Water Memory: Is Water Conscious and Intelligent?

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Blue Sea Water

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Many of us know that the Earth is made up of more water (H2O) than land, and the human body needs water to support life. Water is a necessary element of life for humans, plants, and other living creatures that share the Earth as a home. It is an essential part of living, which is why it needs to be conserved and taken care of to ensure that humans and other life forms can continue to survive and thrive on this planet.

When humans are born, they contain 80 percent water. As time goes on, this water seems to dehydrate as many people only contain about 50 percent of water at death. Chronic dehydration is a serious issue, especially in older adults. Water is a necessary element for proper body functioning, including eliminating wastes, arthritis, and many other symptoms.

The evidence proving that water has some form of memory

Scientists have long wondered what the properties are of this necessary substance, and although it has been acknowledged that hydrogen and oxygen are the makeup for water, there may be more to the substance than we ever imagined. Scientist Jacques Benveniste has been studying the scientific properties of water and has found two mysterious properties of water.

  1. If a substance is dissolved in water, the water will carry memories of that property even if the molecules of the added substance are no longer detectable.
  2. The molecules of a substance have a frequency spectrum, and if the spectrum is digitally recorded and added to pure water, the water will retain knowledge of the actual substance and will act as if that substance had actually been added.

Since water seems to have some kind of memory, when it is polluted with contaminants, the water can carry the memories of the properties of these contaminants, even after the contaminants are filtered out. Right now, there are pharmaceuticals (among other things) in drinking water, which no water treatment plant was ever designed to remove. Our drinking water is holding the properties of contaminants in its “memory” which can affect our health.

These mysterious powers of water are important to acknowledge, because they can help us understand why water has strong healing properties and why it is essential for life to exist. Unfortunately, our water supply is being depleted at an alarming rate, and conservations efforts are at a disadvantage because we have already depleted so much of our water resources. Freshwater that is safe for drinking is being contaminated by pharmaceutical drugs, birth control hormones, sodium fluoride, and other added elements that are simply unnecessary and even harmful.

Learning the findings of this study should alarm us even further, because it has been proved that we cannot simply purify contaminants in water and think that the water is back to its original and pure natural state. Once a foreign element has been added to the water, the water will retain the energy of the foreign element and will mimic the element as if it were still present.

How prayer, words and music affect the structure of water

Another experiment done in the 1990’s also supports the idea that water is an intelligent element. Dr. Masaru Emoto performed experiments that involved speaking to water and observing the effects of various exposures to water, including prayer, words, music and other environmental elements.

For example, the words “You make me sick” and “I will kill you” made the water splash into an asymmetrical form that was ugly and did not have any real shape or form. The words “thank you” and “love and appreciation” formed beautiful and symmetrical patterns that very much resembled snowflakes. As you can tell, the water stamped with positive words is far more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing than that stamped with dark, negative phrases.

When water was exposed to the music of Beethoven and Mozart, the water crystals were transformed into the shape of flowers or diamonds. The water responds to the vibrations of the music and forms shapes depending on the sound vibrations. These water memory experiments show that water memory may not be a hoax.

According to Emoto: When clear tubes of water are placed over positive and negative words, the structure of water crystals change. Water crystals increase in beauty when placed over the word “peace,” but are transformed to dark and ugly crystals when placed over the word “war.” When water is placed over the word “let’s,” the crystals expand and increase in beauty. However, when water is placed over the word “must,” the crystals become ugly with a dark green center. Emoto says water is letting us realize the hidden power of words.

These experiments are a testament to the intelligence and consciousness of water. Too often, we believe that humans are the only conscious beings on the planet, and therefore that we can take advantage of resources to the extent that we decide. However, water is truly an intelligent element and humans need to learn to respect all of the Earth and its elements so that we can continue to live on this planet.

Water Memory and Structured Water

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  1. John Hatchard says:

    That water has a “memory” has been known, one way or another for over 200 years. It was utilised in the development of Homeopathy as a medical system by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843)[see R.Gerber – Vibrational Medicine, Bear & Co.1988 pps.73 onward] French researcher Jacques Benveniste demonstrated this property of water under laboratory conditions in the 1990s but was persecuted out of a job by self styled cynic, judge and jury James Randi. Your article fails to give credit where credit is due because Homoeopathy, despite all attempts by Big Pharma and friends to discredit it, is acknowledged as the widest used medical system in the world after accupuncture. It is certainly the first form of emergency treatment for shock and distress sent out to disaster areas wherever they occur.
    It seems that the key to this property of water lies not in its material nature but in its sub-atomic energy nature which traditional
    medicine totally discounts, to our great cost.
    However, despite the mild censure of this article above, much else that you say is positive as are so many of your articles. I will still enjoy them and thank you for your efforts to open people’s eyes to the wider world.

  2. SatanicPanic says:

    Wow. This is dumb as [word deleted]. Why doesn’t water remember all the pee andpoop it has been in contact with?

    Homeopathy is magic for morons.