Chemtrails Vs. Contrails: Is Chemtrail a Hoax?

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Chemtrail Pollution

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For the past few decades, cloud-like white trails have been appearing in the sky all over the world. Are these cloud-like trails created from the exhaust of jet engines or are they the results of chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere? To understand if chemtrails are real and not a hoax, we need to understand the difference between chemtrails and contrails.

Chemtrails Vs. Contrails

A lot of people who believe that chemtrails are a hoax don’t understand the nature of how contrails are created. Unlike chemtrails, contrails are naturally created when hot humid air from jet exhaust mixes with cold air at a high altitude. This process leaves cloud-like trails behind jet engines. Contrails don’t stay in the atmosphere very long because they disperse quickly. On the other hand, chemtrails don’t disperse as quickly as contrails, which is why they can stay in the form of cloud-like trails for hours and can stretch for miles.

Many chemtrail researchers believe that there is a conspiracy behind chemtrails and certain factions of the government are behind it. They believe that the main reason why unnaturally high levels of aluminum and barium are being measured in the soil is because these toxic metals are being sprayed into the atmosphere using chemtrail spray technologies. They also believe that certain factions of the government are using chemtrails for geoengineering purposes. In other words, they are trying to artificially change the atmosphere, so that they can manipulate the weather.

Morgellons disease and chemtrails

Some chemtrail researchers believe they have found some evidence linking chemtrails to Morgellons disease, which is a disease that causes skin lesions and rashes to appear on the body. Victims of Morgellons often experience skin irritations that makes them feel like small bugs or ants are crawling under their skin. Furthermore, their skin will sometime exude a kind of film that covers the wounds, preventing their skin from healing. One of the strangest symptoms of Morgellons is the mysterious appearance of fluffy threads or fibers inside and above the skin. Scientists are still trying to solve the mystery behind these fluffy fibers. However, some scientists believe it is caused by nanites or nanobots.

The short YouTube video below explains in more detail about chemtrails and contrails. After watching this video, do you think there is enough proof to prove that there is some truth to the chemtrail conspiracy?

What Are Chemtrails?


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