US Navy Plans to Utilize New Salt Water Energy Technology

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Sea Water Energy Technology

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In last few years, news about “new” alternative energy technologies has been increasing, especially on the Internet. Most of these “new” alternative energy technologies aren’t actually new, but are very old energy technologies that were classified in the name of “national security.” Water power engines were some of these technologies that they classified. The real reason why they were classified was because they are too energy efficient, making them a threat to the oil cartel. Fortunately, the oil cartel has lost a lot of support and power; therefore, these water energy technologies are now being built and tested throughout the world.

Salt water fuel

The US Navy has been studying and testing water fuel technology for decades. Recently, Dr. Heather Willauer, a US Navy researcher admitted that the US Navy has the technology to turn sea water into a form of liquid fuel that can power machines.

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For centuries, alchemists have tried to turn lead into gold. That transmutation has long been proven impossible, but another similar dream – turning water into fuel – seems to be achievable. Scientists at a U.S. Naval Laboratory proved it by flying a model airplane burning re-engineered seawater.

The US Navy specializes in sea warfare and defense, so it makes sense to use water power technology and salt water fuel to power some of their electronic equipments and auxiliary vessels. Since the ocean is so huge and contains enough energy to power a large submarine for millions of years, learning how to utilize salt water energy technology will benefit the US Navy. This technology will allow auxiliary vessels or even conventional boats to generate their own fuel. People who own boats and live near the ocean will love this water power technology.

How sea water energy technology works

Most water energy technologies produce energy by splitting the atom hydrogen from the atom oxygen in water (H2O) and using the hydrogen as fuel. This is a very clean way to produce energy, because it produces very little if not any harmful chemicals. Unlike most water power technology, the sea water fuel technology created by Dr. Heather Willauer and her research team works a little different. Instead of splitting only water molecules, their technology combines carbon dioxide (CO2) with hydrogen atoms from water to create a form of liquid fuel. According to the video in this article, this technology isn’t cost effective enough yet since it needs a lot of electrical energy to produce the water fuel.

If perfected, the sea water fuel technology being tested by the US Navy is a good alternative energy source. However, there are already many alternative energy technologies that are more economical and better. Magnetic energy, “free energy” and SunCell (H2O gas plasma) technology are some of them.

US Navy Lab Turns Seawater Into Fuel


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