Quantum Digital Medicine for Energy Balance

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Digital Medicine

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In the early 1900s, Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin that completely transformed the world of modern medicine. His new medicine was so revolutionary back then that it saved millions of lives. Today we are going through a similar process. Some researchers and scientists believe that the next revolutionary invention in medicine is quantum digital medicine. Huh? How could something quantum and digital cure disease? To answer this question, we need to dive into the quantum realm of infinite possibilities.

The Relationship Between the Quantum Realm and the Material World

The quantum world behaves very differently than our physical reality. Like the material world, the quantum realm has its own laws of physics. Living in the quantum world is like living in a dream because things aren’t always the way they appear to be. One second an object could appear in front of you and the next second it could disappear. To make things even stranger, time isn’t linear in the quantum realm. Think of the quantum world like it is a magical universe full of infinite possibilities and you should have a general idea of what it is.

Even though the quantum realm is very different than the material realm, they still affect each other because they are linked at the energy level. For this reason, anything that happens in the quantum universe affects us at the core of our existence. The quantum world is the realm of energy. It is where possibilities come into existence and thus it is the place where the core causes of health conditions manifest.

What is Quantum Digital Medicine and How Does It Heal the Body?

Quantum digital medicine uses the power of quantum programming and frequency to create applications that can mimic the frequency signatures of healing substances, such as the natural chemicals of herbs. This new quantum energy healing technology may seem like science fiction, but certain secretive government agencies (e.g., CIA, NSA) have been experimenting with quantum technology for decades.

When we zoom in our body beyond the cell level, we will eventually reach the atomic level. This place is where atoms exist. In school we were taught that atoms were made of solid materials. However, new discoveries in quantum mechanics have shown that atoms aren’t solid because they are mostly empty space. To be more accurate, atoms are more than 99 percent empty space. The remaining percentage that isn’t empty is actually made of only energy. In other words, energy is the core building block of matter, not atoms.

Every object we see in our environment is nothing more than a projection of energy. In addition, each object has its own unique frequency signatures. These frequency signatures are important for reality to exist because they allow our consciousness to differentiate an object from another object. Frequency plays a big role in our health due to the fact that our body needs it to survive. When our frequency drops, we become more susceptible to disease.

Frequency, Energy and Health

The process of how changes in the body’s frequency affects health has been well studied by Bruce Tainio and Dr. Gary Young. In their research, they found that a healthy human body generates a frequency range of 62-78 megahertz (MHz) and a healthy human brain produces a frequency range of 72-90 MHz. For disease, they found that the flu starts at 57-60 MHz and cancer starts at 42 MHz. In theory, if we could keep our body’s frequency above 60 MHz, we shouldn’t get sick very often.

Another researcher who did an excellent job of showing the relationship between frequency and health is Dr. Royal R. Rife. Dr. Rife discovered that by exposing microorganisms to specific frequencies of high intensity light pulses, he could render them useless without harming healthy cells and tissues. He found that all microorganisms, including cancer cells, are sensitive to certain unique frequency signatures. By exposing them to these frequency signatures, he could disrupt their systems enough to destroy them.

If built and used correctly, frequency devices can be used to stimulate cells’ energy back into a more balanced state. It can even be used to stimulate cell growth. For example, it can be used to stimulate dead brain tissues back to life and regenerate lost limbs. Frequency healing technologies, such as digital medicine and quantum healing, are revolutionary because they have the potential to cure hundreds of diseases and health conditions without the high cost.

When we really think about it, the human body is basically a biological computer that uses the power of frequency to operate and process information. If we can find ways to increase the frequency of our body, we can heal it of certain health conditions and diseases. This is what some quantum digital medicine researchers are trying to achieve.

Quantum digital medicine researchers discovered that by recording the frequency signatures of certain herbs and storing them into a digital medium, such as a magnetic strip card or cellphone, they can use the digital medium to broadcast the frequency signatures into the body. The body will then behave like it is actually receiving physical herbs. However, digital medicine can’t effectively heal the body holistically for the reason that it uses digital codes instead of natural codes.

Is Quantum Digital Medicine the Next Revolutionary Invention in Medicine?

If created and used correctly, digital medicine combined with quantum healing has the potential to heal many diseases. This new type of medicine could transform the world of modern medicine in a way similar to how penicillin changed the world in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, the codes of digital medicine are artificial and therefore digital medicine can’t heal the body as good as natural medicine. Digitally, digital medicine is revolutionary but holistically it is not.

Quantum digital medicine is still new and has a lot of evolving to do, so don’t expect it to be the magic cure for everything. If scientists could master the art of digital medicine and quantum healing, they should be able to create frequency signatures that can heal cancer, AIDs and other “incurable disease.”


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