Left Brain Vs. Right Brain Dominance: The Side Effects and Dangers

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Many of the information about left brain versus right brain in the public domain does a poor job of painting the overall picture of the roles of the left and right brain. Understanding how these two hemispheres of the human brain work is essential for peace and prosperity. Once you learn the differences and similarities between these two hemispheres, you should know that when these two parts of the brain are heavily imbalanced, they could cause dangerous side effects, such as psychopathic or sociopathic behaviors.

This article isn’t going to cover everything about the right and left brain. Instead, it will focus more on certain characteristics of this complex human organ to help you understand why we behave the way we do and why some people have strong psychopathic or sociopathic personalities.

Psychopath versus sociopath

When it comes to defining the differences between a psychopath and a sociopath, there are a lot of disagreements among psychologists. However, many psychologists generally agree that psychopaths and sociopaths lack empathy and emotions, and they like to manipulate and control others. It is estimated that about 3 to 5 percent of human beings are either psychopaths or sociopaths, and roughly 1 percent are chronic psychopaths or chronic sociopaths.

The main differences between psychopaths and sociopaths are that psychopaths have a high sense of arrogance and they understand the concept of right and wrong just as well as most of us. Psychopaths are often more controlling than sociopaths and many of them are very intellectual. However, Psychopaths aren’t as intelligent as people who have a balanced right and left brain. This is due to the fact that psychopaths are left brain dominant, which is the part of the brain that deals with logic and analytical thought.

Unlike sociopaths, who are very antisocial, psychopaths can blend into society a lot better because many of them are great actors. They love to be in a high position of power and control, which is why many high level career positions in law, politics, religion and finance are run by psychopaths. Why do you think many of our politicians love to manipulate us to support their phony wars? These phony wars, such as the War on Terror, are engineered by chronic psychopaths who are even more “brain damaged” than most politicians. These chronic psychopaths are what conspiracy truth seekers like to refer to as the Elites, which are the leaders of the New World Order (NWO).

Many psychopaths and sociopaths actually feel a high rush feeling when they hurt others, which is why they don’t mind destroying other people’s life and breaking the law. Psychopaths and sociopaths are often ignorant and they have a hard time showing remorse to other people. They also think that they have more rights than the average people, especially psychopaths, which is why psychopaths love to destroy our freedom and liberty.

If you want to know more about psychopaths and sociopaths, I recommend watching the YouTube video below.

Defense Against the Psychopath (Full Length Version)

The side effects and dangers of left or right brain dominance

The left brain is the masculine side that deals with logic, analytical thought, science and math. Most males tend to be left brain dominant, which explains why they have strong math and science skills. On the other hand, the right brain is the feminine side that deals with creativity, holistic thought, spiritual awareness and compassion. It is important to know that true thinking doesn’t occur in the brain but in the mind. The brain works like a complex relay station that allows the mind and body to communicate properly. If this weren’t true, jellyfishes and starfishes wouldn’t be able to survive since they don’t have a brain to think.

When the right and left brain are out of balance, it often leads to psychological side effects. People who are left brain dominant generally rely too much on logic and science. Some of them are also very skeptical and atheistic. As a result, left brain dominant people often lack creativity, holistic understanding, spiritual awareness and intuitive skills. They also have an overactive reptilian brain, the lower section of the human brain that deals with survival instincts. When this part of the brain is too overactive, it often leads to malicious behaviors and the suppression of emotions.

The dangers of a dominant left brain occur when the energy of the left hemisphere is too out of balance, causing chronic left brain dominance. In extreme cases, people who have this chronic psychological disorder are often psychopaths and they are very obsessed with power and control. The top leaders of the Roman Catholic Church are great examples of chronic left brain dominant people.

The dangers of a dominant right brain occur when the energy of the right hemisphere is too out of balance, causing chronic right brain dominance. People who are very religious often have this chronic psychological disorder, which is why they have a slave or victim mentality. They generally believe that they need to rely on a Deity, messiah or authority to save them.

Chronic right brain dominant people are easy to enslave by the Elites, because they don’t want to take personal responsibility for their actions and education. Since they are often very religious, the Elites love using religion to brainwash and control them. Extremely religious people who think that they don’t need to take personal responsibility for their actions, because their God or messiah is going to save them, are great examples of chronic right brain dominant people. New agers who believe that meditating their whole life away and thinking only positive thoughts will save them from the dark forces are also great examples of this chronic psychological disorder.

Why the Elites or Controllers like to manipulate us to become right or left brain dominant

The Elites are wealthy globalists who control most of the world central banks. This control of money gives them a lot of power and control over the human race. The Controllers like to inject their destructive ideologies into the religious, financial, educational and political system, so that they can control and divide us. They actually think that they are a master race and we are their slaves.

The Controllers know that in order to conquer and control us, they need to divide us. This is why they like to engineer wars, racism, gangs and conflicts between ethnic groups. They also like to use political parties, such as the republican and democratic party, to create the illusion of choices and cause confusion among us.

Since the Elites are so good at dividing and controlling us, they have brainwashed most of us to follow their religions and ideologies, causing us to fight over which god is superior or which religion is better. In politics, they have conditioned us to fight over liberal and conservative issues, creating a society that is mostly left or right-wing. The truth is that these liberal and conservative issues are all related.

Why you should learn to balance your left and right brain

Left brain dominance can cause you to think like an android because it suppresses emotion. It can also cause you to have psychopathic-like personalities. On the other hand, right brain dominance can make you naive, lazy and irresponsible, leading to spiritual ignorance. To prevent these psychological side effects, you need to become aware of your thoughts and emotions and take necessary actions to heal them, so that they are more balanced.

When your left and right brain are balanced and communicating properly, you have achieved true intelligence. Most scientists aren’t truly intelligent because they lack holistic thinking and cognitive skills. By learning how to combine the left and right brain into a unified organ, it allows you to harness the power of intellect and the power of creativity, allowing you to understand life and reality beyond any atheist scientist. The key to uniting your right and left brain is energy balance.

Once you understand that most people’s brain is out of balance, you may agree with me that we live in a sick and ill society. This illness is the reason why we have such a hard time understanding other cultures and living in harmony with nature, and why we have so many social conflicts, such as wars, racism and spiritual ignorance.


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  1. Augustine says:

    Is it true that, being too right brain dominant can make one ‘naive/lazy’? Or is the right brain dominant in a 50/50 scenario? I mean, I am not sure if being too right brain can make one lazy, since that part is more holistic. Maybe seemingly ‘lazy’, but isn’t that part more holistic? So wouldn’t naivety be less likely? I mean sequential dominant individuals may see things as only a part, but that would make them more easy to trick.

  2. Chris says:

    Yep all the left brain technical people I know in VFX have very little empathy, are obsessed with the military yet are anti-gun for civilians as is normal for authoritarians, rabidly dismiss any conspiracy theory despite the evidence, backing up the state in all things, love nasty jokes and watching people get seriously hurt on youtube etc. They tend to be liberals because the extreme left allows for tyrannical control of the population.

    The artists/animators I know in VFX tend to be nicer people and more empathic.

  3. Amy says:

    Please make sure that you have verifiable facts before you make assumptions about people. You sound crazy. No offense, but you do.