwlabs.com/rife-technology-2/technical-explanation/)

    “Rife discovered the importance of frequency when he found that microorganisms can be viewed in their native colors. He did this through the use of a series of prisms, and arrived at a system that could polarize the light spectrum for this purpose. In the strictest sense, these are the true native frequencies of the various microorganisms. But the frequencies of light can only be easily expressed by scientific notation, because they are so high. When he exposed them to the precise frequencies of light under the microscope, obviously, the microbes did not die, because the amount of deliverable energy by means of light is insignificant and far below the level that is needed to destroy them. So he was forced by practicality, to translate these light frequencies down the spectrum, to lower frequency ranges, so that enough energy could be safely delivered.

    One of the ranges that will do the job is the radio transmission range. These are frequencies measured in megahertz, or millions of cycles per second. This range turned out to be ideal for treatment of the microscope, and will only destroy microbes when the precise frequency is achieved.

    The big drawback of using radio waves to kill pathogens, is that microwave begins as low as 33 megahertz. Unshielded microwave energy, obviously, is not desirable in any therapy instrument for the reason that it will kill off human cells just as readily as it can kill germs. Human brain cells are especially susceptible, as are certain nerves, reproductive organs and tissues of the eye.

    So, in order to make an instrument that will not do the user any harm, only the audio range is safe. The audio range is about the same as that of a piano. You can listen to a piano all day long and it will not harm you in the slightest way, in fact, music has other plainly observable therapeutic value all by its self.

    The resonance of a signal are really overtones and undertones, just as they are observable on the piano. When you hit middle C, both high C and low C resonate. It is by this means that the mortal oscillatory rates actually work. Audio does not use the native frequencies of a microbe, they employ the resonances that are sympathetically generated. Resonance does not occur in the machine, they occur in the body. Also the same in a piano, it is not only middle C that resonates when you press it, it is also the other components, and the body of the piano that resonate.

  16. Steven Evans says:

    I am the Senior Research Scientist of a non-profit 501(c)(3) Research Institute called the Therapeutics Research Institute. We charge no fees nor sell any products. We have been doing research on Rife machines for a number of years now. We currently are focusing on the product “Rife Digital Professional” ($800) which we buy from healthproducts2.com — we have no financial ties with them or any other connections other than their product seemed potentially attractive.

    We have clients currently running it using what is alleged to be Rife’s original frequency set for cancer, plus we just finished a study in its use for autism whose results have been accepted for publication in a medical journal [out soon]. We have done a number of case studies in testing this version of the Rife with the more recent autism study being the more extensive of a number of studies.

    Using the Rife with a key over-the-counter supplement, we obtained a 39% significant control of critical autism behavioral attributes while Hopkins and Harvard obtained a 34% reduction [also published results] using just this same supplement [no Rife of course]. It is possible we obtained these better results with the added Rife use although our primary goal for the Study was to replicate significant control of autism, which did occur. We are now in the process of seeking funding to expand the Study to a much larger group. We bought the Rife machine noted above and gave one to all the autism participants in our previous study. Since we have no external funding, new funding is needed to support the expanded Study we will soon launch.

    Meanwhile we are closely monitoring clients using it for cancer. We should have outcome results in a few more months. Past Study uses in other areas [e.g., UTI, Lyme, shingles] in combination with key supplements showed extremely notable positive outcomes. No negative side effects have been reported to date. We continue this research intensively.

    Dr. Ralph Moss [of some national renown] just reported on his site that a product from Optune [formerly Novacure] just received FDA approval of the use of a frequency generator [along with a chemo agent] as a first line therapy for brain cancer. I can report that they would never have let them run the trial without including some chemo agent. Previously Novacure received FDA approval for the use of their frequency generator for brain cancer [but only after chemo had been tried]. As Dr. Moss said, it sure seems like the Rife machine being used here [which is he noted ironical since the FDA has attacked Rife technology in the past]. Note this is FDA approval AFTER formal FDA clinical trials. I will add that we have had clients with brain cancer at some of the sites involved with the successful trials and told the spouse to ask for the Rife addition. This was refused in all cases [these patients all subsequently died by the way]. So progress is this FDA approval [this is HARD evidence]. The other side is that we tell clients to get their own machines if they ever hope to obtain this addition to their care regimen in the regular world.

    We will be reporting on our Study outcomes in the months ahead along with the next Autism Study. This next Autism study will begin enrollment in August. I hope some of this information helps.

  17. Carol says:

    Tara if its easier i can provide my email so that you can inform me of the place you purchased your rife if possible.

  18. Chris says:

    Can the machine be used to help spinal cord injuries?

  19. Chris says:

    Can the machine be used to help spinal cord injuries or have frequencies for nerve regeneration?

    • Steven Evans says:

      I would suggest some key supplements for which there is good evidence for nerve regeneration. These include resveratrol, curcumin, and melatonin. Do a google search to get specifics.

  20. Tom says:

    Personally I appreciate this article! It makes total sense how it helped my thyroid problem with a machine called “Most Popular” made by Travis (www.rifemachinebuilder.com). When I first tried, I was half and half, didn’t really have big expectation because I didn’t really research about it and not sure how it works but still tried because all I had to do was simple; just turn the power on and do what I have to do nearby. 3-4 months later, without any medication or other treatment, my doctor said my thyroid is clearly gone. That was the most amazing experience. Now I am studying more about the rife machine and more I study about it, it helps me to understand the benefits of the machine.

  21. Richard says:

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone mention the Spooky2. Its by far the cheapest in the bunch and probably more advanced than all of them. You can get started with a generator, a frequency program on your PC and some handhelds for $200.

  22. DJ says:

    During 2008-2012 I was working in a mold filled factory and I was poisioned and made very, very sick by the mold spores. A RIFE machine manufactured by NewRIFE in Kalamazoo, MI literally saved my life. I cannot speak to its efficasy with cancer or other illnesses but it works with me with mold. In the end I made the decision to invest in my health.

  23. Suzi says:

    The Spooky2 has really come a long way in a short amount of time. It now has a plasma phanotron that is like Rife’s original plasma. I have the plasma tube which is not quite as powerful but very very effective for all the conditions I have used it for. I also have several generators on remote mode – just place a DNA sample (fingernail) in the remote and be free of being attached or near the device. It runs 24/7 and is also very effective.

    Spooky2’s database now has over 29,000 frequency programs. It has become quite fascinating in all it can do. Not only is the software continually improved for free but the development team makes nice accessories like cold laser light therapy, PEMF coil, ultrasonic wand and more as additional attachments and incredibly affordable. Check it out.

    • stuart parry says:

      Read with interest your recent comment .Wondered if you have any information on whether good healthy cells can be altered by this therapy,
      kind regards stuart

  24. Mike says:

    Is anyone using one of these machines to treat Type 1 diabetes and can you tell me how effective it is?

    • Ellie says:

      Mike, I would love to know the answer to this as well! I’ve had type 1 for 18 years. If you find any info on this, please share. Good luck!

  25. Kevin says:

    Hello, I noticed that there are 2 different people on here that claim they have bought a working rife device yet when asked specifically by others to share information they have never responded and never posted on here again…. Possibly I am wrong I am just a man and apt to making mistakes but also I have an analytical mind. First one was names Tara posted April 13 2015, next was Jim posted December 20 2015,

    • Ane says:

      This is a hoax. My son was treated on this spooky machine and died one day later of blood on the brain.

      • Mark O'hare says:

        Hi Ann, so here you are again. You were already caught lying about what supposedly happened to yourself when using the spooky phanotron and you are at it again? Look, it is plain plain stupid to swallow DMSO combined with MMS1 and then adding topical DMSO combined with 60 drops of MMS1 on your skin and then, since your suicide attempt failed, you added DMSO and MMS1 to your bath. And you blame it on spooky and your phanotron??

        Now your supposed son? You’re sick and contrary to your threats it is not a lawyer that you need but a shrink or two.

  26. Ane says:

    My son died after being treated on this spooky machine. It is a hoax.